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  •  Machine Check Exception
    [Solved] BSOD Error Machine Check Exception

    Summary: BSOD, shorthand for Blue Screen of Death, is a very common problem that hassles Windows users. Generally, this problem presents a blue screen that pops up when your system runs into a critical error. It also shows an error message revealing information about the type of error and what may have caused the error. In this article, we are going to explain several solutions to the error message machine check exception. Besides, we will introduce the Bitwar Data Recovery tool, the best tool to recover files that are accidentally deleted in the wake of the machine check exception issue. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION The Possible Causes of the Machine Check Exception Error To begin with, it would be better for users to know some possible causes of the machine check exception error. in most cases, BSOD appears in the light of hardware issues. But there are also some other reasons listed below: CPU is overheating. Hardware is overlocking. Motherboard and memory failure. Outdated drivers. System files errors. How to Fix the Machine Check Exception Error Solution 1: Disconnect Your External Hard Drives If you encounter the machine check exception error when you are installing the Windows system using an...


  •  Effective Methods To Fix Folders Turned Into Shortcuts
    4 Effective Methods To Fix Folders Turned Into Shortcuts

    Summary: The article below will show four different methods to fix folders turned into shortcuts and back up important data from the folders with Bitwar Data Recovery Software! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Understanding Virus Attack Turned Folders into Shortcuts on Windows Many users had reported that they are experiencing folder issues in which the folders on PC or external storage device turn into shortcuts. To make it clear, virus or malware usually causes the folder to turn into a shortcut on the computer. Then, whenever an external device is connected to your computer, the virus will hide all the real files and folders and turn them into shortcuts. When this actually happens, the virus will ask for money to decrypt the folder on your computer. Therefore, if you are facing this similar experience, we suggest that you back up your important data first with a data recovery tool to prevent any data loss on your computer. Backup Important Data The best data recovery software to recover data is Bitwar Data Recovery Software. It can restore different data from internal or external devices such as memory cards, SD cards, flash drives, internal hard drives, or external hard drives. Follow the steps...


  •  7 Methods for Fixing the 0x0000017 Error
    7 Methods for Fixing the 0x0000017 Error

    Summary: The 0x0000017 error on Windows systems sends a signal that there is not enough space on your PC's hard drive. However, the issue may become worse if the computer pops up this error message while there is still enough vacant space on its RAM. You could refer to the methods laid out in this article to fix the 0x0000017 error. Besides, when you are confronted with some data loss issue that comes hot on this error's heels, you could try using our Bitwar Data Recovery, a reliable and effective tool, to recover your lost files. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What Causes the 0x0000017 Error? To have a better picture of what the 0x0000017 error is, here we will show you the possible causes that may trigger this error. Interference from some third-party anti-virus software Corrupted system files Outdated or damaged drivers Insufficient RAM Bad memory blocks Method 1: Disable the Antivirus Software If you’re running into the 0x0000017 error when trying to upgrade your Windows version to Windows 10, the first method you should try is to eliminate the possibility of 3rd anti-virus interference. Since it’s likely that an overprotective Antivirus suite can halt the upgrading operation to a...


  •  how to fix Critical Process Died Error
    5 Best Methods for Fixing the Critical Process Died Error

    Summary: Critical process died is an error that pops up with a Blue Screen of Death also known as BSOD. This error can come up at any time but it usually occurs after a Windows Upgrade or a Windows Install. However, there are plenty of users who have experienced this error at various other stages like while playing a game or on Windows startup. Since there can be many reasons behind this error, we will lay out a wide range of methods in this article. And given the prospect of data loss triggered by this BSOD, we will also explain to you how to use Bitwar Data Recovery to retrieve your lost files. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What Causes Critical Process Died Error To better understand what the critical process died error is, it is essential to know the possible causes behind the error. We have listed several causes below: Hardware issue with RAM Loose connection on hard drives outdated BIOS Antivirus interference How to Fix Windows Stop Code Critical Process Died Method 1: Check Drivers The very first method that we recommend you to try when you run into a  Critical Process Died error is to check the drivers....


  •  [Solved] Blue Screen of Error 0x000000f4
    [Solved] Blue Screen of Error 0x000000f4

    Summary: The 0x0x000000F4 error that makes your operating system enter a crash state is a common example of the blue screen of death issues. This error is mainly caused by hard drive or driver corruptions. These corruptions are ubiquitous in the computing world and may befall anyone at any time. In this article, we are going to tell you how to tackle the Blue Screen Stop:0x000000f4 Error in Windows systems. Besides, if you happen to lose your data in the wake of this error, don't panic. We will also explain to you how to use our effective and reliable recovery tool, Bitwar Data Recovery, to bring back your precious data. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Causes of the Blue Screen Error 0x000000f4 There can be different reasons behind the 0x000000f4 error. We have listed the most common ones below: Hardware changes. Virus attacks. Damaged or corrupted device drivers. File System errors or disk corruption. Corrupt Windows update. How to Fix the 0x000000f4 Blue Screen Error Solution 1: Check for Driver Issues According to users who encountered this problem, we came to the conclusion that most of the time, this 0x000000f4 error occurs when you have installed incorrect drivers that don't match...