•   iPhone Data Recovery
    How to Recover Lost Data Using Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery

    Summary: For users who want to know a general way to recover lost data on iPhone, this article will serve you well, follow the steps below, and you will find that recovering the data it's not that hard than you imagine. Have you ever unintentionally deleted call logs, contacts, text messages, or other vital data and later scrambled on your phone for them?  Are you frustrated when finding that some data on your phone mysteriously vanish? These are quotidian problems facing computer users, but with the help of Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery, only a few clicks are needed for solving them. If you are interested in how Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery works miracles, refer to the following steps to learn the general and easy way to use it. How to Recover Lost Data Using Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery? Step 1: After installing the Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery. Please launch it. Step 2: There are two methods available for users. We use Recover from iOS device as an example. Note: If you are interested in the other method, Recover from iTunes Backup File, please refer to the following link to learn more: Get Familiar With the Two Recovery Methods. Step 3:...


  •   Other PDF Tools
    Other PDF Tools

    Summary: The user guide below will allow users to learn the tutorial to split, rotate, merge, and compress PDF files by using the Other PDF Tools in Bitwar PDF Converter. Other PDF Tools Bitwar PDF Converter Software provides multiple types of PDF tools for users such as Split, Rotate, Merge, and Compress PDF. Users can find all these PDF tools in the Other PDF Tools menu in the software. Split PDF 1. Choose Split/Rotate PDF from Other PDF Tools menu and Drag the PDF file into the software. 2. Choose and click the Scissor icon on the PDF pages that you want to split. 3. Click Convert to start splitting PDF. When the process is complete, click Open Path to view the PDF files. 4. Preview the new PDF files in the file directory folder. Rotate PDF 1. Choose Split/Rotate PDF from Other PDF Tools menu and Drag the PDF file into the software. 2. Go to the PDF page and click the Rotate icon to rotate left or right. 3. After finish splitting the PDF, click Convert and Open Path to view the new PDF file. 4. Preview the new rotate PDF page in the file directory folder! Merge PDF Choose...


  •   Sample Tool
    Sample Tool

    Summary: The user guide below will show how to use the sample tool in Bitwar Video Repair! WIN VERSION Sample It is a video repair tool that allows users to repair the damaged video by referring to the sample video quality on Bitwar Video Repair. 1. Go to software and click the Sample icon. 2. Choose the sample file from PC and click Open to add the sample. 3. After adding the sample video, click the Repair button to repair your video files according to the sample video. For the next step about the customize video save path, click on the link: Customize Video Save Path


  •   Purchase and Activate
    Software Purchase, Activation and Update

    Summary: This article will tell users how to Purchase, Activate, and Update in Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery. License Purchase Users can purchase the software in the official online store or the in-software store. Note: In-software purchase requires no license code, as the license has been activated right after your payment. In-software Purchase 1. In the primary interface, click on the Cart icon in the upper-right corner. Then log in or create a new account to do so. 2. Choose Annual or Lifetime package according to your requirements. 3. Choose the Payment Method and complete the transaction. Official Online Store If you prefer a license code for software activation, you can then purchase the license code from the Official Online Store; users will receive the code in the email address after purchasing the software. Note: Please check the Junk/Spam or Inbox for the license code from the Bitwar support team. After getting the license code, we can then move to the next step to activate the software using this code. Steps to Activate the Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery Step 1: Launch the software and log in. If you don’t have an account, please create one. Step 2: Click on More Menu and choose Activate. Step 3: Copy the...


  •   Convert HEIC Image
    Convert HEIC Image

    Summary: The user guide below will allow users to learn the tutorial on converting HEIC image to other formats by using the Convert HEIC Image in Bitwar HEIC Converter. Convert HEIC Image Bitwar HEIC Converter allows users to convert HEIC image format to JPG, BMP, PNG, and WEBP formats. Steps to Convert HEIC Image HEIC image can be converted to multiple types of image formats in the Convert HEIC image tool; therefore, users can choose the image format that they want to convert to because the conversion steps are the same for other image formats. 1. Launch Bitwar HEIC Converter software and choose the Image Format from the format menu. 2. Drag or click Add HEIC files to add HEIC file into the software. 3. Configure the image format setting with Format, Resize, Quality, and Keep EXIF info. 4. Click Convert to start conversion. 5. When the conversion is completed, click the Image icon to preview the new image file. Steps to Batch Convert HEIC Image Same as the start, launch the software and drag all the HEIC images into the software. Then, choose your image format, and settings continue with Convert. Lastly, click the Open button to Preview all the...