•   Reset iOS Backup Password
    How to Reset iPhone Backup Password

    Summary: When users set a password for the backup file created using iTunes, they sometimes forget the password they set. Don't worry; this article will lay out every step users need to take to reset the password. Steps to Reset iPhone Backup Password Step 1: Open your iOS device and tap Settings. And then scroll down to find General and tap it. Step 2: Scroll down and select Reset. Step 3: Select Reset All Settings. Step 4: Enter your device Passcode to start reset. Note: The steps won't affect your user data or passwords, but it will reset settings like Display brightness, Home screen layout, and Wallpaper. It also removes your encrypted backup password. Step 5: Now, you can connect the iOS device again with iTunes and create a brand new encrypted backup file. Although you won't be able to use the previous encrypted backup files, you are still able to back up your current iOS data with a new backup password. If you are interested in how to use the local backups to recover data through Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery, click on the following link to learn it: Get Familiar With the Two Recovery Methods


  •   Fix iTunes Connection Issues
    What to Do When iTunes Can’t Recognize an iPhone, iPod or iPad

    This article lays out how to fix the connection problem that occurs when iTunes cannot recognize an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Sometimes, with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad connected to your computer with a USB cable, iTunes on the computer cannot recognize it. And instead, an "OxE" pops up. If that's the case, refer to the below solutions to eliminate the iTunes can't recognize your iOS device issue: Check whether your iTunes version stays up-to-date. Check whether your iOS device is power on. If you see an alert on your device asking for Trust, tap Trust. Unplug all other USB accessories except for this device and reconnect it to the computer with all available ports. If that fails too, try another USB cable. Restart the computer and the device. Try connecting your device to another computer to see if it works. Otherwise, contact Apple Support. What if the above solutions still couldn't work to fix the iTunes can't recognize the iOS device issue when you use the Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery,  we suggest you back up the iPhone data manually using the iTunes yourself, and then load the iTunes Backup File in the data recovery program to start the scanning....


  •   purchase and activate
    Software Purchase, Activation and Update

    Summary: This user guide below will show the steps on how to Purchase, Activate, and Update in Bitwar Video Repair. WIN VERSION Purchase License Users can purchase the video repair license through the official online store or in-software purchase. Note: Any license purchases in the software will provide automatic activation and the user will need a license code to activate the software if they made the purchase through the online store. In-software Purchase 1. Log in to your account in the software and click the Purchase License icon at the upper-right corner. If you don’t have an account, please create one. 2. Select the Annual or Lifetime package. Then select the payment method and click Buy Now to complete the transaction. Official Online Store If you prefer to use a license code for software activation, you can purchase the license code from the Official Online Store. Users will receive the code in the email address after purchasing the software. Note: Please go to your email and check the Junk/Spam or Inbox for the license code that was sent from the Bitwar support team. After receiving the license code, we can then move to the next step to activate the software by using this code. Steps to Activate the...


  •   Get Started
    Get Started the Bitwar Text Scanner

    Summary: This article tells users how to install Bitwar Text Scanner for Win version and introduces the main interface. Download Click on the link Software Official Download Page and download Bitwar Text Scanner for Win version. Installation Open the installation package, browse to specify a location to store the program, and then click on Install. Main Interface Four Scan Methods There are four methods you can select at the centre of the main interface; please refer to the next article to learn how to use them. Featured Buttons The Avatar Icon is where users can register, login/out, reset their passwords, and see account information. The More Icon shows Preference, Interface Language, Activate, Update, and About. For the next step about how to use this tool to scan text, click on the link below: Get Familiar With the Four Scan Methods


  •   Lost Partition Recovery
    Two Ways to Recover Files From Lost Partitions Using Bitwar Data Recovery

    Summary: Many users are confounded when they don't see partitions in expected places. And in a worse scenario, they find it almost impossible to recover files from lost partitions. Don't worry; with the help of Bitwar Data Recovery, you can effortlessly recover them. Bitwar Data Recovery offers two ways for users to recover files from lost partitions. One way is to use the Quick Scan. Another way is to use the Deep Scan. First of all, go to the Software Official Download Page and download Bitwar Data Recovery for Win version. Complete the installation and launch it. Method 1: Using Quick Scan Step 1: In the main interface, we need to click on the blue and underlined button: Deep Scan, which locates under the Lost Partitions section. Step 2: Select the lost partition and click on Next. Step 3: Select the types of files you want to recover and click on Scan. Step 4: Select desired files and click on Recover. Method 2: Using Deep Scan Step 1: In the interface, right-click on the area under Disk Partitions and Devices. Step 2: Click on Show hidden partitions and idle areas. Step 3: Select the lost partitions and click on Next....