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ملخص:CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION is a BSOD error many Windows users saw after installing or upgrading to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.  What happens along with this stop code is a blue screen that requires your computer to be rebooted. This error is usually found to be triggered by an outdated or incompatible driver. When the malfunctioning driver accesses invalid system resources, the computer brings up this error and shuts down itself to protect the system from any further damage. Refer to this guide to check and verify which driver is causing the issue or if any other software is accountable for this error. Besides, If you encounter any data loss issues, try using استعادة البيانات Bitwar to bring back your valuable data.

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The CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION BSOD error has a number of causes:

  • Incompatible  or Corrupted drivers
  • Malfunctioning Random Access Memory (RAM) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD),
  • Interference from Third-party software
  • Hardware malfunctions


Solution 1: Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

The CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION error in Windows can be caused by a malfunctioning Random Access Memory (RAM). If your RAM is failing, you should consider replacing it. However, before you do that, you will need to check where the problem is actually coming from. To do so, you can try using a built-in Windows tool called Windows Memory Diagnostic. This program can be used to check if there is an issue with your computer’s memory. To use the tool, use the steps below:

الخطوة 1:صحافةفوز + س to bring up the search bar.

الخطوة 2:اكتب فيتشخيص الذاكرةثم انقر فوقتشخيص الذاكرة الخاص بنظام ويندوز.

Windows Memory Diagnostic

الخطوه 3: You will have two options here: restarting your PC and checking for problems right awayأوchecking for problems the next time you start your PC.

الخطوة الرابعة: Select the option you want and run the scan.

الخطوة الخامسة: Wait for the tool to complete the scan.

Solution 2: Scan Your drives for Errors

It’s a good idea to scan your drives for errors regularly — especially when it comes to solving BSOD أخطاء. Besides, a built-in Windows tool is available for the task. The Chkdsk command can be used to examine and correct the integrity of drives and can help you fix a wide range of errors. Refer to the following  steps to learn how to initiate a disk scan:

الخطوة 1:صحافةفوز + سلفتح شريط البحث ، اكتبموجه الأمر, and then right-click on the result.

الخطوة 2:يختارتشغيل كمسؤولمن القائمة المنسدلة.

الخطوه 3: In the Command Prompt window, type in the following command and then press Enter.

chkdsk C: /f
ملحوظة: replace ج with the letter of the drive that you want to check.


الخطوة الرابعة:The command will run, detect and repair any problems it finds on the disk.

الخطوة الخامسة:If you want to check for any physical issues as well, type in the following command and then press Enter.

chkdsk C: /r
ملحوظة: You can run both commands simultaneously by typing the chkdsk C: /f /r command.

A message may pop up warning that the Chkdsk command cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. ANd it will ask if you would like to schedule the volume to be checked the next time you restart your computer. Press Y. the disk will be checked after your computer reboots.

Solution 3: Uninstall Third-Party Software

If you have recently installed new third-party software, there is a chance that it may be incompatible with other programs on your PC, causing the CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION error. Some users reported that programs such as MacDriver and BlueStacks may be the culprits. In this case, consider uninstalling them to check whether the problem still persists. To uninstall a program, use the following steps:

الخطوة 1:اضغط علىWin + R. key to open a Run box.

الخطوة 2:Type in appwiz.cpl and then press يدخل.

Step 3:Tهوبرامج و مميزات window will come up.

الخطوة الرابعة:In the new window, find the program you want to uninstall and then right-click on it.

الخطوة الخامسة:انقر فوقالغاء التثبيتمن القائمة المنسدلة.

Uninstall Problematic Antivirus Tools

الخطوة السادسة:Reboot your PC and check if the error is solved.

Solution 4: Run the Windows Troubleshooter

Your Windows system has a number of useful tools designed specifically to automatically diagnose and fix a wide range of PC problems. Windows Troubleshooter is one of them. Refer to the following steps to learn how to use it.

الخطوة 1:صحافةفوز + أنالفتحإعدادات.

الخطوة 2:انقر فوقالتحديث والأمان.

الخطوه 3:يختاراستكشاف الاخطاء from the left pane.

الخطوة الرابعة:في حدودابحث عن المشاكل الأخرى وأصلحها section, locate Blue Screen and then select it,

الخطوة الخامسة:Click Run the troubleshooter and follow the on-screen instructions.

الخطوة السادسة:Windows will then try to troubleshoot the error.

Solution 5: Run the System File Checker

The System File Checker is another handy tool provided by Windows that allows you to scan for file corruptions on your computer and then fix them. Refer to the following steps to learn how to use it.

