[FIXED] iPhone Brightness Keeps Changing On iOS 14

Last Updated: 2022-01-21

Resumen: The text will help iPhone users to fix iPhone brightness keeps changing on iOS 14 issue with the help of Recuperación de datos de iPhone Bitwar Software!


Introduction to iPhone Brightness Keeps Changing Issue

The case related to the situation:

“Last night after I updated my iOS to the latest iOS 14, the brightness on my iPhone will change automatically and I had set the brightness level too high but it will still turn lower automatically after some time. What is the issue and what should I do to fix this problem?”

From the example above, all the iPhone users can get a clear preview about the iPhone brightness keeps changing problem on your iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus, or other models. Don’t worry as we will show you the best solutions to fix it losing no data on your iPhones!

5 Effective Solutions to Fix iPhone Brightness Keeps Changing on iOS 14

Depending on most related cases, it is most highly the auto-brightness feature that causes the issue to happen.

Solution 1: Disable Auto-Brightness Feature

So the first step you can do is to solve the issue by disabling the feature on your iPhone.

Paso 1: Abierto configuración de iPhone.

Paso 2: Seleccione Pantalla y brillo menú.

Paso 3: Turn the automatic option apagado.

disable brightness feature

Solution 2: Reset Brightness Level

Suppose that you had turned it off, and it is not working, you can try to reset the brightness level by sliding it left and right in the display and brightness setting or the brightness setting from the control center.

Solution 3. Restart iPhone Device

Some users also suggest that restarting their iPhone device can solve the iPhone brightness keeps changing issue. So you can press and hold the power on button and slide right to switch it off. Then, long-press the same power-on button and wait for the Apple logo to appear. Lastly, give a check to see the brightness issue is fixed or not.

Solution 4: Update to the latest iOS version

An outdated iOS version can start the problem on your iPhone, so you need to check and see your device is always updated to the latest version.

Paso 1: Ir a tu configuración de iPhone de nuevo.

Paso 2: Selecciona el General menú.

Paso 3: Haga clic en Actualización de software y haga clic en the Download and Install option if there is a new iOS version.

software update

Solution 5: Reset iPhone Settings

If unfortunately, all the solutions above can’t solve the issue on your iPhone, then the last solution is for you to reset all your iPhone settings but make sure you did a backup of all your data to prevent any data loss.

Paso 1: Ir a configuración de iPhone.

Paso 2: Selecciona el General menú y haga clic en el Reiniciar opción.

Paso 3: Haga clic en el Restablecer todos los ajustes button to reset all the iPhone settings.

reset all settings

Safe Data Recovery with iPhone Data Recovery Tool

Some users may forget to back up their data and lost some important files after they reset their iPhone settings, but don’t worry we will show you an alternative way to recover your lost files which is the Recuperación de datos de iPhone Herramienta.

We recommend using Bitwar iPhone Software de recuperación de datos because it is reliable and effective in restoring all file types such as Photos, Calendars, Call logs, Videos, Bookmark, contacts, and others.

Proceed to the guided steps below to retrieve your lost files back as soon as possible!

Paso 1: Descargar y Instalar en pc el software de Centro de descarga de Bitwarsoft.

Paso 2: Conectar su dispositivo iPhone a la PC y Abierto El software.


Paso 3: Elegir el files types quieres volver y hacer clic Comienzo Escanear.

file types

Paso 4: Avance los resultados del escaneo y haga clic en el Recuperar a la computadora button to recover the lost files to your PC.


Solve iPhone Brightness Issue Easily!

Whenever you are facing the brightness setting issue, you can lean on all the five solutions above to overcome it and if you lost any important files after fixing the iPhone brightness keeps changing on the iOS 14 problem, remember to use Recuperación de datos de iPhone Bitwar to restore all the lost files back effectively.

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