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  •   Unable to Read File
    3 Solutions to Fix Unable to Read File in Excel

    Summary: This article delineates the methods users can use to fix the unable to read file error in Excel and also include the method to recover the lost Excel files using Bitwar Data Recovery Software. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Have you ever encountered such error that when opening a Microsoft Excel file, the error message pops up that notes you that Unable to Read File? And some user might also be promoted that the Excel unable to read file when saving, However, it's quite a common problem that persistently annoys many Excel users, although fixing it is not difficult, especially when you know the cause of the problem. Hence the first step we need to take is to investigate the possible causes of why these happen to the Excel workbooks. Three Possible Causes of Unable to Read File in Excel There are three common causes reported by computer users: Interfering by Your Antivirus Software It sometimes happens that the antivirus running on your PC may scan the Excel file and insert superfluous text between the "Content-Type" and "Content-Location" sections of the header, which consequently ruins the readability of the file. File Corruption This problem comes about when the virus lurking...