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  •   The-Introduction-of-the-Media-Files
    The Introduction of the Media Files

    Summary: In this article, we will have an introduction of media files and after reading this post, you will have good knowledge about media files and know a list of media files.  WIN VERSION MAC VERSION In recent years, we all know that the demand for digital media files for encoding audio and video is rapidly increasing. However, this phenomenon also brings so many complicated problems. Since not all media file formats can be played on all devices, the proliferation of various audio, video, and picture file formats has caused a lot of confusion for users. Specifically, you can connect a computer or media server to your network media player, but you may find that some storage cannot be played Audio or video files. So, what is a media file? What are the main types of media files? After reading the below content you will have the answer. What are Media Files? Media files are actually your pictures, music, audio, video, and documents. The computer program or application program can read and use the digital file after encoding it during the saving process. For example, you can read and edit the document format in a word processing program such as...


  •   Fix-the-Issue-of-Facebook-Session-Expired-Error
    Fix The Issue Of Facebook Session Expired Error

    Summary: We all know that Facebook uses sessions to verify that your account is within its service range. What if Facebook keeps saying that the session has expired and logs you out? After reading this post, you will have the solutions to fix the issue of the Facebook session expired error.   WIN VERSION MAC VERSION You must have gotten the error message “Facebook Session Expired” and are forced to log out of Facebook when using the Facebook app, Take one minute to look at the below content to fix the Facebook session expired. Introduction of the Facebook Session Expired Facebook has a great population in our daily life, through which we can make communicate with our friends, make transactions. So there will be appeared some troubles when we use Facebook, such as session expired issues, which rely on the cached information on your computer or mobile phone. If the cached information is accidentally or intentionally cleared, the session will end. Tips to Fix the Facebook Session Expired Solution 1. Log in to Facebook again If the Facebook session expired notification keeps presenting to you, it is recommended that you click on the error message and follow the instructions to enter...


  •   Fixed-Excel-Can-not-Open-the-File
    Fixed: Excel Can not Open the File

    Summary: Excel is a very powerful and widely used tool that helps its users manage their data, reports, and some calculations. Despite being widely used, many users face a common problem when opening files with Excel, "Excel cannot open the file. After reading this post, you will learn how to fix the issue of Excel can not open the file and know the reasons that caused excel can not open the file.  WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Excel can not open the File We all know that got a vital file is important for us, but sometimes we will encounter trouble that the excel can not open the file, if you do face this common issue, do not worry about it, all your file is not lost, you still can find them according to the guidance below. Before fixing this issue, we need to know the reason that caused the excel can not open the file. Why does Excel can not Open the File? Sometimes an Excel file has important data that can be vital for us in business, working, and some transactions,  Even the excel data is not for business purposes, we will save it in the case that the...


  •   Fix-the-Issue-of-Facebook-Logged-Me-Out
    Fix the Issue of Facebook Logged Me Out

    Summary: Facebook is a social platform where your can share your thoughts and ideas with your Facebook friends. But what if Facebook frequently logs you out? This article will show the best solutions to solve the issue that Facebook keeps logging you out. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Facebook as a great popular social platform has a great population in our daily life, but sometimes, there will be some problems with Facebook, such as the issue of logging in, or the password issue. So why does Facebook keeps logging me out? After reading the below knowledge, you will have a clear understanding of what causes such an issue to happen, and how to fix this issue. Facebook Keep Logging Me Out The reasons that caused Facebook to keep logging me out may be various, such as improper settings, other people may be trying to log in to your Facebook account, the Facebook session has expired, browser cache corruption or error, malware or virus infection, etc. How to fix the issue of Facebook keeps logging me out Solution 1. Clear your cache and cookies Sometimes cookies and cache in the browser can cause problems. You can try to clear the browser cache...


    How To Reset Mac To Factory Settings

    Summary: If you want to sell your Mac, or if it is just slow due to many years of use, or if you need to erase the contents of your hard drive and start fresh, you’d better reset your Mac to factory settings. In this article, we will introduce you to the steps to reset your Mac to factory settings. Overview Factory Settings Resetting your Mac to factory settings includes a series of operations behind the scenes, which involve two main things: a full hard drive format and a reinstallation of macOS / Mac OS X. Restoring factory Settings has certain benefits. Factory resets are sometimes used in certain situations, such as repairing faulty devices, cleaning viruses or files are difficult to clean, clearing memory space, and restoring the device to default settings. It can also deal with device performance issues, such as freezing. A format of the hard drive will erase all data of the hard drive and remove it from your iMac, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini. While it is often considered to be a permanent deletion of data, this is not always true. Bitwar Data Recovery Software for Mac is capable of recovering data after a factory...