License Agreement

Copyright©2014-2022 All rights reserved.

Please read this document carefully. This is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or an entity) and Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology CO.LTD, the developer of Bitwar Data Recovery, Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery, Bitwar Android Data Recovery, Bitwar PDF Converter, Bitwar HEIC Converter, Bitwar Watermark Expert, Bitwar Text Scanner and Magic Photo Vault (hereinafter, all of the software refers to “Bitwar Products”). This Agreement supersedes any prior version license and governs your use of the software.

Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology CO.LTD exclusively owns all copyrights of Bitwar Products.

Anyone may use the free versions or trial versions of Bitwar Products. Before deciding upon the purchase, you may have a chance to verify the features of the Bitwar Products. But if you wish to continue using the Bitwar Products, you must purchase the full version.

Once registered, the user is granted an exclusive license to use. Bitwar Products on one computer, for any legal purpose, at a time. You need a license for a machine on which the program is installed. The registered Bitwar Products may not be rented or leased but can be permanently transferred, if the person who receiving it agrees to the terms of this license. If the software is updated, the transfer must include the update and all previous versions.

The Bitwar Products free version or trial version may be freely distributed if the distribution package is not modified. No person or company may charge a fee for the distribution of Bitwar Products trial version without written permission from the copyright

Bitwar products are distributed “as is”. no warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. you use it at your own risk. the author will not be liable to you for any consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the delivery, performance, or use of the software, even if Bitwar products have been advised of the possibility of such damages. in no event will Bitwar products liability for any claim, whether in contract, tort or any other theory of liability, exceed the license fee paid by you, if any.

You may not use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or transfer the licensed program, or any subset of the licensed program, except as provided for in this agreement. Any such unauthorized use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this license and may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution.


The software is owned by Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology CO.LTD. and is protected by International copyright laws and treaty provisions.


Support will only be provided by e-mail and only on the most current version. Queries regarding the installation and use of the software should be submitted by e-mail to [email protected]. Requests for additional features and enhancements should be submitted by e-mail to [email protected]. We will attempt to implement all reasonable requests but are not obliged to implement them. If you have questions about buying or updating our products, please email us at [email protected].


Since Bitwar’s products offer free scanning, previewing and trial features to verify data/test the software before payment, plus all our trial versions of the software are functionally identical to the paid versions, you can scan, preview and test if the data is still functional or in good conditions, etc. We have no feature limitations other than unlimited recovery, conversion, or repair on the trial version. This means that what you see is what you get on the trial version and we strongly recommend that you go through the features and functionality of the software in as much detail as possible, and if you still don’t understand it, please contact us for pre-sales technical support.

Therefore, Bitwarsoft does not refund software if products fail to meet customers’ needs due to a lack of understanding by the customer, of the product’s functions and capabilities.

However, Bitwarsoft can exchange the purchased product for the correct product outright, you can try to browse our official website: and find your desired product with the same value, and then send to [email protected] regarding the product name, and our team will transfer your license to that product.


There are many places that indicate if you are purchasing a subscription product.

1. When you are trying to purchase a license, there are two places to show off the subscription plan notice, under the product title, and above the Buy Now button.
2. After finishing the payment, you will get a notification email sent to your inbox telling you this is a subscription plan.
3. You will also get a notification about recharging from your credit card 15 days prior to the payment to your inbox.

If the payment has been renewed, then the license will also be delivered to your account immediately. In this case, this means that the license is not returnable and the refund request will be denied.

Ways to cancel the subscription:

1. Follow the tutorial on to cancel the subscription before the renewal date.

2. Ask for help from us via [email protected] before the renewal date.

3. Ask for help directly from our checkout center before the renewal date.


If the purchased software keeps crashing on your and we have made it clear that this problem cannot be effectively resolved, we will contact you for a refund.


Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology CO.LTD reserves the right to change the license agreement of the software. Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology CO.LTD has the right to change the product as it sees fit. Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology CO.LTD reserves the right to change prices without notice. Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology CO.LTD
reserves all rights that are not expressly granted here.

Installing and using Bitwar Products signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions of the license. If you do not agree with the terms of this license you must remove Bitwar Products’ files from your storage devices and cease to use the product.