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  •   How to Convert Docx to PDF
    How To Convert Docx to PDF Without Microsoft Word

    Summary: The article below will show users how to convert Docx to PDF without Microsoft Word with the help of Bitwar PDF Converter! WIN VERSION Most users will use Microsoft Word to save as Docx file to PDF, but in case they don't have Microsoft Word on their PC, users still can apply another alternative way to convert Docx to PDF without Word! Don't Miss Out: Safe Way To Convert PDF Document to Other Format! Best Way To Convert Docx to PDF Without Word Suppose that users received a Docx file but you don't have Microsoft Word, users can rely on this Docx to PDF Converter here to save the file as PDF format. It supports on Windows system, and it works very efficiently as it helps batch convert Docx to PDF. So follow the simple steps below to start converting the Docx file: Step 1: Install and Launch the PDF Converter software. Step 2: Choose Office Files to PDF from the Convert to PDF menu. Step 3: Add the Docx files into the software and click Convert to start the conversion. Step 4: Please wait for a moment for the Docx to PDF conversion to complete and click Open...


  •   How to add pages to a PDF
    How To Add Pages To A PDF?

    Summary: Get to know how to add pages to a PDF by referring to the article below with the help of Bitwar PDF Converter! WIN VERSION Many users found that adding pages to a PDF is an issue because PDF files are uneditable and compatible. All you need to do is start using Bitwar PDF Converter, which provides the merge PDF tool that allows users to add pages to a PDF easily! Extra Tip: Users can insert and delete PDF pages by just using the split PDF tool in the software! How To Add Pages To A PDF In A Different Location Bitwar PDF Converter is one of the most professional PDF editor software on the Internet, and it is efficient for performing any PDF tools. Make sure that the pages you want to add are in a PDF format. In case the file is not in PDF format, users can use the PDF Converter to convert the file to PDF easily. Later, launch the software and choose merge PDF from Other PDF Tools menu. Then, click Add PDF Files to upload the pages and Sort the page order. Finally, click Convert to start the conversion! Don't Miss Out: 4 Effective...


  •   Online PDF Converter
    Best Free Online PDF Converter On Windows!

    Summary: The content below will show the best Online PDF Converter-Bitwar PDF Converter on Windows for free! WIN VERSION Bitwar PDF Converter is one of the best online PDF Converter on Windows 7, 8, and 10. Furthermore, it supports multiple file-formats PDF conversion that is free to download online! The file-formats PDF conversions allow users to convert PDF documents to Word, Excel, RTF, PowerPoint, Text, and more. Besides, it will enable users to create and edit PDF online from multiple types of file formats. Look Here: Why Choose Bitwar PDF Converter Over Online PDF Editor? Online PDF Converter Get to learn all the PDF converter offers from the list below: PDF to PNG converter PDF to Word converter Docx to PDF converter PDF to Docx converter PDF to Excel converter PDF to PowerPoint converter PDF to HTML converter PDF to JPEG converter PDF to Text converter PDF to xlsx converter CAD to PDF converter Png to PDF Converter PDF Tools Most of all, Bitwar PDF Converter provides a few useful PDF tools for users to edit PDF online through the software. Merge PDF Compress PDF Lock & Unlock PDF Split PDF Rotate PDF Perform Online PDF Converter All users need to...


  •   Best HEIC Converter
    2021 Best HEIC Converter Software for Windows and Mac

    Summary: The text below will allow users to learn the best HEIC converter-Bitwar HEIC Converter on Windows and Mac! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION The HEIC image format is the latest and most image innovation so far by Apple. Still, many users may face the compatibility issue because there are not many operating systems that can open or view HEIC images except iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra or newer. Moreover, the JPEG image format is still the default image format for most users on the Internet. After sometimes, Apple has help users to convert HEIC images to JPEG automatically when users are sharing pictures to other users to overcome the compatibility problems. Still, JPEG is even more convenient and compatible compared to HEIC, which is supported by most of the operating systems such as Android, Windows 10/8/7, macOS High Sierra, iOS, and more. Therefore the best alternative way to resolve the compatibility problem is to convert HEIC images to JPEG, PNG, WEBP, or other image formats by using a HEIC converter. So stay close, and there is still more useful information that will benefit users below! What is the HEIC Image? HEIC stands for High-Efficiency Image Format, and it has...


  •   HEIC Image
    Introduction To What Is HEIC Image Format?

    Summary: The article below will give an introduction on what is HEIC image format and open the photo by using Bitwar HEIC Converter easily! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Apple creates HEIC image format in 2017 as HEIF, which is known as High Efficient Image Format, to overtake JPEG image format as the default image format for devices. Besides, it is the default image for iOS version 11 or older and macOS High Sierra. Both image formats are developed by using the MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group). Still, there are some benefits and cons about the latest default image format of an iOS device where will show you in the text below! JPEG Image Format All users are familiar with the JPEG image format, and it is developed in the year 1992, which is called the Joint Photographic Experts Group.  The image format is very compatible and supported by most of all the electronic devices on the Internet. Benefits of HEIC HEIC format allows users to take higher quality images or videos with [email protected] as the video standard. It occupies a smaller size space and helps users to store up to two times JPEG image space. Besides, it supports 16-bit deep...