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  •   Introduction To Vlog
    A Brief Introduction To a Vlog

    Summary: Vlog, a video blog or video log, refers to a form of blog for which the content is video, and is a kind of web television. Vlog often consists of video or a video link with narrating, caption, music, image, and other factors. People take vlogs for reviewing a product, sharing daily life, or recording an event. It also emerges as a way to share the artistic or academic process, or provide a tutorial guide from all walks of life. In the last few years, "vlogging" has gained popularity in large communities or social media. As a form of digital entertainment, vlogs can also deliver profound ideas compared to written blogs. Development In the 1980s: Nelson Sullivan, an New York artist, was famous for recording videos in a vlog-like style. On January 2, 2000: Adam Kontrasmade the first post, which later became the form of video blog in history. In November 2000: Adrian Miles created the term "vog" to refer to his video blog when posting a video of changing text on a motionless In 2002: Luuk Bouwman, a filmmaker, and musician found one of the first sites to be called a vlog or video blog "" In 2004: Steve Garfield published a video blog and announced that year,...


  •   What is Flash Drive
    What is Flash Memory

    Summary: Flash memory, an electronic non-volatile memorizer, is based on EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) technology. It was invented in 1980 as a type of floating-gate memory. Transfer Rates In terms of transfer rates, flash memory devices work faster at reading than writing. The transfer rates are affected by many factors: The quality of storage controllers: more critical when devices are partially full. Inappropriate controllers: result in degraded speeds. Busy system: a system at full CPU load may receive slower than the device sends. Drive capacity: the fuller the flash memory is, the slower it gets. Time duration: it gets slower as time Flash File Systems Because of its particular features, it is best used with a controller or specifically designed flash file systems. When the flash store is updated, the flash file system will generate a new copy of the changed data and write it to a fresh block, remap the file pointers, and finally erase the old block. Practically, flash file systems are only used for memory technology devices (MTDs). Capacity To reach higher capacities of use in consumer electronic devices, multiple chips are usually arrayed. The capacity of flash chips are manufactured with many of the same integrated circuits equipment, followed the Moore's Law. The flash memory...