How To Compress Files in Windows 10?

Last Updated: 2022-05-23

개요: File compression is an easy way to reduce the size of a file and save storage space. This post will offer practical ways to enable NTFS Compression to compress files & folders in Windows 10.

Sometimes, we need to free up some storage space on the Windows 10 drive, when the drive is running out of disk space. There are many ways that can free up the disk space on Windows 10, such as uninstalling unnecessary programs and Apps, deleting the files you don’t need, using disk cleanup programs, saving files to the cloud storage tools, etc.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, Windows 10 OS Compression and NTFS Compression are also feasible and straightforward ways to free up disk space. Let’s go through several ways to compress Windows 10 files and folders.

팁: Though file compression is safe, you’d better back up the essential files in case data loss occurs.

Practical Ways to Compress Windows 10 Files to Free Up Disk Space

Compress Windows 10 Operating System to Make More Disk Space

1단계: 입력 명령 in the Start menu search field and choose 관리자 권한으로 실행 클릭 to run 명령 프롬프트.

Step 2: Before starting to compress Windows 10 OS, you’d better check the compact state to see whether the system is already using this feature. Just type the command: Compact /CompactOS:query in the Command Prompt and press Enter.

Step 3: The system will now notify you if the feature is active. If it shows that Windows 10 is not in the Compact state feature, the system can be easily enabled.

Step 4: Type the command: Compact /CompactOS:always and then press Enter. It will start to compress the Windows 10 OS.

The system will show you the current status when compressing OS binaries. When the compression is finished, the system will display the results, including the number of compressed files and the compression ratio.

Windows OS compression will gain up to 2 GB of free space on the drive. If you need to know the exact free space, you can check the properties of the drive.

Extra tip: Uncompress Windows 10 OS

● To undo the Compact State feature and Uncompress Windows 10 OS, type in the command: Compact /CompactOS:never and press Enter.

The system will begin to compress the files to restore the changes and shift the operating system back to its normal state.

The system will inform you once the changes have been reverted to their original state successfully.

노트: If you come across the Command Prompt not working issue, this article will help you: [FIXED] Methods to Fix Command Prompt Not Working Issue.


Compress Windows 10 Files using the NTFS compression

The NTFS file compression is built into the file system so that this feature can only be available in the NTFS drive. You can click the property of the drive to check the type of its file system.

NTFS File Compression

NTFS file compression is the easiest way to reduce the size of files without compressing the whole drive.

1단계: 열기 File Explorer. And then move to the folder where you want to store compressed files.

Step 2: Click on the Home button and then click the New folder, Or you can also try the quick way by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N.

Step 3: Type a name for this folder and press Enter.

Step 4: Right-click this folder and select the Properties.

Step 5: Click the 고급의 에서 일반적인

Step 6: Choose “Compress contents to save disk space” under “Compress or Encrypt attributes” section. Then click 확인적용하다 단추.

Step 7: Select the box “Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files” in “Confirm Attribute Changes” 확인을 클릭합니다.

NTFS Drive Compression

1단계: 열기 파일 탐색기 and move to 이 PC, then right-click the drive you want to compress and select Properties.

Step 2: Choose the option Compress this drive to save disk space 아래의 일반적인 tab, and then click 적용하다.

Step 3: Check Apply changes to drive (drive letter), subfolders and files 클릭 확인 when confirmation dialogue occurs.

By doing the above steps, NTFS Compression is enabled so that there is more free space on the drive.

Extra tip: Uncompress Windows 10 Drive

  1. Right-click the drive and select 속성.
  2. Deselect the Compress this drive to save disk space 클릭 적용하다 아래의 일반적인 탭.
  3. 딸깍 하는 소리 확인 when the confirmation dialogue occurs.

After going through this how-to article, you will compress the Windows 10 files and folders to free up disk space quickly.

노트: If the files you want to compress are videos for email, then the article below will help you to learn how to compress files for email: How To Compress Videos For Email?

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