•   Solve Re-Backup Problems
    How to Solve Re-Backup Problems When Using Bitwar Android Data Recovery

    Summary: This article explains to users when there will be re-backup problems and how to solve them. There are three situations when the software will ask for a re-backup. Situation 1: A Different Android Device This happens when the PC currently has a backup file of a previous Android device. Users need to back up the current device if they want to recover data on it. If users want to recover files from a backup stored on the PC, Click on the More menu next to Register at the upper-right corner of the software, select LoadMirror to load the backup. Situation 2: An Incomplete Backup File This situation comes about when there was an interruption during the last backup process. Operations such as halting the backup process, a disconnection between the device and the PC, or exiting the program during the backup process can lead to a re-backup request, as shown in the following image. You can click on Cancel to make the software scan the incomplete backup file. With luck, you may recover the wanted files. If it fails, return to the same stage and click on OK this time to perform a complete re-backup. Situation 3: An Outdated Backup File...


  •   Reset iOS Backup Password
    How to Reset iPhone Backup Password

    Summary: When users set a password for the backup file created using iTunes, they sometimes forget the password they set. Don't worry; this article will lay out every step users need to take to reset the password. Steps to Reset iPhone Backup Password Step 1: Open your iOS device and tap Settings. And then scroll down to find General and tap it. Step 2: Scroll down and select Reset. Step 3: Select Reset All Settings. Step 4: Enter your device Passcode to start reset. Note: The steps won't affect your user data or passwords, but it will reset settings like Display brightness, Home screen layout, and Wallpaper. It also removes your encrypted backup password. Step 5: Now, you can connect the iOS device again with iTunes and create a brand new encrypted backup file. Although you won't be able to use the previous encrypted backup files, you are still able to back up your current iOS data with a new backup password. If you are interested in how to use the local backups to recover data through Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery, click on the following link to learn it: Get Familiar With the Two Recovery Methods


    How to Recover Files From a Formatted Storage Medium

    Summary: Generally speaking, all of the files on a storage medium will be wiped out after you have formatted them. However, lost files are still recoverable if you use Bitwar Data Recovery to search through the storage medium for them. Check out the following instructions to learn how it works like magic. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION [su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osB9ebAFOQU"] How to Recover Files From a Formatted Storage Medium Step 1: Download Bitwar Data Recovery from our official website and install it. Step 2: Connect the formatted storage medium to your computer. Step 3: Launch the program and tick off the formatted storage medium on the main interface, and then click on Next. Step 4: In this stage, you can select a scan mode. Considering the need for speed, we would like to recommend you to use Quick Scan, which works in many scenarios and is capable of retrieving most of the lost files. However, in case that mode doesn't serve you well, you could come back to this stage and then select Formatted Recovery. Similarly, if that fails too, you could resort to Deep Scan, which is the most effective mode. Note: If you are looking forward to a fleshed-out comparison...


  •   Lost Partition Recovery
    Two Ways to Recover Files From Lost Partitions Using Bitwar Data Recovery

    Summary: Many users are confounded when they don't see partitions in expected places. And in a worse scenario, they find it almost impossible to recover files from lost partitions. Don't worry; with the help of Bitwar Data Recovery, you can effortlessly recover them. Bitwar Data Recovery offers two ways for users to recover files from lost partitions. One way is to use the Quick Scan. Another way is to use the Deep Scan. First of all, go to the Software Official Download Page and download Bitwar Data Recovery for Win version. Complete the installation and launch it. Method 1: Using Quick Scan Step 1: In the main interface, we need to click on the blue and underlined button: Deep Scan, which locates under the Lost Partitions section. Step 2: Select the lost partition and click on Next. Step 3: Select the types of files you want to recover and click on Scan. Step 4: Select desired files and click on Recover. Method 2: Using Deep Scan Step 1: In the interface, right-click on the area under Disk Partitions and Devices. Step 2: Click on Show hidden partitions and idle areas. Step 3: Select the lost partitions and click on Next....


  •   Scan Methods
    Get Familiar With the Four Scan Methods

    Summary: After the installation of Bitwar Text Scanner, here we will talk about the four scan methods and how to switch and choose the right method. There are four available scan methods users can see in the main interface. Here we offer simple steps to help you master it. Images OCR 1.  Left-click on the option. 2. Choose an image or drag it here. 3. Click on Start OCR to get the text. Batch Conversion 1. If two or more images are selected or dragged, this tool will carry out a batch conversion. 2. There are two ways users can save the scanned texts of the files. A. Save each OCR result separately With this option checked off, the program will create corresponding text files at the default location. B. Merge all OCR results The program will combine all of the scanned texts into one. Screenshot OCR 1.  Left-click on the option or use the hotkey to activate it. 2. Take a screenshot of the contents you want. 3. It will automatically present the text. Table OCR 1. Left-click on the option. 2. Choose an image containing a table. 3. Please wait for this tool to convert it to an...