•   Solve Re-Backup Problems
    How to Solve Re-Backup Problems When Using Bitwar Android Data Recovery

    Summary: This article explains to users when there will be re-backup problems and how to solve them. There are three situations when the software will ask for a re-backup. Situation 1: A Different Android Device This happens when the PC currently has a backup file of a previous Android device. Users need to back up the current device if they want to recover data on it. If users want to recover files from a backup stored on the PC, Click on the More menu next to Register at the upper-right corner of the software, select LoadMirror to load the backup. Situation 2: An Incomplete Backup File This situation comes about when there was an interruption during the last backup process. Operations such as halting the backup process, a disconnection between the device and the PC, or exiting the program during the backup process can lead to a re-backup request, as shown in the following image. You can click on Cancel to make the software scan the incomplete backup file. With luck, you may recover the wanted files. If it fails, return to the same stage and click on OK this time to perform a complete re-backup. Situation 3: An Outdated Backup File...


  •   Last Breakpoint
    Continue Mac Data Recovery from the Last Breakpoint

    Summary: Mac users might close or stop the scanning process accidentally while using the Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac. Luckily, the program offers a powerful feature that allows the user to start the scan from the last breakpoint, follow the user guide below to learn in details. Steps to Continue Data Recovery from the Last Breakpoint 1. Launch Bitwar Data Recovery Software for Mac and choose the Partition or Device the last time you’ve scanned. 2. A message appears and notes you about the last scan is not complete. Hit on the Continue button to continue or click Rescan to restart the scanning. 3. The Scan process will continue from where the last breakup point ended. Please wait patiently for the process to complete. 4. Preview the scanned data and click Recover to save the wanted file back!


  •   Preferences

    Summary: The user guide below will allow users to configure the software settings by using the Preferences in Bitwar PDF Converter. Preferences Bitwar PDF Converter Software allows users to self configure the software and file format settings according to their requirements easily by using the Preferences menu in the software. DOC Settings DOCX Settings XLSX Settings PPTX Settings General System


  •   Import & Export Scanned Results
    Get familiar the Import and Export Scanned Results

    Note: First of all, exporting scan results on Bitwar Data Recovery or other Data Recovery Software does not mean that you have restored the file as needed; it just simply exports the cached list of scanned files for later data recovery or continuous scanning. For various reasons, some users may want to save the scan results and recover files the next time. Bitwar Data Recovery offers this kind of service. If you are one of them, read the following steps to learn how to do it. [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/NNZa0OUgRoo"] How to Export Scanned Results On the scanning interface, if you pause the scanning process or the scanning process is complete, the Export feature is set to available for use. Click the button on the lower-left bar, and then you can save the result to a location. (Do remember the path where you store the result file) There are also having two ways for exporting the scanned results if you mistakenly click on some buttons (Only when the scanning is complete). Close button: A window pops up and asks you whether to close the program or save the current scanning process. Home button: A window pops up and asks you whether you...


  •   Advance Settings
    Tune the Software

    Summary: This article tells you the advanced settings Bitwar Data Recovery offers and how to configure them. At the upper-right corner of the primary interface lies a More icon, which has several options. Advanced Settings is what we need for configuration.18 After clicking on it, you will see a setting window appear. It shows three setting parts, Scanning, Interface, and Other. Scanning There are six options on the Scanning part. Enabling it will allow this tool to scan all files. Users unable to find hidden files can check off this option. Recovered files will get their original names before deletion. (Only supports Recycle Bin Recovery) Recovered files of certain types (such as .txt and .doc) will be renamed with their headings. (Only supports Deep Scan) This option will attach image resolutions to images’ file names. You can see it after scanning. (Only supports Deen Scan) Enabling it will scan extra files of uncommon types, which may slow down scanning, finding out more files that in most cases are useless. Enabling it allows users to find files with more precise sizes. But the number of them will decrease. If your disks support DSC scanning, you can enable it. This may prompt second...