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  •   Fix The Directory Name Is Invalid Error
    4 Effective Solutions To Fix The Directory Name Is Invalid Error

    Summary: The article below will show users the effective solutions to fix the directory name is invalid error and back up important data from the external device with the help of Bitwar Data Recovery Software! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Understanding Directory Name is Invalid Error on Windows Whenever the user connects their external storage device such as an external hard drive, SD card, USB flash drive, or SSD to the computer, some users report they are facing the error message: the directory name is invalid. Besides, this error message will disable you from accessing your data, so all you need to do first is to back up your data to prevent any data loss after fixing the issue. Data Recovery Tool to Back Up Data from External Device We recommend using Bitwar Data Recovery Software to back up your important data from the external device because it provides a 100% clean scan and scan tool to recover data from both internal or external devices. So follow the steps below to back up your data with the data recovery tool: Step 1: Download and Install the software on the PC from Bitwarsoft Download Center. Step 2: Choose the affected external storage...


  •   Pen Drive Not Showing Up On Computer In Windows
    [SOLVED] Pen Drive Not Showing Up On Computer In Windows

    Summary: The article below will show the best solutions to fix pen drive not showing up on Windows and recover any lost data with Bitwar Data Recovery Software! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Overview of Pen Drive Not Showing Up On Computer There are much external storage device can help us store or transfer data easily from one computer to another but sometimes these external devices can cause errors such as pen drive not showing up on your computer. Usually, when you connect an external device to your computer, the device will show up in the Windows File Explorer as we will give a similar case as below: "Last week I tried to connect my cousin's pen drive to my Windows 10 desktop, but it doesn't show up on my computer even it is detected already by the computer. How can I fix this pen drive issue?" Besides, when the pen drive doesn't show up on your computer, you can check for a specific solution through Disk Management but if it still not working, then you will need to execute some practical solutions to fix it! Practical Solutions To Fix Pen Drive Not Showing Up There are two uncommon situations that...


  •   [Fixed] Files Not Showing In External Hard Drive
    [Fixed] Files Not Showing In External Hard Drive

    Summary: The files not showing in external hard drive issue is a common and tricky problem faced by many windows users. When this issue occurs, the users can only see the drive with its properties and disk capacity that is being used, but when they open it, nothing is found in the drive. Well, such an appalling situation may put many users into panic as they see their important data missing. Don't worry, since in this article we will walk you through a few easy solutions, based on the possible causes. On top of those solutions, we will also explain how to use our Bitwar Data Recovery tool to recover lost files. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION How to Recover Lost Files Using Bitwar Data Recovery Before we get on to those solutions, it's important to know that you should always use a reliable data recovery tool that offers 100% clean and safe data recovery. We recommend using our effective and user-friendly data recovery software, Bitwar Data Recovery. It can efficiently and quickly recover all your lost data from any internal or external storage device. Besides, Using this software is pretty easy in the light of its straightforward interface. Now, follow...


  •   fix external hard drive takes forever to load
    6 Solutions to the External Hard Drive Takes Forever to Load Issue

    Summary: Does your external hard drive take forever to load? Does it become unresponsive? Well, the external hard drive takes forever to Load issue is not something new. Many windows users came across this problem and reported the same. Hence, in this article, we will explain to you several solutions to the issue. Besides, given that it may well lead to data loss problem, we will also expound on how to use the reliable and user-friendly data recovery tool, Bitwar Data Recovery, to recover your lost data. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Your external hard drive takes forever to load due to various reasons like insufficient power, bad sectors, and logically errors. When this error occurs, there is no need to panic as we have some simple solutions to help you with it. Usually, the external hard drive connects successfully to your system, but at times it takes longer time to load and ultimately goes unresponsive. In such a case, your data becomes inaccessible until you fix the drive or recover it using a reliable data recovery software. It makes a better choice to go for data recovery at the onset and then follow the solutions to fix the drive. It...


  •   how to fix The Volume Is Dirty
    9 Methods for The 0x80071AC3 Error: The Volume Is Dirty

    Summary: In this article, we will expound on how to fix the 0x80071AC3 error: The volume is dirty. This is one of the common issues associated with external storage media that users may encounter when trying to access the data on the storage medium. In most cases, On top of depriving users of access to the data, this error may well cause another alarming problem: data loss. To help you grapple with this problem, we will also introduce a user-friendly and powerful recovery software, Bitwar Data Recovery. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION The error the volume is empty, accompanied by the code 0x80071AC3, signals that the system can neither write nor read the data that the user attempts to write or view. Reportedly, users are more likely to confront the problem particularly when they are transferring data between the PC and the storage device. The devices in the problem are not limited, including USB flash drive, hard disk, SD cards, etc. What Causes the Error the Volume Is Dirty? Either to minimize the risk of damaging other storage devices or to enhance the prospects of fixing the problem, knowing the possible causes behind this error is quite helpful. Hence we would like...