•   purchase and update
    Software Purchase, Activation and Update

    Summary: The user guide below will allow users to learn the steps to Purchase, Activate, and Update in Bitwar Video Converter. WIN VERSION Purchase License Users can purchase all video converter software licenses through the official online store or in-software purchase. Take Note: You need to key in the license code to activate the software, while license purchases within the software will provide automatic activation. In-Software Purchase 1. Log in to the software account by email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and click the Purchase icon from the primary interface. (Suppose that you don’t have an account yet, quickly create one for free.) 2. Choose either Monthly, Annual, or LifeTime package according to your requirement and click Buy Now to continue with the payment. 3. Select the payment type for the payment: PayPal or Credit Card. Then click Buy. Official Online Store Users also can purchase the software through the Official Online Store and use the activation code to activate the software. After the payment, users will receive the activation code in your email address. Gentle Reminder After any purchase made in the software, save the order number for Account & License Retrieval with the customer service in case you had unfortunately forgotten the account login method, password, or license code. Activate...


  •   Advanced Settings
    Tune the Software

    Summary: This article will tell you the preference settings Bitwar Text Scanner offers and how to configure it. At the upper-right corner of the main interface, there lies a More icon, which has several options. Preference is what we refer to for configuration. Auto compress images over Check off this option to activate it whenever the image size is over the selected size and shorten the OCR time. OCR Language Support This tool supports several languages for files to be scanned. Change it according to the language of your files. Screenshot Hotkey if you want to use the Screenshot OCR method, setting a hotkey will be convenient for you. Interested in knowing how to purchase, activate and update the program? Check out the link below: Software Purchase, Activation and Update


  •   get started
    Get Started the Bitwar Video Converter

    Summary: This user guide will allow users to learn details about the Installation and Software Interface of Bitwar Video Converter. WIN VERSION Download Software Direct access to the Software Download Homepage to download and install Bitwar Video Converter for Free! Software Installation 1. Launch the BitwarVideoConvertSetup to begin the software setup. 2. Select the default Software Language and hit OK. 3. Click Next to the File Destination Location window. 2. Browse the File Destination Location to install the video converter and click Install. 3. Wait for the installation to complete and click Finish to launch the software.   Get to Know about the Software Interface Main Interface Interface Buttons For the next step about the video conversion, click on the link: How to Use Video Converter


  •   Preferences

    Summary: The user guide below will allow users to configure the software settings by using the Preferences in Bitwar PDF Converter. Preferences Bitwar PDF Converter Software allows users to self configure the software and file format settings according to their requirements easily by using the Preferences menu in the software. DOC Settings DOCX Settings XLSX Settings PPTX Settings General System


  •   Import & Export Scanned Results
    Get familiar the Import and Export Scanned Results

    Note: First of all, exporting scan results on Bitwar Data Recovery or other Data Recovery Software does not mean that you have restored the file as needed; it just simply exports the cached list of scanned files for later data recovery or continuous scanning. For various reasons, some users may want to save the scan results and recover files the next time. Bitwar Data Recovery offers this kind of service. If you are one of them, read the following steps to learn how to do it. [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/NNZa0OUgRoo"] How to Export Scanned Results On the scanning interface, if you pause the scanning process or the scanning process is complete, the Export feature is set to available for use. Click the button on the lower-left bar, and then you can save the result to a location. (Do remember the path where you store the result file) There are also having two ways for exporting the scanned results if you mistakenly click on some buttons (Only when the scanning is complete). Close button: A window pops up and asks you whether to close the program or save the current scanning process. Home button: A window pops up and asks you whether you...