[BEST] Android 메모리 또는 SD 카드가 감지되지 않거나 인식되지 않는 오류 수정

Last Updated: 2021-09-01

개요: The article below will show the best solutions to fix Android memory or SD card not detected or recognized error with the help of Bitwar 데이터 복구!

승리 버전 맥 버전

Understanding Android or SD Card not Detected and Recognized Error

It could be really problematic when your Android device fails to read the SD card and bypass all the data stored in your phone’s memory. In such a case, your SD card will remain unused and occupy most of the data memory which will affect your phone’s performance.

Possible Reasons for Error

There are a lot of reasons associated with this problem as we will list them below:

  • Wrong data transfer mode on your android device
  • Incompatible SD card
  • SD card with errors or wrong formatting
  • SD card with loose springs
  • Damaged or broken SD card
  • Android application error

After learning understanding the reasons for the error, then we will help you to fix it by using two effective methods!

Part 1: Detect SD Card on Android Phone

Solution 1: Re-insert SD Card

First of all turn off the android phone and remove the SD card then clean it carefully to remove any dirt or dust from the external device. After that, insert the SD card back to the device again and switch on the phone to check whether the SD card error is solved or not.

Solution 2: Remount the SD card

Suppose that reinserting the SD card is not effective at all, navigate to phone Settings and click the storage menu. Select SD card from the storage and choose to Mount. Restart your Android device and check the error again.

Part 2: Repair Unreadable Android Memory Card on PC

Solution 1: Change Card Reader

Remove the SD card from the phone and try to insert it to your computer card reader. Check whether the SD card appears on your computer or not, if it doesn’t try a different card reader again and it’s still not detected, then there is an issue with your SD card.

Solution 2: Update SD Card Driver

1 단계: Connect the SD card 당신의 컴퓨터에.

2 단계: 마우스 오른쪽 버튼으로 클릭 the Windows Start and select 기기 관리자.

3 단계: 확장하다 디스크 드라이브 and search for the SD card.

4 단계: 마우스 오른쪽 버튼으로 클릭 the SD card and choose 속성.

5단계: 이동 운전사 tab and choose to 드라이버 업데이트.

update driver

6단계: After updating the driver, 재시작 당신의 PC.

Solution 3: CHKDSK Command Prompt

1 단계: 누르다 + NS 그리고 입력 명령 에서 run dialog box.

2 단계: 유형: chkdsk D: / f 또는 chkdsk D: /f /r /x 그리고 누르다 시작하다. (바꾸다 NS: with your drive letter)

3 단계: When the operation is complete, 재시작 your computer and check whether the error is solved.

Solution 4: Format External Device to FAT32

Before you format the external device to FAT32, make sure you backup your data first to prevent any permanent data loss.

1 단계: Connect the SD card to your PC and open 디스크 관리 다시.

2 단계: 마우스 오른쪽 버튼으로 클릭 on the SD card and select the 체재 옵션.

3 단계: Set the file system as FAT32 그리고 누르다 확인.

4 단계: Discard the memory card and 연결하다 back to your Android to check whether the SD card is detected or not.

format sd card

Recover Formatted Data with Data Recovery Tool

In case you had forgotten to backup your important files from the memory card, don’t panic, all you need to do now is to use 데이터 복구 소프트웨어 like Bitwar Data Recovery to retrieve the formatted files from the external device.

It is a very reliable third-party data recovery software where it can recover any type of data from both internal and external device such as memory card, SD card, external hard drive, USB drive, flash drive, internal hard drive, and more.

Follow the data recovery steps below to restore the lost files from the Android SD card:

1 단계: 얻다 Bitwar 데이터 복구 프로그램 그리고 설치 it on Windows PC from Bitwarsoft 다운로드 센터.

2 단계: USB/Memory Card 그리고 누르다 다음.

main interface

3 단계: 선택 스캔 모드 that you prefer to use and click 다음 다시.

scan mode

4 단계: 선택하다 파일 형식 클릭 Scan.

file types

5단계: 시사 all the scan data and then click on 다시 덮다 데이터 복구를 시작합니다.


Fix Error Now!

There could be many reasons associated with the Android memory or SD card not detected or recognized error, as mentioned above in the post. However all the solutions given above will help you fix this error and  remember to recover all your data from the SD card by using Bitwar Data Recovery software if you forget to backup your data before format.

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