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    Make It Possible to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card

    Summary: If you find meaningful videos on your memory card inaccessible, accidentally deleted, or formatted, don't be panic, in this article we will introduce you more in detail on how to recover deleted videos from SD cards by using Bitwar Data Recovery Software. At the same time, you can also restore photos, audio, and other files with the help of the recovery software. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION SD Cards Application Scenarios In daily work and study, SD cards are often used as storage devices on many devices, such as digital cameras, cellphones, camcorders, driving recorders, and monitoring devices for storing photos, videos, documents, audio, and other data for us. Among them, camcorders, monitoring devices, and driving recorders use video storage extensively, making video storage security more and more important. Why Are SD Card Video Files Lost? However, you can't guarantee anything will never go wrong, including video files on an SD card. Generally, SD card video loss may occur in such below scenarios, which are: Human error: A simple sliding to delete by mistake or formatting without any backup. File system exception: SD card video data cannot be accessed because of the file system exception of the SD card. This exception...


  •   [FIXED] SD Card Not Showing Up
    [FIXED] SD Card Not Showing Up

    Summary: The SD card is a ubiquitous presence among computer users. In most cases, given the concern for safety, users like to transfer the contents of a device to their personal computers. To do so, the first step we need to do is to connect the SD card to our computer. Here is a common problem, SD card not showing up, that may come up. The tricky part of this problem is that the computer won’t give any notification about the SD card being connected to the system. Another symptom indicating this problem is that you won’t be able to see your SD card in the File Explorer. To help you see off the problem, we will in this article lay out several solutions to this problem and introduce our effective and user-friendly tool, Bitwar Data Recovery, which can help you tackle data loss issue resulting from this problem. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Why Is the SD Card Not Showing Up? Here are several possible reasons behind this problem: poor connection between the SD card and the computer Physical damage driver corruption partition loss unsupported file system Considering the range of the possible causes, there are plenty of useful solutions...


  •   Practical Solutions To Fix Nikon This Memory Card Cannot Be Used Error
    Practical Solutions To Fix Nikon This Memory Card Cannot Be Used Error

    Summary: The article below will show the practical solutions to fix Nikon this memory card cannot be used error and recover any lost files with Bitwar Data Recovery Software! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Camera Issue: Nikon Memory Card Cannot Be Used Error Every digital camera will need a memory card to store pictures and videos, then it allows users to transfer the data from the digital camera to their computer. However, some users report they will encounter an error message: this memory card cannot be used error. This error can happen when there is corrupted or damaged data in your memory card or your memory card is locked. We will show you the same situation regarding this issue on Windows: "I always store a 32GB SD Card in my Nikon D5200 and yesterday when I tried to transfer my photos to my computer, I encountered the error message: this memory card cannot be used. Then I tried to connect the SD card to another card reader, and it doesn't show up either. What should I do now and how to rescue all of my important photos?" Basic Checks on Memory Card Before you proceed to the practical solutions, you can...


  •   Prevent SD Card Keeps Deleting Files By Itself
    Effective Solutions To Prevent SD Card Keeps Deleting Files By Itself

    Summary: The content below will show some effective solutions to prevent the SD card deletes the data by itself issue on Windows and recover deleted data with the help of the best data recovery tool-Bitwar Data Recovery Software! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION SD Card Issue: Keeps Deleting Files By Itself Occasionally the SD card can cause some minor issue for users, which includes the data will keep deleting by itself. This is very troublesome for some users, as it will erase all of their important data from the external device. Here we will show you a similar situation regarding the SD card keeps deleting files issue: "I had bought a SanDisk 16GB SD card to store my important photos and videos, but recently when I tried to open the device on my computer, I am stunned completely because all of my photos and videos are gone! What is the issue and how should I stop this from happening?" Corrupted Data in SD Card The primary reason for this problem to occur is data corruption on your SD card. There are many factors that can cause data to corrupt such as improper ejection of SD cards, virus or malware attacks, bad...


  •   Restore Full Capacity On SD Card Without Losing Data
    [SOLVED] Restore Full Capacity On SD Card Without Losing Data

    Summary: The article below will show simple methods to restore the full capacity of SD cards and recover any important data with Bitwar Data Recovery Software! WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Understanding SD Card Is Not Showing Full Capacity Most of the time SD card has an enormous amount of storage capacity that allows us to store any data in it but there is an issue that pops up where the SD card is showing the wrong size or not showing full capacity. Here is a related incident regarding the issue: "Last week I bought myself a 32 GB SanDisk micro SD card, and it's working perfectly fine but last night when I am trying to transfer some files from my laptop to my PC, it shows that I need to free up some space and it shows around 600MB capacity left only. The detail is incorrect. What should I do?" Primary Reasons for the SD Card Issue After we had studied the case, there are only a few major reasons that can cause the issue to happen which are: Cheap and Faulty SD Card SD card not compatible with card readers or the USB slot Virus or malware attack Simple...