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  •   How To Extract Excel Table From PDF
    How To Extract Excel Table From PDF

    Summary: The tutorial will let users know how to extract an Excel table from PDF with the help of Bitwar PDF Converter. WIN VERSION Many projects or reports are executed in an Excel table in a PDF file. This is because the data is calculated or arranged in an Excel spreadsheet through Microsoft Excel and save as into PDF file format. Other PDF Tricks: How To Insert PDF Into Excel Cell So users might find a little troublesome if they need to extract the Excel table from PDF because PDF file is uneditable. Therefore, users will use Adobe Acrobat to edit and extract the Excel table or spreadsheet from the PDF. In case, users don't have Adobe Acrobat Dc on the computer to extract the table what can they do? Don't panic as there is an alternative way to do it by using PDF Converter! How to Extract Excel Table from PDF The best PDF tool to replace Adobe Acrobat is using PDF Converter to convert PDF to Excel without losing formatting and extract the table from the file. Step 1: Open PDF Converter and choose PDF to Excel tool from Convert from PDF menu. Step 2: Click Add PDF File to...


  •   How to Insert PDF into Excel
    How To Insert PDF Into Excel Cell

    Summary: The tutorial below will show users how to insert PDF into an Excel spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel with the help of Bitwar PDF Converter. WIN VERSION Excel cell is one of the most important documents on the Internet because it provides many powerful and useful tools for calculation and spreadsheets. Therefore, the Excel spreadsheet is a must document for everyone, just like a word file. Sometimes, users might need to add or merge original documents into excel, for example, insert PDF into Excel cell. Still, not all users know how to add or insert the PDF file because the file format differs from Excel. For More Information: Why PDF Converter Software Is Important In Office? So don't panic as the guideline below will teach users how to insert PDF into Excel spreadsheet easily! How to Insert PDF into Excel on Microsoft Excel Actually, all users can insert the PDF file through the Insert menu in different versions of Microsoft Excel, which includes 2007, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2020. Step 1: Open the Excel cell in Microsoft Excel and click the Insert menu next to the Home button. Step 2: Choose the Object button from the Text tab. Step 3: From...


  •   How To Convert PNG to JPG
    How To Convert PNG to JPG With PDF Converter

    Summary: The tutorial below will show users how to convert PNG to JPG with Bitwar PDF Converter or Paint. WIN VERSION Everyone knows that PNG and JPG are the most common used image formats on the internet. Besides, both image formats have a different purpose and use since some prefer PNG and others will choose JPG. Related Tutorial: How To Convert Word To Image on Computer Actually, both image formats have some difference, but the most important difference is PNG image is good for compression, but JPG is not. Therefore, it is always necessary to convert PNG to JPG or vice versa when editing images. So the article will teach users how to convert the image format by using Paint or PDF Converter on Windows! How to Convert PNG to JPG with Paint Suppose that users had the Paint application on Windows system, users can convert the image format easily by following the steps below: Step 1: Start Paint from the computer. Then click on File and Open to open the PNG image on the computer. Step 2: Choose Save As option from the File menu again and select JPEG picture. Step 3: Choose the file location and name. Finish conversion...


  •   How to Delete Pages from PDF
    How To Delete Pages From PDF Without Adobe

    Summary: Follow the tutorial below to learn how to delete pages from PDF without Adobe with the help of Bitwar PDF Converter! WIN VERSION It is very time-consuming when operating with significant file document such as PDF. Sometimes, users may need to divide or extract out some pages from the PDF file for document sharing or edit. Moreover, users can delete some of the unwanted pages from the PDF file if the is too large for users by using Adobe Acrobat. More Tricks: How To Extract Pages From PDF File Without Adobe Reader Somehow, not all users have the Adobe software on their PC because it is expensive to buy. But don't worry, there is an alternative way to delete pages from PDF file without using Adobe Acrobat Dc! Delete Pages from PDF with PDF Converter There are a lot of editing PDF tools provided in the PDF Converter. For this situation, users can use the Split PDF tool to delete the unwanted pages out from the PDF file. Step 1: Open PDF Converter and choose Split PDF tool from the Other PDF Tools menu. Step 2: Add the PDF file and choose the pages that you want to delete. Step...


  •   How to Save PowerPoint as Image
    How To Save PowerPoint Slide As Image

    Summary: The tutorial below will show users how to save PowerPoint slides as an image with the guidance of Bitwar PDF Converter! WIN VERSION PowerPoint slides are the best tool for everyone to present a presentation at work or school. Users can add many layout styles, fonts, or pictures to the slides to make the content more exciting and beautiful. Sometimes users will need to add the PPT slides into other documents or Microsoft documents, so there are few ways to save PowerPoint slides in image format. Useful tips here: How To Convert PDF To JPG Without Losing Quality Just in case users receive the PowerPoint in ppt format, but they need to print or share in image format, users can refer here to convert the PowerPoint to JPG by using PDF Converter. Save PowerPoint Slides as Image in Microsoft PowerPoint Many image formats are supported by using Microsoft PowerPoint like JPEG, TIF, GIF, and others by following the steps below: Step 1: Open the ppt file in Microsoft PowerPoint and go to the File menu. Step 2: Click Save as and choose the file directory location. Step 3: Select the Image format from the file format and tap on Save....