•   Data Recovery FAQ
    Data Recovery FAQ

    What is Data Recovery? Data Recovery is a process of retrieving deleted, formatted, inaccessible, lost, corrupted, or damaged documents, images, videos, audios, archive files, and other files from internal & external hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, etc. When a user decides to delete files or files that are lost due to the wrong operation or some other unavoidable reasons, the file system usually does not immediately remove the contents of the files from the storage drive. Instead, the file system just removes the file directory structures and makes the files disappear from the computer screen. Wherein the storage space belongs to these deleted files are marked as Free and waits for later data overwriting. Hence, there's no way to simply restore the data by the file manager or from the Recycle Bin (If the users have emptied the Recycle Bin). However, with the help of third-party data recovery software such as Bitwar Data Recovery, the users are able to get back the data as the program is able to read all possible data regardless of the file status. But frankly, data overwrites happen all the time, and if we want a higher recovery rate, we should perform data...


  •   video save path
    Customize Video Save Path

    Summary: The article will show users the best way to Customize Video Save Path on Bitwar Video Repair! WIN VERSION Video Save Path Some users are having an issue that they couldn't find their repaired video through the custom video save path. Therefore, we will show all the users how to customize the video save path manually in Bitwar Video Repair. 1. Select the Preference from the More Menu icon at the primary interface. 2. Tick the Custom option from the Output Directory. 3. Click the folder icon to choose the video directory path and click OK to finish the change. For the next step about delete the wrong video file, click on the link: Delete Wrong Video File


  •   Get Started
    Get Started the Bitwar Text Scanner

    Summary: This article tells users how to install Bitwar Text Scanner for Win version and introduces the main interface. Download Click on the link Software Official Download Page and download Bitwar Text Scanner for Win version. Installation Open the installation package, browse to specify a location to store the program, and then click on Install. Main Interface Four Scan Methods There are four methods you can select at the centre of the main interface; please refer to the next article to learn how to use them. Featured Buttons The Avatar Icon is where users can register, login/out, reset their passwords, and see account information. The More Icon shows Preference, Interface Language, Activate, Update, and About. For the next step about how to use this tool to scan text, click on the link below: Get Familiar With the Four Scan Methods


    How to Recover Files From a Formatted Storage Medium

    Summary: Generally speaking, all of the files on a storage medium will be wiped out after you have formatted them. However, lost files are still recoverable if you use Bitwar Data Recovery to search through the storage medium for them. Check out the following instructions to learn how it works like magic. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION [su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osB9ebAFOQU"] How to Recover Files From a Formatted Storage Medium Step 1: Download Bitwar Data Recovery from our official website and install it. Step 2: Connect the formatted storage medium to your computer. Step 3: Launch the program and tick off the formatted storage medium on the main interface, and then click on Next. Step 4: In this stage, you can select a scan mode. Considering the need for speed, we would like to recommend you to use Quick Scan, which works in many scenarios and is capable of retrieving most of the lost files. However, in case that mode doesn't serve you well, you could come back to this stage and then select Formatted Recovery. Similarly, if that fails too, you could resort to Deep Scan, which is the most effective mode. Note: If you are looking forward to a fleshed-out comparison...


  •   Scan Methods
    Get Familiar With the Four Scan Methods

    Summary: After the installation of Bitwar Text Scanner, here we will talk about the four scan methods and how to switch and choose the right method. There are four available scan methods users can see in the main interface. Here we offer simple steps to help you master it. Images OCR 1.  Left-click on the option. 2. Choose an image or drag it here. 3. Click on Start OCR to get the text. Batch Conversion 1. If two or more images are selected or dragged, this tool will carry out a batch conversion. 2. There are two ways users can save the scanned texts of the files. A. Save each OCR result separately With this option checked off, the program will create corresponding text files at the default location. B. Merge all OCR results The program will combine all of the scanned texts into one. Screenshot OCR 1.  Left-click on the option or use the hotkey to activate it. 2. Take a screenshot of the contents you want. 3. It will automatically present the text. Table OCR 1. Left-click on the option. 2. Choose an image containing a table. 3. Please wait for this tool to convert it to an...