Best Solutions To Fix Screenshot Not Working On iPhone iOS 14

Last Updated: 2022-01-24

Resumen: The article below will help iPhone users to fix the screenshot not working issue on iPhone and recover any lost files with Recuperación de datos de iPhone BitwarSoftware!


Overview of Taking Screenshot on iPhone

Apple makes taking screenshots an easy camera feature for iPhone as all we need is to touch the 3D touch menu and select screenshots. However, it can frustrate many iPhone users if the screenshot cannot function properly. It can happen because of operation system error, settings menu, or others. Don’t worry as we will help users to solve the screenshot not working issue on iPhone iOS 14.

Solutions to Fix Screenshot not Working Issue

There are three solutions to fix the problem, so follow the solutions given and solve it according to your situation.

Solución 1: reinicie el dispositivo iPhone

Don’t matter what iPhone models you are using, for example, iPhone XR, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8 Plus, or others, the first effective step is for you to restart your device to reboot the operating system of your iPhone.

Solution 2: Turn on Assistive Touch Settings

Assistive Touch is another easier and faster way to take a screenshot on your iPhone.

Paso 1: AbiertoConfiguraciones de iPhone.

Paso 2: Haga clic enAccessibility and scroll down to look for Touch.

Paso 3: Toggle the Assistive Touch sobreE ir aCustomize Top-Level Menu...


Paso 4: Haga clic en elPlus sign to add the Captura de pantalla icon and click Hecho.

Solution 3: Reset iPhone Settings

The last thing you can overcome the screenshot not working issue is to reset the whole iPhone settings.

Paso 1: Proceder aConfiguraciones de iPhonede nuevo.

Paso 2: Click on General and choose the Reset option.

Paso 3: SeleccioneRestablecer todos los ajustes to perform the iPhone reset.

reset all settings

iPhone Data Recovery: Recover Lost Data after Reset

BitwarRecuperación de datos de iPhone is one of the best third-party software to recover many files such as Reminders, Videos, Photos, Notes, Call logs, Contacts, Bookmarks, and others from all iPhone models such as iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 8 Plus, and others.

Follow the steps below to recover the lost files after the iPhone reset.

Paso 1: Ir aCentro de descarga de Bitwarsoft. LuegoDescargaryInstalar en pclossoftware de recuperación de datosen tu ordenador.

Paso 2:Conectarsu iPhone a la PC yabiertoEl software.


Paso 3: Escoger the File types you want to retrieve and click Comienzo Escanear.

file types

Paso 4:Avancelos resultados del escaneo y haga clic en elRecuperar a la computadorabotón para recuperar los archivos perdidos.


¡Arréglelo fácilmente!

There are a few reasons that can cause the screenshot not working issue to happen on your iPhone iOS 14, therefore you will need to follow the solutions above carefully to solve it and restore any lost data with Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery in case there is data loss after the iPhone reset.

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