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  •   How-to-Solve-System-Service-Exception-BSOD-Error
    How to Solve System Service Exception BSOD Error

    Summary: The BSOD error of system service exception is one of the Windows errors in which the screen of your PC turns blue. It makes your computer reboot. Besides, if you didn't save the files, all the unsaved ones would be gone. In this article, we will explain to you some of the best solutions to the issue. If you lose your important files due to the system service exception error, you can always turn to Bitwar Data Recovery for help. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION How to Fix the system_service_exception Error As briefly mentioned earlier, the BSOD error of system service exception can happen due to numerous factors, including incompatible or outdated drivers, graphic user interface errors, malicious programs, and corrupted system files. Since there are different causes of the problem, numerous solutions to it are also available for you. Check out the following content to learn some effective ones: Solution 1: Update Windows 10 An outdated operating system could be a potential reason for the BSOD error of system service exception. So, the first thing you can do is to check whether your Windows 10 is up to date or not. Use the following steps to check. Step 1:...


  •   [TIPS]-How-To-Solve-the-Scanning-and-Repairing-Drive-Issue
    [TIPS] How To Solve the Scanning and Repairing Drive Issue

    Summary: If you turn off your computer abruptly, It's highly likely that when you boot the computer next time, you will get a message saying the system is scanning and repairing your drive. When running, the computer is continuously writing and reading data from and to your hard drives, RAMs, etc. If you exit it abruptly, it may encounter hard drive errors or even inconsistency in data. In this article, we will explain to you how to deal with this issue. Besides, at the end of this article, we will also introduce our effective and reliable program, Bitwar Data Recovery, which can help you recover lost files caused by this issue. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What Are the Possible Causes of This Issue? Knowing why this particular issue is caused may help you prevent it from happening again. Some of the possible reasons for this issue are given below: wrong ways to shut down your PC, such as forced shutdown or power outages. bad sectors on hard drives virus attacks incorrectly configured drivers What To Do When Encountering the Scanning and Repairing Drive Issue Generally, the scanning and repairing dialog gets stuck for a rather long time. In some particular...


  •   Solved-The-Directory-Name-is-Invalid
    Solved: The Directory Name is Invalid

    Summary: The error message of The Directory Name is Invalid might happen at any moment. Whether you are trying to open a program after installing Windows 10, connect any external storage devices, or play a DVD drive on your system. It may occur due to multiple reasons such as corrupt system files, faulty applications/software, and corrupt devices like USB, HDD, SD, or DVD, etc. This error prevents you from accessing your data stored on the system or drives. However, you may get back access to the data with the help of a data recovery tool. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What Are the Possible Causes of This Issue? There could be many other problems triggering this error, but these are the most common causes of it: Trying to connect USB Drive through a damaged or corrupted USB port. Trying to connect a damaged or corrupted USB Drive. Incorrect or unsupported formatting of your USB Drive or any partition on it. Outdated or Incorrect USB Drives. The corrupted system or temporary inability of the Windows to recognize your Drive. How To Fix the Error the Directory Name Is Invalid? Fix 1: Disconnect USB Devices When you confront the directory name is invalid...


  •   7-Best-Solutions-to-the-This-Device-Cannot-Start-(Code-10)-Error
    7 Best Solutions to the This Device Cannot Start (Code 10) Error

    Summary: Computer users now doing more and more things via the internet rather than in a local environment. That is why the most vexing problem related to PCs is the failure of an internet connection. One form of this failure is the network adapter code 10 error. A lot of users have reported this problem after an update or suddenly. One obvious symptom of this issue is that the network adapter does not seem to work. In this article, we will expound on several solutions to this issue and also explain how to use Bitwar Data Recovery to bring back your precious data, if you encounter any data loss problem triggered by this issue. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION The Reasons for Code 10 This error message pops up when the Device Manager can’t start the hardware device because of corrupted or outdated drivers. It could also happen when a driver manifests an error Device Manager can't fix. The Code 10 error is a common error message that warns the user of some kinds of unspecified hardware issues. It can occur on every version of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc. Besides, devices such as USB drives...



    Summary: Many users are used to the INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND error. It usually pops up when you try to access a website using the Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer on your Windows 10 system. Besides the perplexing error message, usually, there will be a warning that reads "Hmm… cannot reach this page". Users often tend to dismiss this error and luckily, it may disappear for good. However, if that error persists, that problem, to cap it off, could lead to data loss issues. Hence, If you are continually hassled by this error, check out the following content to learn some effective solutions to it. Moreover, we will introduce our effective and user-friendly tool, Bitwar Data Recovery, to help you bring back lost data resulting from the error. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What Are the Causes of the INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND Error? If this is the first time that you are running into the error, you might wonder why it popped up. In most cases, the error happens after you have installed the latest Windows update. However, there are other culprits that might trigger the INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND error: The DNS name you have tried to access does not exist. The requested DNS may be unavailable at...