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  •   Solutions To Decrypt An Encrypted SD Card
    [SOLVED] Solutions To Decrypt An Encrypted SD Card

    Summary: The article below will help users to decrypt an encrypted SD card and recover all important files from the SD card with the help of Bitwar Data Recovery Software! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION SD Card Issue: Encryption and Decryption Every user will store important data in an external storage device such as an SD card as a backup. Besides, some users may try to encrypt their SD cards to protect the data from stealing by other users. However, few people understand what is decryption and this can cause you a problem in the future in case you need to access or transfer some data from the SD card, as we will show you an example faced by a user: "I always use a memory card to transfer and backup my data, therefore I will encrypt the device to make sure no one can access the data except me but one day I had purchased a new SD card to replace the old memory card but I had forgotten the encryption code. Is there anywhere I can recover my data back from the encrypted memory card?" So we will introduce you briefly show you how what is decryption first, where...


  •   Fix Memory Card Not Formatted Error On Windows
    Best Solutions To Fix Memory Card Not Formatted Error On Windows

    Summary: The article below shows users how to fix memory card not formatted error on Windows and recover any lost data with Bitwar Data Recovery Software! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Memory Card Not Formatted Error There are many users that are facing the memory card issues but the most common issue is the external storage device is not formatted issue. It can be very troublesome as you are not able access or edit any files that are stored on the device. Here we will show you an example of the situation on other users: "Yesterday when I'm on my way to transferring data from my memory card to Windows 10 PC, I can't open or access the storage device at all and I keep getting the error message: you need to format the disk or the disk not formatted, it usually means that your memory card is corrupted. Please help me I need professional advices on how to this is error immediately because all the documents are important for me!" If you are one of the victims above, don't worry as we will show you the best solutions to fix this error. Besides this format error can also happen to...


    How to Fix SD Card Is Blank or Has Unsupported File System

    Summary: Being strikingly portable, the SD card has gained great popularity among smartphone and camera users. As users savor the convenience brought by the SD card, problems related to it emerge. SD card users may be familiar with the error, SD card is blank or has unsupported file system. Its exact cause is hard to pin down. What's more, it may lead to data loss. Hence, with several solutions we will show below to tell users how to tackle the error, this article also explains how to use Bitwar Data Recovery to recover lost data from SD cards. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What Causes the Error SD Card Is Blank Or Has Unsupported File System Since the error message doesn't elaborate on the details about the problem, it's almost impossible to know the reason behind it in the first place. But based on cases reported by users around the world, we have managed to glean several common causes: Unsafe removal of the SD card Removing the SD card without turning off the device to which it's connected Connecting the SD card to a computer afflicted with viruses Frequent connection to devices of different operating systems Corrupted system files Basic Methods...


  •   This Memory Card Cannot Be Used
    How to Fix This Memory Card Cannot Be Used

    Summary: Being strikingly portable, the memory card is widely seen in cameras. Most camera users who have encountered problems related to SD cards should be familiar with the common error, this memory card cannot be used. Since this error might well persist when you try to access it and transfer files on it to other storage devices, for users who don't have a habit of regularly backing up files, this borders on a disaster. To help users cope with this error, in this article, we will explain several proven solutions to the error and introduce a reliable and powerful recovery tool, Bitwar Data Recovery, to help users recover lost files. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What Causes This Memory Card Cannot Be Used? In most cases, except for prominent physical damage, the error this memory card cannot be used seems to pop up for no reason. But when we looked into several scenarios posted by users, there were some shared causes among those faulty memory cards. Below are some of the most common: Incompatibility between the memory card and the device wrong ways of inserting the memory card unsafe disconnection of the memory card from the device Memory card corruption owing...


  •   fix corrupted sd card
    Full Guide to Fix Corrupted SD Card in 2022 (13 Ways)

    Summary: It's a truth that many different scenarios can cause the SD memory card to death, once the SD card is corrupted or damaged, the users can no longer access the photos, videos, and audio files saved in the card. The good news is that there are having the best 13 ways can help fix a corrupted SD card effortlessly on Windows 10/8/7, and we also comprise the guide of SD card data recovery in this article. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What is Secure Digital (SD) Card? Secure Digital card is officially abbreviated as SD card, which is a tiny type of flash memory card; it allows users to access data at high speed. Since SanDisk, Panasonic and Toshiba brought this SD card technology to life, it then becomes an indispensable product for removable electronic devices, such as digital cameras and smartphones, etc. When it comes to storing pictures, videos, and other kinds of files, there is no doubt that it does a great job. However, many different issues can cause the SD card to death. The following content lists a few common causes that affect an sd card and make it corrupted or inaccessible. Common Causes of SD Card...