•   Watermark Video
    Watermark Video

    Summary: The user guide below will allow users to learn the tutorial on adding watermark to video by using the Watermark Video tool in Bitwar Watermark Expert. Video Tutorial [su_youtube_advanced url="https://youtu.be/PVjjWaVNZ58" width="800" height="600" modestbranding="yes" title="Watermark Video"] Watermark Video The Watermark video tool allows users to add watermark to video easily and also support batch add watermark to multiple videos at the same time! Watermark Video Interface Button Steps to Add Watermark to Video 1. Launch Bitwar Watermark Expert and choose Watermark Video from the main interface. 2. Drag video or click Add Video icon to add video into the software. 3. Click Add Text or Add Image to watermark the video. Besides, users can edit or design the watermark by changing the font, size, rotate, colour, opacity, and more! 4. After finished adding watermark, click Apply, and please wait patiently for the process to complete. When it is complete, press Open Path to view the new video. 5. Preview the Video to check out the new video with the watermark! Steps to Batch Add Watermark to Videos Launch Watermark Video and Drag all the videos into software. Design the watermark like the steps mentioned above and click Batch Process to...


  •   Lock and Unlock PDF
    Lock and Unlock PDF

    Summary: The user guide below will allow users to learn the tutorial to lock and unlock PDF files by using the Lock/Unlock PDF tool in Bitwar PDF Converter. Lock/Unlock PDF The Lock/Unlock PDF tool in Bitwar PDF Converter is very efficient and reliable where users can lock PDF files or unlock PDF files too. The user guide below will be split into two parts. Lock PDF Steps to Lock PDF Select Lock PDF from Lock/Unlock PDF menu.  Drag or click Add PDF Files to add the PDF file into the software. Type in the Password for the PDF file in the Open Password section and click Convert to start the PDF lock. Click Open file when it is complete. Preview the new locked PDF file and key in the password to open the content of the PDF file. Steps to Batch Lock PDF files Select the Lock PDF from the Lock/Unlock PDF menu again and add all the PDF files into the software. Then, set the Password for all the PDF files and click Convert to batch add the password to all the PDF files. When the process is complete, click Open file to Preview all the new Lock PDF Files....


  •   Get-Started
    Get Started the Bitwar Watermark Expert

    Summary: This user guide will allow users to learn details about the Installation and Software Interface of Bitwar Watermark Expert Software. Download Software Just proceed to the Software Download Homepage and download Bitwar Watermark Expert Software for Free! Software Installation 1. Double-click the Bitwar Watermark Expert Setup to start the Installation. 2. Click Next to the next step. Then, choose the Folder Location from your PC and click Install. 3. Click Finish when the installation is complete, and the software will run automatically. Software Interface Bitwar Watermark Expert's main interface is well designed and easy to use for users. The main interface of the software contains four watermark tools: Photo Watermark Remover Video Watermark Remover Watermark Photo Watermark Video Software Buttons Refer to the image below for the software buttons and icons in Bitwar Watermark Expert: For the Next Tutorial on Photo Watermark Remover, please click on the link below! Photo Watermark Remover


  •   Scan Interface
    Learn More About the Scanning Interface

    Summary: In this article, we will expound on features and details about the scanning interface of Bitwar Android Data Recovery that users need to know to master the software. Generally, there are two scanning interfaces in this software, depending on which file type users choose to scan. Messages, Call History and Contacts Selecting any of the three types will lead to a scanning interface. The three scanning interfaces have similar appearances and options, as the following GIF shows. Photos, videos, and voices These three types are a bit different from the previous ones. Their scanning interfaces are almost identical, and besides, they allow users to preview the files found by the software, as the following GIF shows. Finally, there is a Recover to Computer button at the lower-right corner. After selecting the files, you intend to recover, click on the button and choose a location. Be careful not to save the files directly on your phone because it may thoroughly overwrite the deleted files and consequently ruin the recovery.


  •   Recovery Mode
    Get Familiar With the Two Recovery Methods

    Summary: After the installation of Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery, here, we will talk about the two recovery methods and how to switch and choose the right method. Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery offers two methods for recovery: Recover from iOS Device and Recover from iTunes Backup File. The following content tells you everything you need to know about the two recovery modes. Recovery From iOS Device To use this method, you should connect an iOS device with a computer using the original USB cable. Otherwise, the following image will persist. At the lower-right corner, there is a green tip that reads "Connected but not recognized". Click on it to learn the four ways to address the said problem. When the device is connected and recognized, there are three categories, General information, Media & Others, and The third party APP. By checking off specific types, the program scans the corresponding files only. The program starts to analysing the iPhone when you have selected the types and clicked on Start Scan. Waiting for a few minutes, then users will be in the final stage, Scanning Interface. Filter the desired files and preview them to check whether the files are still functional. Recover From...