5 Simple Ways to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhoto Library on Mac

Last Updated: 2022-07-25

ملخص: The article below will show users how to recover deleted photos from the iPhoto library on Mac with the assist of برنامج Bitwar لاستعادة البياناتلل ماك!

اربح النسخةنسخة ماك

iPhoto library is a photo album application introduced by Apple to help users store photos and videos. Still, some users will lose their photos dues to accidental delete photos on Mac or improper shutdown.

So we will show you one of our Mac users’ common causes due to accidental shutdown, and all the photos on his Mac are deleted. Please refer to the situation below for a better understanding:

“One day, I was accessing my photos on my Mac device. I was transferring some of my photos in my iPhoto Library, and out of a sudden, my Mac shut down and restart immediately without my permission. When the Mac was turned on, I was shocked and mad that all of my photos in the iPhoto Library are deleted. Is there any way to recover my deleted photos from iPhoto Library on my Mac?”

Suppose you are one of the unlucky users who had faced this issue; you don’t have to panic because we will show you all the simple methods to recover deleted photos from the iPhoto Library on Mac below!

Solution 1: iPhoto Trash

All photos removed from iPhoto Library will move to iPhoto Trash on Mac, so Mac users need to look at the trash to restore the lost data. However, suppose that the photos couldn’t drag our from the iPhoto Trash, then you can perform iPhoto recovery as below:

الخطوة 1: يطلقiPhotoواضغط علىiPhoto Trashمن الشريط الجانبي.

الخطوة 2:يختار the desired photo or Press Ctrl Simultaneously to choose more pictures at a time.

iphoto trash

الخطوه 3:انقر على اليمين the photo and choose the Restore to iPhoto Library اختيار.

Solution 2: Check Recently Deleted Photo in iPhoto Library

We all are very familiar with the recently deleted album on Mac or iPhone devices for all Apple users. Therefore, if any deleted photos are from the iPhoto library, users can go to the recently deleted folder to retrieve the deleted photo.

الخطوة 1: افتح iPhoto on your Mac device and choose the recently deleted folder from the Albumsقائمة.

recently deleted

الخطوة 2: انقر علىRecently Deleted trash icon and تحديد the photo to Recover back to iPhoto Library.

Solution 3: Time Machine Backup

Apple develops the time machine backup program to allow Mac users to get back lost photos. Therefore, if the time machine is running while the photos are deleted, you can retrieve the photos using the time machine!

الخطوة 1: تاكد منconnect the time machine drive to your mac device.

الخطوة 2: الشروع فيمكتشف to look for the Pictures Folderواختيار iPhoto Library.

الخطوه 3: Enter the time machine at the dockأو application folder continue with the desired backup file based on the time the photo is lost on your Mac.

time machine

الخطوة 4: اختر الdesired location to save the iPhoto library.

الخطوة الخامسة: Lastly, select the photo that needs to recover and click يعيد.

Solution 4: First Aid

Besides using the time machine application, Mac users also can use the first aid utility to repair the iPhoto library.

الخطوة 1: At the Dock, choose the iPhotoالتطبيق منتطبيق folder again.

الخطوة 2. اضغط علىأمر+خيار key together and double-click the iPhotoأيقونة.

الخطوه 3: When the Repair Library appears, click بصلحلبدء العملية.

repair iphoto library

You can check whether the deleted photo had been recovered in your iPhoto library when the process is completed.

Solution 5: Mac Data Recovery Tool

Suppose that all the four solutions above are still not able to recover the deleted photos back. The last solution is to use third-party برنامج استعادة البيانات to recover the photos.

We will show you the best Mac data recovery tool-Bitwar Data Recovery لنظام التشغيل Mac to do the job because it is efficient and simple to use, so quickly follow the guided steps below to get back the deleted photos on Mac now:

الخطوة 1:تحميلالبرنامج منمركز تحميل Bitwarsoftو install the software on Mac.

الخطوة 2: اختر القرص صلبواضغط علىالتالي.

select flash drive

الخطوه 3: حدد المفضلوضع المسحوالتاليتكرارا.

Scan Mode

الخطوة 4: حدد ملف photo file type and click the التاليزر.

File Type

الخطوة الخامسة: After the scan is complete, معاينة the scan result and choose the صورة فوتوغرافية that needs to recover by clicking the استعادةزر.

Photo File

تذكير هام: تاكد مناحفظ الكل the new recovered photos at a different file location to prevent فقدان البيانات الدائم!

FAQ: iPhotos Not Responding or Showed Up

Some Mac users report that they are not responding or do not show up in the iPhoto Library after they recover their photos back. Therefore, you will need to perform the rebuild iPhoto library to solve this issue,

خذ ملاحظة: Before you carry out the rebuild, make sure you remember to back up all your important photos in the iPhoto library first because rebuilding the iPhoto library might cause data loss.

الخطوة 1:Closeواعادة البدء the iPhoto library.

الخطوة 2: Hold أمر+خيار keys and choose the iPhotoأيقونة.

rebuild iPhoto library

الخطوه 3: Then, the dialog box will appear with all the rebuild options and Tick all the options. Lastly, tap on rebuild.

Recover Photo Now!

Most of the time, some situations can cause photos lost in the iPhoto Library, which, as we mentioned above, refers to the solutions above to recover the photo back to prevent any permanent data loss. Moreover, it is best to use برنامج Bitwar لاستعادة البيانات لنظام التشغيل Mac!

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