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    Use Disk Utility To Format A USB Drive On Mac

    Summary: When using a brand new USB on a Mac, it is crucial to ensure compatibility by formatting the USB drive as a Mac OS Extended file system. In this article, we are taking a closer look at how you can use Disk Utility to format a USB drive on Mac. Overview USB Drive Formatting Formatting is the process of erasing all existing data on a USB and setting up the file system it will use. The file system tells the USB drive how to store, read or delete data. The type of file system required on a USB drive varies depending on the type of computer you will use. Most computers will alert you if you connect your USB drive to an incompatible file system that needs formatting, including a Mac. So today, we will introduce you to how to format a USB drive on Mac. Format USB  Drive with Disk Utility Before starting the formatting, you'd better back up all the files of the USB. Your Mac comes with a handy utility appropriately called Disk Utility, which can be used to format any storage device. The detailed steps are below: Connect the USB drive that you want to format....


  •   Fix USB Device Descriptor Failure Error
    3 Effective Methods To Fix USB Device Descriptor Failure Error

    Summary: The content below will teach users the effective methods to fix USB device descriptor failed error on Windows and recover important data from the drive with the help of Bitwar Data Recovery Software! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Approaching USB Device Descriptor Failure Error on Windows "Last weekend, I came across with an error message: USB Device Descriptor Failed after I connect my USB drive to my Windows PC. I don't know what error it is and what should I do to fix this error. I couldn't access all my important files on the drive too! Please, I need help from anyone to fix this USB drive error to save my important data!" Suppose that you had met such a USB problem and your USB drive stops working while connecting the drive to PC, don't worry, there are many other users had experienced the same problem on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. So all you need is to follow the article as we will show you all the effective methods to fix the USB device descriptor failed error below! Related USB Error: [BEST] Solutions To Fix Corrupted Files From USB Flash Drive Effective Methods to Fix USB Device...


  •   Solutions To Fix Corrupted Files From USB Flash Drive
    [BEST] Solutions To Fix Corrupted Files From USB Flash Drive

    Summary: The article below will show the best solutions to fix corrupted files from the USB flash drive and recover corrupted data with Bitwar Data Recovery Software! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION USB Flash Drive: Files Corrupted "Last Sunday, I opened my USB drive and found out that all the data is corrupted. All the data is important to me and I need them so badly. Is there any way for me to fix the corrupted file or recover the data?" Everyone uses a USB flash drive to store and transfer important data from one device to another. If your data is corrupted, it is most highly because of a virus attack or file system failure. So you mustn't format your USB drive because it will cause permanent data loss to all of your files. Helpful Tips: [SOLVED] Repair Corrupted Or Failed USB Device Without Data Loss Solutions to Fix Corrupted Files from USB Flash Drive Among all the solutions, we highly recommend you recover your data first to make sure your data is safe. Solution 1: Recovery Corrupted Files Whenever you are facing any data loss or data error, the first thing for you is to recover your data as soon as...


  •   Repair Corrupted Or Failed USB Device
    [SOLVED] Repair Corrupted Or Failed USB Device Without Data Loss

    Summary: The article below will show the best methods to repair corrupted or failed USB devices and recover lost data if there is any data loss with Bitwar Data Recovery! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION USB Problem: Corrupted/Failed USB Device need Repair Users often use a USB flash drive or USB card to transfer or store important data in it, but sometimes it can get corrupted easily because of virus attack, file system damage, or improper removal of the device. It can be a little headache because users will need to repair the USB device as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Besides, users might lose their data too if they do not fix the USB problem immediately because they cannot access the data when facing the problem. So before you carry on with the solutions to overcome it, you need to make sure it detects the USB drive on your computer. If it is not then you need to refer to USB not showing up to learn more about the solutions. While it showing up, then carry on with the effective solutions below to repair the corrupted or failed USB device on Windows. Effective Methods to Solve USB Device...


  •   [Solved] USB Thinks It’s A CD Drive
    [Solved] USB Thinks It’s A CD Drive

    Summary: Have you ever come across a situation where your USB flash drive gets detected as a CD drive connected to your computer? Well, this strange situation can happen to every USB flash drive. When you encounter this problem after opening the drive, you get the below error message: There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive. Through this article, we will explain to you why your USB thinks it is a CD drive and how to recover all your data using Bitwar Data Recovery when you come across this problem. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What Are the Causes of USB Thinks It's a CD Drive After this issue has happened, you are basically restricted from accessing the data stored in the erroneous drive. Besides, there are two cases that can help you get your head around the causes of USB thinks it's a CD drive. Case 1: Connect your USB flash drive to any other computer device and check if it works or not. If the USB is recognized as the CD drive again, check the USB flash to see whether there is a switch on it. In earlier times, USB flash drives used...