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  •   Best-Effective-Way-To-Recover-Data-From-A-Crashed-Mac-System
    [Data Recovery] Recover Data From Crashed Mac System

    Summary: This article describes the process of drive recovery by using the Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac software. After finishing a recovery drive, you can easily boot up a crashed Mac and recover inaccessible files from your Mac's startup disk. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Understanding Formatted Mac Hard Drive We all know that Apple Macs come preinstalled with an application called Disk Utility that allows you to easily manage and format the drives on your machine. Many times what happens is that users accidentally end up formatting the drive on their Mac using this app, which will bring so many troubles for us. So if you have done so and now want to recover formatted data, take one minute to read the below content to recover the formatted Mac hard drive. Formatted Hard Drive Data Recovery You will find many people telling you that once the drive is formatted, you cannot recover data. Do not be panic,  you have many options for recovering data from formatted drives. In order to recover data lost during formatting, you need to use data recovery software. Software like this can help you restore your lost data. The following sections should give you more information...


    How To Move iPhoto Library To A New Location/Mac

    Summary: If you normally take a bunch of photos/videos on your iPhone, sync your photos back to your Mac and you'll find your storage space fills up pretty quickly!  This article will teach you how to move your Mac iPhoto library to a new location/Mac. Overview iPhoto Library Everyone likes taking pictures. This is one of the reasons people care about cameras and pixels when new phones are released. This is why the photo management function is essential to any personal computer. For Mac users, one of the most popular photo management applications is iPhoto. But sometimes you need to move iPhoto library. One of the reasons is because photos and videos can fill your hard drive quickly. Therefore, it might be a good idea to store the iPhoto library on a dedicated external drive. Another possible reason is when you want to switch to a newer Mac version. Backup iPhoto Library Before doing anything to your library, it is best to back it up. If anything happens, you will not lose any precious memories. Regular backups can also protect you from image file damage or accidental deletion. You can set up an external hard drive and use it with the Time...


  •   [FULL FIXED] Your Startup disk Is Almost Full On Mac Issue
    [FULL FIXED] 你的啟動盤在 Mac 問題上幾乎滿了

    總結:下面的文章將向 Mac 用戶介紹解決 Mac 系統上啟動盤幾乎已滿問題的最有效步驟,並以與您想要的相同性能訪問您的系統 WIN VERSION MAC VERSION 概述 啟動盤幾乎已滿問題 大多數在早期的 mac 版本中,該問題通常會在啟動磁盤已滿時收到通知,而對於最新的 mac 版本,它會在您的啟動磁盤幾乎已滿時發出通知。發生此問題時,所有 Mac 用戶都將見證其 Mac 系統的性能下降。此問題可能是由系統上不再使用的許多過時文件、緩存、應用程序和舊日誌引起的,最糟糕的是,您實際上永遠看不到它們。儘管如此,為了避免這個問題,您必須在開始時清理您的磁盤,然後按照合適的解決方案來解決問題!但是,在直接討論解決方案之前,讓我們先了解一下這個問題。好吧,啟動盤是包含所有已安裝應用程序和操作系統的硬盤驅動器或分區。原來如此...


  •   Solutions To Solve Mac Keeps Restarting Issue

    Summary: The article below will show four effective solutions to solve the Mac keeps restarting issue and restore any lost files with Bitwar Data Recovery Software for Mac! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Mac Issue: Mac or MacBook Pro Keeps Restarting Mac users have reported they are having their Mac keeps restarting issue and the Mac will keep restarting with no warning too. It can compromise your working efficiency and cause some users to lose their work files. A similar situation for MacBook Pro: "Yesterday I am working from home using my MacBook Pro and suddenly it restarts with no warning at all, It causes me to lose all the files and I need to start my work all over again. Ever since yesterday, my MacBook will keep restart and it is causing more trouble to me. What should I do to fix it and recover my lost work files from Mac?" Before you get to the fixes and Mac data recovery, you will need to understand some factors that can cause Mac to keep restarting issues to happen. Understanding Factor for Mac to Reboot After getting deep into the issue, we will show you a list of factors that cause...


  •   [FIXED] Time Machine Not Working after Mojave Update Issue
    [已修復] Mac 上 Mojave 更新問題後 Time Machine 無法工作

    總結:下面的內容將展示一些簡單的解決方案,以修復 Mac 上 Mojave 更新後 Time Machine 無法工作,並使用適用於 Mac 的 Bitwar 數據恢復軟件恢復任何丟失的數據! WIN 版本 MAC 版本更新問題:Mojave 更新後 Time Machine 不工作 Mac OS Mojave 是 Internet 上最受歡迎的操作系統,因為它的操作系統速度很快。它提供了獨特的功能,例如暗模式、查找器、增強功能、堆棧、截圖增強功能等。 但是,某些 Mac 用戶可能會遇到卡在登錄頁面、硬盤驅動器死機或第三方應用程序問題等問題,但是Time Machine 不工作是主要問題。如果您是遇到此問題的不幸用戶,請不要擔心;我們將在下面的文章中向您展示修復 Mojave 更新後無法工作的時間機器的所有簡單解決方案!修復 Mojave 更新問題後 Time Machine 不工作的簡單解決方案 解決方案 1:配置 Time Machine Mac 用戶表示,當他們嘗試使用 Time Machine 備份數據時,他們會遇到此問題。因此,請按照以下步驟修復 Time Machine 問題: 步驟 1:從菜單中選擇系統偏好設置....