الخطوة 1:Right-click on the قائمة البدأ button and then click on Command Prompt (Admin).

الخطوة 2:Type in the following command and then press يدخل.

sfc / scannow


الخطوه 3:الSystem File Checker will now scan your computer.

ملحوظة: This generally takes about 15 minutes.

الخطوة الرابعة:Wait for the scanning process to finish.

الخطوة الخامسة:Restart your computer and check whether the error has been resolved.

Solution 6: Perform a Clean Boot

After you start Windows, a healthy number of applications and services will run automatically, including standard system processes, system utility applications, anti-malware software, and other software. In some rare cases, these services and applications can cause software conflicts. To check whether this is indeed the issue hindering your PC, try performing a Clean Boot, which boots Windows with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs, thus avoiding software conflicts. Use the following instructions to do so:

الخطوة 1:صحافةفوز + سلفتح شريط البحث ، اكتبsystem configuration, ثم افتحه.

الخطوة 2:In the new window, switch to the خدماتالتبويب.

الخطوه 3:Check off the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.

الخطوة الرابعة:اضغط علىأوقف عمل الكلاختيار.

system configuration

الخطوة الخامسة:Switch to the Startup tab and then click افتح مدير المهام.

الخطوة السادسة:In the Task Manager Startup tab, right-click on the first application and click Disable.

الخطوة السابعة: Disable all applications one by one, repeating the step for every application.

Step 8: After all the programs have been disabled, close مدير المهامثم انقر فوقحسنا in the System Configuration window.

Step 9: Restart your PC and see whether the error is solved.

If this solution works and your PC launches properly with a Clean Boot, then one of the programs that previously ran on Startup was causing the error message. To find the culprit, you can disable the applications that were launched on Startup one by one and check for the error message. Ultimately, uninstall the malfunctioning program and keep it from running on Startup.

Solution 7: Update Drivers

An outdated driver can be the cause of many BSOD errors. For instance, if your keyboard driver is corrupt or outdated, the computer may run into the CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION error. Hence, it’s central to keep your system drivers up to date. You can check whether one of your system drivers is out of date or corrupted by disconnecting or disabling the corresponding device via the Device Manager. After each disconnection, try reinstalling the driver and check whether the error is solved. If so, you have found the driver that triggers problems. Refer to the following steps to learn how to update drivers:

الخطوة 1:Click on the search box on the taskbar, type in مدير الجهازثم افتحه.

الخطوة 2:Select a category to see its names of devices, right-click the one you want to update, and then select تحديث السائق.

Update the Disk Driver

الخطوه 3:يختارابحث تلقائيًا عن السائقين.

الخطوة الرابعة:If the computer doesn’t find a new driver, you can try downloading one from the device manufacturer’s website.

How to Rescue Lost Files Using Bitwar Data Recovery

Sometimes users can’t access their Windows 10 right after this BSOD error and lose critically important documents and files. In this case, We recommend using a data recovery tool called Bitwar Data Recovery, which can help you recover all kinds of files – images, emails, documents, videos, and more lost due to the critical structure corruption error or any other reasons. Refer to the following steps to learn how it works:

الخطوة 1: قم بزيارة موقعنا الرسمي لتنزيل Bitwar Data Recovery ثم قم بتثبيته على جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك.

الخطوة 2: افتح الأداة وحدد محرك الأقراص حيث تم تخزين الملفات المفقودة ثم انقر فوقالتالي.

main interface

الخطوه 3: اختر وضع المسح في هذه المرحلة. نود أن نوصيمسح سريع، وهو قادر على استرداد عدد صحي من الملفات المفقودة. إذا فشلت في العمل ، يمكنك إعادة تشغيل الأداة واستخدامهاتفحص بعمق، وهو أكثر فعالية.

scan mode

الخطوة 4: حدد أنواع الملفات التي تريد استردادها وانقر فوقهاالتالي.

file types

الخطوة الخامسة:معاينةأراد الملفات للتحقق من سلامتها. حدد تلك الملفات وانقراستعادة.


الأهمية: To make sure that all the files to be recovered will be in an intact state. Save those recovered files to other drives except the one on which the lost files were stored.


The BSOD error of critical structure corruption can interrupt the normal functioning of your PC. We hope that this error can be completely fixed after you use these 7 easy solutions and your computer will work smoothly again. Besides, If you face any data loss issues due to this error, use the Recoverit Data Recovery tool to recover your valuable files.

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