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  •  Recover Deleted Pictures From Photo Booth
    How To Recover Deleted Pictures From Photo Booth?

    Summary: Some Mac users complain that they are having trouble with the photo loss in Photo Booth. If you have the same problem, then this article will help. In this article, we will provide the method to recover deleted pictures from Photo Booth. MAC VERSION Photo Booth is an application developed for Mac OS X and iOS. The main function is to take digital photos through the camera iSight. Photo Booth has 17 built-in special effects that users can use to suit themselves. Why Do Pictures Get Deleted in Photo Booth? Whether you have taken pictures or edited pictures with the Photo Booth app, you can still lose these pictures for several reasons. So, here are the reasons why some of your pictures get deleted in Photo Booth: Virus Attacks: It is another reason why your photos are deleted in Photo Booth. Usually, when the system gets hit by a virus, it will destroy and delete files, record keyboards, etc. Therefore, this may be one of the reasons your Photo Booth photos are deleted. Abrupt Shutdown: The most possible reason for data loss in most apps is when you shut down the system while editing files in the apps including...


  •  How-To-Recover-Deleted-Files-After-Emptying-Trash-on-Mac
    How To Recover Deleted Files After Emptying Trash on Mac?

    Summary: Many Mac users have mistakenly deleted files such as computer photos, music, videos, etc. especially those who are new to the Mac system, often lose data due to improper operation. When a file is deleted, it is temporarily in Trash for a period of time. However, if you empty Mac Trash, it will increase the difficulty of data recovery. In this article, we will explain how to restore Mac Trash. At the same time, Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac is also highly recommended to recover deleted files after emptying Trash on Mac. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Overview First of all, we need to understand that if we want to delete unnecessary data files on Mac, we can use the following methods: Drag and drop files into Mac Trash. After left-clicking on the file, use the command+delete shortcut to delete it. Right-click the file and select Delete. The above methods are all temporary deletions, that is, put them in Mac Trash on the Dock for a period of time, usually 30 days. All files in the Trash can be permanently deleted after 30 days. However, in the following cases, we may not be able to find the deleted files in the...


  •  Best-Effective-Way-To-Recover-Data-From-A-Crashed-Mac-System
    [Data Recovery] Recover Data From Crashed Mac System

    Summary: This article describes the process of drive recovery by using the Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac software. After finishing a recovery drive, you can easily boot up a crashed Mac and recover inaccessible files from your Mac's startup disk. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Understanding Formatted Mac Hard Drive We all know that Apple Macs come preinstalled with an application called Disk Utility that allows you to easily manage and format the drives on your machine. Many times what happens is that users accidentally end up formatting the drive on their Mac using this app, which will bring so many troubles for us. So if you have done so and now want to recover formatted data, take one minute to read the below content to recover the formatted Mac hard drive. Formatted Hard Drive Data Recovery You will find many people telling you that once the drive is formatted, you cannot recover data. Do not be panic,  you have many options for recovering data from formatted drives. In order to recover data lost during formatting, you need to use data recovery software. Software like this can help you restore your lost data. The following sections should give you more information...


    How To Move iPhoto Library To A New Location/Mac

    Summary: If you normally take a bunch of photos/videos on your iPhone, sync your photos back to your Mac and you'll find your storage space fills up pretty quickly!  This article will teach you how to move your Mac iPhoto library to a new location/Mac. Overview iPhoto Library Everyone likes taking pictures. This is one of the reasons people care about cameras and pixels when new phones are released. This is why the photo management function is essential to any personal computer. For Mac users, one of the most popular photo management applications is iPhoto. But sometimes you need to move iPhoto library. One of the reasons is because photos and videos can fill your hard drive quickly. Therefore, it might be a good idea to store the iPhoto library on a dedicated external drive. Another possible reason is when you want to switch to a newer Mac version. Backup iPhoto Library Before doing anything to your library, it is best to back it up. If anything happens, you will not lose any precious memories. Regular backups can also protect you from image file damage or accidental deletion. You can set up an external hard drive and use it with the Time...


  •  [FULL FIXED] Your Startup disk Is Almost Full On Mac Issue
    [FULL FIXED] Seu disco de inicialização está quase cheio no problema do Mac

    Resumo: O artigo a seguir apresentará aos usuários do Mac as melhores etapas eficientes para resolver o problema do disco de inicialização está quase cheio no sistema do mac e acessar o sistema com o mesmo desempenho que você gostaria WIN VERSION Visão geral da VERSÃO MAC O disco de inicialização está quase cheio, a maioria dos problemas sempre que o problema é usado para ser notificado como disco de inicialização cheio em versões anteriores do mac, enquanto que para as versões mais recentes do mac, ele notifica quando o disco de inicialização está quase cheio. Quando esse problema ocorrer, todos os usuários de Mac testemunharão um desempenho inferior em seus sistemas Mac. Esse problema pode ser causado por uma série de arquivos desatualizados, caches, aplicativos e logs antigos em seu sistema que não são mais usados, e a pior parte é que você realmente nunca pode vê-los. No entanto, para evitar esse problema, você terá que limpar o disco no início e, em seguida, seguir as soluções adequadas para corrigir o problema! No entanto, antes de chegar diretamente às soluções, vamos conhecer um pouco sobre este problema. Bem, o disco de inicialização é um disco rígido ou partição que contém todos os aplicativos instalados e seu sistema operacional. Como isso é...