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  •   How To Fix The Excel File Cannot Paste Error
    How To Fix The Excel File Cannot Paste Error?

    Summary: Most users love Microsoft Excel for its simplicity. However, just like any other software application, Excel is prone to its own set of errors. In this article, we will give you an overview of the cannot paste Error and how to fix the Excel file cannot paste error. WIN VERSION when you attempt to copy-paste data from one spreadsheet to another in Excel, you might come across this error message saying that Microsoft Excel cannot paste the data. This error is not confined to a particular type of data. The error can also occur while copying data from a text editor or the web. There are several possible reasons Excel can’t paste your data. There are various methods to fix the problem, from a simple software reboot to more. But check out the solutions in this article and you'll find one that works for you. Methods to Fix Excel File cannot Paste Method 1: Restart the Excel File In many cases, simply restarting the Excel sheet will fix the error and you won’t have to perform any advanced solutions. However, before closing the Excel sheet, make sure to press Ctrl+S so that you don’t end up losing any valuable...


  •   Fix Error Code 0xc00d5212
    7 Methods To Fix Error Code 0xc00d5212 In Windows 10

    Summary: You may encounter error code 0xc00d5212 when playing AVI videos in Windows Media Player. It’s very frustrating for you, especially since you have no idea to deal with it. In fact, the error codec 0xc00d5212 can be easily solved! In this article, we will show you 7 practical methods to help you fix this problem. What is Error Code 0xc00d5212? The error code 0xc00d5212 is the common error that has been reported by users when playing videos on their Windows system. It usually appears when you don't have the codec but need to play specific video files. Things like unsupported video format or an outdated display adapter can lead to such problem. Spyware or malware on your computer can also lead to such issues. Besides, improper updates, videos from external SSDs, or an accidental computer shutdown can be problematic. Therefore, follow the methods below to see how we can solve this problem. How to Fix Error Codec 0xc00d5212 Error? Method 1: Fix Error Code 0xc00d5212 with VLC Media Player VLC Player is an effective method to resolve video formats not supported by Windows 10 issues. This is because the VLC media player is capable to support more codecs &...


  •   How To Repair Corrupted Document Files
    How To Repair Corrupted Document Files

    Summary: When a file is urgently needed, it is opened and found to be corrupt, which is a glitch that no one wants to happen. Corrupted files can appear in any file type, including Word, Excel, PDF, PPT or Windows system documents, etc. Sometimes double-clicking the file, the system might also pop up: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. So when facing this issue, what can you do to repair corrupted document files in Windows 10? WIN VERSION The Reasons for Corrupted Document Files The causes of file corruption are generally due to hard disk failure, system crash, application failure, virus corruption, etc. If you want to restore the content of the document, follow the four methods below to solve the problem. If the sectors that store files on the hard disk have physical damage or bad sectors, the files stored in them will be damaged. Sometimes a bug in the operating system, a computer crash can cause two files to be allocated to the same section in the hard drive and also trigger file corruption errors. In addition, improperly ejecting external storage devices or virus infection can also cause file corruption. Methods to Repair Corrupted Document Files...


  •   Repair Corrupted MKV Videos
    How To Repair Corrupted MKV Videos

    Summary: In this article, we will focus on the uncommon video format: MKV, and teach users to repair corrupted MKV videos using Bitwar Video Repair. WIN VERSION Overview MKV File Matroska Multimedia Container is a free and open container format, which can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture, or subtitle tracks in one file. It is a universal format for storing common multimedia content, like movies or TV shows. A video file with the .mkv extension is a video container much like MOV and AVI, or Advanced Systems Format (ASF), but is entirely open in specification, with implementations consisting mainly of open-source software. MKV is also the basis of WebM video. It is mainly dedicated to the development of a high-quality, open online video format. Reasons for MKV Video Corruption Although the MKV format is the new production, but like other video formats, there are various reasons that may result in an unplayable MKV file. Some common ones are: The player doesn’t support the MKV file. There are problems with the system/device on which you’re trying to play the video. The MKV video file is corrupt due to human fault, virus and malware attacks, and so on. Outdated...


  •   How-To-Fix-Audio-Codec-Not-Supported-On-Windows-10
    How To Fix Audio Codec Not Supported On Windows 10

    Summary: Every media file has a codec behind it, which is responsible for compressing the media data into various containers and decompressing the same files when needed for playback. When a media player doesn't read the media file correctly, errors will appear, such as "Unsupported audio codecs" and so on. This article will show you the various reasons for this error and different methods to fix audio codec not supported on Windows 10. WIN VERSION Reasons for Audio Codec Not Supported When you receive a video audio codec not supported error, it means the inability of the player to play your video or audio file. In the following section, we have explained why you cannot play audio codec not supported. 1. Unsupported File: Sometimes, the codec of the file can’t be recognized by your device. This means that codecs used by the video file for compression are not supported in the video player used on your PC. In this case, you need to use a codec that can be played by your media player or device. Another option is to use another media player that supports the audio codec. 2. Corrupt File: Another major reason for can’t play video audio...