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  •   How-To-Fix-the-Automatic-Repair-Couldn’t-Repair-Your-PC-Error
    How To Fix the Automatic Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC Error

    Summary: Computer systems are vulnerable to many lurking errors. Even Windows 10, one of the most popular operating systems, isn’t safe from encountering several vexing issues. From BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) to booting problems, there are several technical issues a Windows PC can run into on any given day. Luckily, Microsoft has offered a dedicated Automatic Startup Repair feature to combat these types of technical errors to repair your system immediately. However, there are several scenarios when Automatic Startup Repair falls foul drastically of some errors and displays the message: Automatic Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC. Hence, in this article, we will explain to you several solutions to this issue, as well as how to recover data via Bitwar Data Recovery quickly and easily. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What Are the Possible Causes of This Issue? First of all, let's learn the causes that make the automatic startup repair tool fail and display the message on your screen. Here are a few reasons that might lead to the error: If the primary boot partition is corrupted due to some malware, the automatic startup repair tool may fail in fixing the error. In many cases, a BSOD error may need to be...


  •   [SOLVED]-Computer-Restarted-Unexpectedly
    [SOLVED] Computer Restarted Unexpectedly

    Summary: Virtually every user would like to update their computers to the latest most improved version of the Windows system. No matter how great a version of Windows is, it may still face challenges just like other versions. The computer restarted unexpectedly error is a problem that keeps hassling users. If you are running into it and hankering for a reliable solution to it, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explain to you how to grapple with the computer restarted unexpectedly error. On top of it, if you run into any data loss problems triggered by this error, you can also refer to this article to learn how to use Bitwar Data Recovery to bring back your lost files. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION How To Fix the Error of Computer Restarted Unexpectedly Method 1: Edit Windows Registry to Change Value of Setup.exe Change the value of setup.exe via Windows Registry Editor. Use the following steps: Step 1: When the error pops up saying that your computer restarted unexpectedly appears, press Win + R to open the Run box. Step 2: Type in Regedit and then press Enter to open it. Step 3: If a...


  •   [Solved]-Windows-Explorer-Keeps-Crashing
    [Solved] Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing

    Summary: Windows Explorer is a crucial element on your computer. If you're running into any scenario in which Windows explorer keeps crashing, it is going to inflict your file or folders' accessibility. If that problem keeps going, it becomes a serious issue that demands your immediate attention. Many users have faced this error or may face it at some point because this process depends on its connections to other programs, and thus any corrupt connection can make it crash. In this article, you'll learn some 10 methods of solving the issue of File Explorer keeps crashing. Besides, in case of data loss, you will also learn how to use Bitwar Data Recovery to retrieve lost files. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Possible Causes There are some possible culprits behind the Windows explorer keeps crashing issue: Improper system settings Incompatibility between third-party software and your PC Permission errors Other lurking causes How To Fix Explorer Keeps Crashing Method 1: Update Your System If you're using an outdated version of the operating system on your computer, then it may be the cause of the Windows explorer keeps crashing issue. Since there might be some glitches in the old operating system version, updating your...


  •   [Fixed] Windows 10 Freezes While Copying Files Without Losing Data
    [Fixed] Windows 10 Freezes While Copying Files Without Losing Data

    Summary: The article below will help users to fix Windows 10 freezes or stuck while copying files without losing data and if unluckily you lost some important files, you can get them back by using Bitwar Data Recovery! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Overview Windows 10 Hangs and Freezes When Copying Files Most users had encountered their Windows will hang and stuck when they are trying to copy files from one file location to another. This problem occurs on Windows 7, 8, and 10 like here is one case shared by our Windows users. "This afternoon, I was trying to copy some folders from my local disk D: to E: on my Windows 10, but my PC suddenly turns frozen up and I cannot access or continue copying my files. What should I do to remove this window hangs problem without losing any data?" Suppose that you are stuck and unable to access anything on your computer you will need to follow the solutions below to fix it as soon as possible to prevent any data loss! Best Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Freezes/Stuck Error In this part, we will show you effective solutions to fix and speed up the Windows...


  •   5-Methods-for-Solving-the-Bsod-Error-Code-0x0000001e
    5 Methods for Solving the Bsod Error Code 0x0000001e

    Summary: Errors are common scenarios when using a Windows computer system. As a Windows user, you might have encountered various errors like Grub loading error, and Blue Screen of Death. Although most of the said errors aren’t directly caused by the Windows itself, they are more or less triggered by some software and hardware. What matters is how to solve those thorny errors, one of which is the bluescreen error code 0x0000001e. Worse, the 0x0000001e error may well lead to a data loss issue. In this article, we will explain to you how to solve the error and, considering data loss issues, how to use our reliable and user-friendly data recovery tool, Bitwar Data Recovery to bring back your valuable files. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What Is Causing the BSOD Error Code 0x0000001e? We looked into this particular issue by scouring the Internet for various user reports and the solutions that are wildly being used to fix this particular kind of Blue Screen of Death crash. And it turns out that there are several different culprits that might be accountable for this crash: System file corruption Bad RAM Memory Insufficient PSU power Windows 7 glitches Other Error Solutions: Fix GeForce Experience...