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Summary: The text below will allow users to learn the best HEIC converterBitwar HEIC Converter on Windows and Mac!


The HEIC image format is the latest and most image innovation so far by Apple. Still, many users may face the compatibility issue because there are not many operating systems that can open or view HEIC images except iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra or newer. Moreover, the JPEG image format is still the default image format for most users on the Internet.

Best HEIC Converter

Sometimes, Apple has helped users convert HEIC images to JPEG automatically when users are sharing pictures with other users to overcome compatibility problems. Still, JPEG is even more convenient and compatible compared to HEIC, which is supported by most operating systems such as Android, Windows 10/8/7, macOS High Sierra, iOS, and more.

Therefore the best alternative way to resolve the compatibility problem is to convert HEIC images to JPEG, PNG, WEBP, or other image formats by using a HEIC converter. So stay close, and there is still more useful information that will benefit users below!

What is the HEIC Image?

HEIC Image

HEIC stands for High-Efficiency Image Format, and it has become the default image format for all iOS 11, macOS High Sierra Systems, and above. It brings a lot of benefits like better image quality or video and occupies smaller file sizes. Therefore, it can take up smaller space and speed up image syncing between computer and iCloud.

Besides, HEIC images can support a lot of new camera features like Live Photo and Burst Mode. Furthermore, it also allows users to save or undo edited photos to the original images in the camera album after cropping and rotating.

Alternative HEIC Converter Software

There are two alternative HEIC converters to convert HEIC images as below:

Free Online HEIC Converter

Many users will prefer to use an online HEIC converter to convert the HEIC images, such as HEIC to JPG Converter. But it is not safe to convert HEIC online as the photos may be exposed to the public, or HEIC conversions are limited. Therefore, it is not advisable to alter the pictures on the Internet, and the uploaded HEIC photos can get duplicated or stolen by other users on the Internet.

HEIC Converter For Windows and Mac

The best recommendation is Bitwar HEIC Converter, as it is very professional and efficient for all users to use! It supports both Windows and Mac systems. Moreover, all users can download it for free from the official website.

Bitwar Homepage

Friendly User interface

Bitwar HEIC Converter has an intuitive user interface. Users can easily operate the conversion from HEIC to other image formats without any tuition.

Fast HEIC Conversion

The software supports multiple image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, and WEBP and the conversion process is quick, where it takes up to 0.5 seconds for each HEIC photo. Besides, users can check and preview the converted images in the file directory folder!

Image format

Bonus Tricks

Users can set a custom path for output directory files from the right side of the interface. Moreover, users can also decide to keep EXIF info and select the quality and size of the photo!

Batch Converting

The software allows all users to work more efficiently by supporting Batch Converting. Users can drag all the HEIC photos into the software and click Convert.

Open Batch file


As time goes longer and longer, HEIC images will become the default image format for all electronic devices, and users can convert all the HEIC images by using Bitwar HEIC Converter on Windows and Mac!

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