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  •  Convert-PPT-To-PNG-Using-Bitwar-Online-PDF-Converter
    Convert PPT To PNG Using Bitwar Online PDF Converter

    Summary: Before, we introduced the method to easily convert PPT to PDF using Bitwar Online PDF Converter. While in this article, we will introduce another function: converting PPT to PNG. Overview PPT and PNG Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular presentation file format in the world. It is originally developed by Forethought, which was acquired by Microsoft later. PPT is a very powerful tool for creating presentations that include pictures, charts, text, and many other objects. Almost businesses and students use PPT when making presentations. However, users sometimes need to add some pages from a PPT file to another document like Word, and the best way is to save the PPT as an image. And after converting PPT to an image format, users can quickly print it for presentation and storage. The image format is also more comfortable to share from one device to another. Next, we will show you the method to convert PPT to PNG without downloading and installing software. Steps To Convert PPT To PNG As an online tool, Bitwar Online PDF Converter not only saves users the trouble of downloading and installing but also has perfect privacy protection measures. This tool is easy to operate, has...


  •  [Solved] BSOD Error Machine Check Exception
    [FULL] Fix Disk Structure Is Corrupted And Unreadable Error

    Summary: This article will show some easy solutions to resolve the disk structure is corrupted and unreadable error and recover all your essential data from drive by using Bitwar Data Recovery Software! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Summary Disk Structure Corrupt and Unreadable Error The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable is one of the corrupted drive or partition errors that take place in storage devices like USB drive, memory card, HDD, and etc. This is a usual error that prevents the users from accessing the drive and thus the data stored in it. When this error arises, the windows pops up the message Location is not available and the drive becomes inaccessible. Some of the reasons which contribute to The Disk Structure Is Corrupted and Unreadable error are as below: Virus attack Connection issues corrupted/incorrect file system Insufficient power supply Unsafe ejection of storage device Hardware issues Well, there is no need to panic when this error occurs as we have some simple solutions in place to resolve it depending on various reasons but before applying these solutions, it is recommended to recover all your vital data from the drive to prevent permanent data loss. Other Disk Issue: How To Fix...


  •  Fix Transcend USB Pen Drive Not Detected
    [BEST] Fix Transcend USB Pen Drive Not Detected

    Summary: In this article we will introduce you to some best solutions to resolve the transcend USB pen drive not detected issue and recover all your vital data to prevent any data loss. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Summary Transcend USB Pen Drive not Showing Up In a normal situation any transcend USB that is connected to our computer it will shows up in our system but sometimes it is not recognized or failed to show up on the computer. There are many possible reasons that can cause the issue to happen and we will bring it to you slow as listed below: Unsafe or incorrect way of removing USB pen drive Power failure issue Virus or malware attack USB malfunction File system error Software conflict These are the most common factors to cause the external drive not detected issue but don't panic, there are many other effective solutions to overcome the issue! 4 Best Solutions to Resolve Transcend USB Pen Drive Not Detected Issue Solution 1: Reconnect USB Pen Drive Sometime the USB port on the computer can affect the connection of the USB pen drive. So it is best you restart your computer first to reboot the system. Then,...


    2022 Best External Device Data Recovery Software

    Summary: In today's article, we will recommend you the best data recovery software which is highly praised by many users to help you solve the trouble of data loss. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Overview Data Loss in External Device What should we do when we discover that files are lost from an external device? First, we should stop any operation on the external device, don't write new files to the device, and don't delete, move, or modify existing files on it. Fewer operations ensure that we touch the storage space of the external device as little as possible, leaving no chance of overwriting or destroying the external device. Secondly, we should know: a file on the computer due to the error of deletion, formatting and other actions disappear, the file was not really disappeared. Only when a new file is written to the storage location of the deleted file can the old file be overwritten, making the old file irretrievable. Therefore, we need to recover the files on the external device in time before they are completely overwritten. According to user feedback, the easiest and most efficient way to recover data is to use data recovery software. How to Choose...


    Restore Lost Audio Files Using Best USB Data Recovery[2022]

    Summary: In this article, we will recommend the method to easily restore lost audio files from USB drives with the help of Bitwar Data Recovery software. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION 2022 Best USB Data Recovery Software Audio files stored on a USB can be lost for a variety of reasons, such as incorrect USB unplugging, the attacks of virus or malware on the USB, interrupted transmission, etc. But don't worry, because you can use the best data recovery software of 2022: Bitwar Data Recovery, a user-friendly data recovery software that has easy steps to recover any format of files. This software supports any type of audio files, such as MP3, M4A, WAV, WMA, MIDI, AC3, OGG, MMF, AMR, AC3, etc. It also supports various kinds of external storage devices like SD cards, Pen drives, USB flash drives, SSD, and more. The security and high efficiency of this software in the recovery have been recognized by the majority of users, and its functions are also being constantly improved. If you happen to need data recovery software, it is your best choice. Steps to Recover Audio Files from USB Drive Step 1. Go to Bitwarsoft Download Center, find and install Bitwar Data...