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Last Updated: 2022-05-30

Summary: Sound card, also known as an audio card, is an internal expansion card or IC for inputting and outputting audio signals under the control of a computer program. Keep reading and learn insight into the sound card.

The sound card enables the computer to send sound or audio information to audio devices, such as headphones, speakers, etc. Not the same as the RAM and CPU; the sound card is not hardware necessary to make the computer work properly.

Sound Card Description

The sound card is rectangular hardware with multiple contacts at the bottom and various ports on the side for connecting to audio devices.

The computer does not require a sound card; it is built into the motherboard or contained on every machine, such as an expansion slot.

When installed, the side of the sound card fits right on the back of the case, which makes its ports available, because the design of the case, motherboard, and peripheral cards are compatible.

A USB sound card is also a kind of sound card that allows you to plug audio devices into your computer with a small adapter that can plug into a USB port directly.

History Of The Sound Card

  • In 1972, Sherwin Gooch invented a synthesizer capable of 4 voice music syntheses. This Gooch Synthetic Woodwind, used by PLATO terminals, is also considered to be the first sound card.
  • In 1978, ALF Products Inc. developed the Apple Music Synthesizer used by Apple II, which is the first plug-in sound card.
  • In 1987, AdLib produced the Music Synthesizer Card, based on the Yamaha YM3812 sound chip. AdLib was also one of the first companies to produce sound cards for IBM PC.

Sound Card Connections

  1. Digital Out: It is yellow or white with words like “Digital” or “Digital Out”. And it is used with loudspeakers or surround sound.
  2. Sound in or line in: It is blue with an arrow pointing into waves. And it allows the connection for external audio sources, like a CD player, tape recorder, or record player.
  3. Sound out or line out: It is green with its arrow pointing out of waves. And it is the primary sound connection for headphones or speakers. Also, it has a second black and third orange sound out connector.
  4. Microphone or Mic: It is pink and enables the connection for headphones and microphones.
  5. FireWire: It is not pictured. And it is used high-quality sound cards for devices such as digital video cameras.
  6. MIDI or joystick: It is 15 yellow pin connector. And it works with earlier sound cards for connection of MIDI keyboard or joystick.

Applications Of Sound Card

  • Watch movies.
  • Voice recognition.
  • Record dictations.
  • Educational software.
  • Creating and playing MIDI.
  • Business presentations.
  • Audio CDs and music listening.
  • Audio and video conferencing.

Best Sound Card in 2022

  • Asus Xonar AE: It is an internal sound card that easily fits in your budget. This audio card comes with audio adjustments, HD sound, and a jack-sensing panel.
  • Sound Blaster Z: It is one of the best sound cards on the market. It provides unrivaled in-game audio output. This card is combined with an I/O panel that ensures high-quality audio results.
  • EVGA Nu Audio Card: It is one of the best pc sound cards that can be used with high-end output devices. It provides a variety of input/output options that can support DSD audio up to x256.
  • ASUS Essence STX II: It is one of the best sound cards that provide features audio quality with 124 dB SNR, high-quality audio, and more. This internal sound card is compatible with Windows 7 and greater versions.

Sum It Up!

This article briefly introduces the sound card about its description, history, and connections as well as and application so we hope that you will have a general idea about the sound card after reading it.

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