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Last Updated: 2021-08-02

Summary: The article below will help the user to understand the DVD video format and choose the best free video to DVD converter for Windows 10!


Understanding DVD Video Format

There are many powerful and free video to DVD converters for all users to choose from all over the internet. However, you need to understand what is a DVD. The full name of the DVD is Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc.

It can store high-capacity data such as high-quality videos and operating systems in a digital optical disc storage format. Besides, it allows users to record video from VHS, DVD players, camcorders, Hi8, VCR, and other Retro gaming systems. Then you can burn the videos into a disc with no limits!

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How to Choose the Top Free Video to DVD Converter

There are many useful videos to DVD converters to choose from on the Internet, however, you need to take some factors into considerations in order for you to choose the best video converter.

Factor 1: Supports Multiple Video Formats

The first factor you need to consider is the number of video formats that are supported by the video converter such as FLV, AVI, MP4, M2TS, M4V, H.264, RMVB, and more. This can increase your efficiency when converting multiple different videos without losing video quality!

Factor 2: Video Editing Features

It is always the best option to choose the converter that provides more video editing features such as trim element, DVD menu, adding music or picture and subtitle.

Factor 3: Efficiency and Price

Top of all, it is wise to choose the video converter that the conversion tools are easy to use and provide high-quality video. Last, the price is affordable compare to other power video converters on the Internet.

Best Free Video to DVD Converter for Windows

From all the factors we had given above, we strongly recommend Bitwar Video Converter because it is free and supports multiple types of converter tools!

Step 1: Proceed to Bitwarsoft Download Center and download the video converter on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Click Choose File from the primary interface and upload the video that you need to convert.

main interface

Step 3: Click the Preset menu and select the DVD video formats that you want to convert to.

video to DVD

Step 4: Press Convert to start and wait patiently for the video conversion to complete.

convert video to DVD

Step 5: Click the File icon to preview the new DVD video.

preview DVD

Convert Video to DVD Easily!

Follow all the given tips above to choose the best video to DVD converter for Windows and we will always go with Bitwar Video Converter to convert video for free losing no video quality!

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