•   delete video file
    Delete Wrong Video File

    Summary: The user guide will help the user to delete the wrong video file on Bitwar Video Repair easily! WIN VERSION Delete Video File Sometimes users may upload the wrong video files into the Bitwar Video Repair and don't worry there are two ways to delete the unwanted video files. Part 1: Delete Icon Click the Delete icon, which is on the right corner of the video file that is added. Part 2: Empty Icon Click the Empty icon from the bottom left of the primary interface. For the next step about the software purchase, activation and update, click on the link: Software Purchase, Activation and Update


  •   video save path
    Customize Video Save Path

    Summary: The article will show users the best way to Customize Video Save Path on Bitwar Video Repair! WIN VERSION Video Save Path Some users are having an issue that they couldn't find their repaired video through the custom video save path. Therefore, we will show all the users how to customize the video save path manually in Bitwar Video Repair. 1. Select the Preference from the More Menu icon at the primary interface. 2. Tick the Custom option from the Output Directory. 3. Click the folder icon to choose the video directory path and click OK to finish the change. For the next step about delete the wrong video file, click on the link: Delete Wrong Video File


  •   Last Breakpoint
    Continue Mac Data Recovery from the Last Breakpoint

    Summary: Mac users might close or stop the scanning process accidentally while using the Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac. Luckily, the program offers a powerful feature that allows the user to start the scan from the last breakpoint, follow the user guide below to learn in details. Steps to Continue Data Recovery from the Last Breakpoint 1. Launch Bitwar Data Recovery Software for Mac and choose the Partition or Device the last time you’ve scanned. 2. A message appears and notes you about the last scan is not complete. Hit on the Continue button to continue or click Rescan to restart the scanning. 3. The Scan process will continue from where the last breakup point ended. Please wait patiently for the process to complete. 4. Preview the scanned data and click Recover to save the wanted file back!


  •   video conversion
    How to Use Video Converter

    Summary: The user guide below will allow users to learn the tutorial on converting Video to other different formats by using the video converter tool in Bitwar Video Converter. WIN VERSION Convert Video Format Bitwar Video Converter allows users to convert video files to multiple types of formats, including protected formats: QSV, QLV, KUX to MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV, MOV, GIF. Steps to Convert Video Note: Videos can be converted to many types of video formats, and since the conversion steps are the same for other video formats, simply follow the below steps to convert your videos with ease. 1. Download Bitwar Video Converter and install it on your Windows computer. 2. Drag the video file to the software, or click the Choose File button. 3. Select the output format. 4. Click the Convert button. 5. After the conversion is complete, click the video icon. 6. Preview the new video file. Steps to Batch Convert Video As with the beginning, start the software and drag all the videos into the software. Then, select your video format and click the Convert button. Check out the link below to learn how to purchase, activate and update the program! Software Purchase, Activation, and...


  •   purchase and activate
    Software Purchase, Activation and Update

    Summary: This user guide below will show the steps on how to Purchase, Activate, and Update in Bitwar Video Repair. WIN VERSION Purchase License Users can purchase the video repair license through the official online store or in-software purchase. Note: Any license purchases in the software will provide automatic activation and the user will need a license code to activate the software if they made the purchase through the online store. In-software Purchase 1. Log in to your account in the software and click the Purchase License icon at the upper-right corner. If you don’t have an account, please create one. 2. Select the Annual or Lifetime package. Then select the payment method and click Buy Now to complete the transaction. Official Online Store If you prefer to use a license code for software activation, you can purchase the license code from the Official Online Store. Users will receive the code in the email address after purchasing the software. Note: Please go to your email and check the Junk/Spam or Inbox for the license code that was sent from the Bitwar support team. After receiving the license code, we can then move to the next step to activate the software by using this code. Steps to Activate the...