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    VIP Account Login Method

    This user guide below will show the steps on how to login to your VIP account on Bitwar Data Recovery Software or any other product from Bitwarsoft after payment has been made. If you haven't got a VIP account, please refer to another article that details how to get a VIP account: Software Purchase, Activation and Update Payment Success Email If you clicked on the orange shopping cart icon on the top menu of the software and completed your purchase within the software, your license has been immediately bound to your current software account. After payment is made, you will receive an email in your inbox telling you how to log in to your VIP account. If you use a different login method, the methods vary. However, all of these login methods are: VIP Login Method: Email VIP Login Method: Google (Passwordless Authentication) VIP Login Method: Twitter (Passwordless Authentication) VIP Login Method: Facebook (Passwordless Authentication) Note: If you forget which account you paid for, you can simply go back to your inbox and find any emails sent from Mycommerce or Bitwar. You should receive an email with a clear explanation of how to log in to your VIP account. However,...