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  •   How-To-Repair-M2TS-Video-Files
    How To Repair M2TS Video Files

    Summary: In this article, we will focus on the uncommon video format: M2TS, and teach users to repair corrupt M2TS videos using Bitwar Video Repair. WIN VERSION Overview M2TS Format M2TS is a video container format commonly used to store high-definition videos on Blu-ray discs, AVCHD, Hard-drives and other devices. The source of M2TS files is usually obtained by copying the files directly from the purchased Blu-ray discs to the computer hard drive. For us, this format is the most original video format, and the quality of the M2TS video is equivalent to that of the original Blu-ray disc. For optimizing the size of the contents, variable-rate transport streams are used in M2TS rather than typical CBR streams. Meanwhile, it contains very detailed audio and video content which is ideal for editing with VideoStudio Pro. However, as it is a high-quality video, the M2TS video often needs to occupy a lot of space, which brings a lot of inconveniences. Therefore, many people choose to convert M2TS to MKV, and the processes of transferring, copying and converting M2TS video are also often accompanied by M2TS video corruption. How to Repair Corrupt M2TS Videos? If the M2TS videos can't be played normally...


  •   How-To-Repair-Corrupt-INSV-Videos-From-An-Insta360-Camera
    How To Repair Corrupt INSV Videos From An Insta360 Camera

    Summary: What to do if our videos shot through an Insta360 camera is corrupt? In this article, we will show you the method to repair corrupt INSV videos from an Insta360 camera with our Bitwar Video Repair. WIN VERSION Overview INSV Video Format INSV video format is developed by Insta360 for capturing panoramic video with Insta360 cameras. INSV files are commonly used by photographers and extreme sports enthusiasts. On Windows or Mac, Insta360 Studio 2019 is recommended to open, play, and edit this video. Users can use Insta360 Studio to export INSV files to the more widely supported MP4 video format. Besides, users can rename the INSV file extension to MP4 and open it. But INSV video files may fail to be opened due to system, file, or registry problems. Check the following problems: Identification information is lost due to insufficient storage space. The program supporting the INSV video file in the system is missing or damaged. An error occurred during the INSV video file creation, causing the file corruption. Viruses and malware contaminate INSV video files. INSV files are corrupted when they are copied, transferred, decompressed or compress. Except for the issue of corrupt videos, other problems can be...


  •   Best-Way-To-Repair-Corrupt-M4V-Videos
    Best Way To Repair Corrupt M4V Videos

    Summary: Why is M4V video corrupt? How to repair corrupt M4V video files? In this article, we will show you the best way to repair corrupt M4V videos. WIN VERSION Overview M4V File M4V is a MPEG-4 file extension developed by Apple, which is a video format similar to MP4. M4V is used to encode movies or videos on Apple devices or in the iTunes Store, and it is protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). In general, M4V video files can only be played on iTunes and QuickTime. If you play M4V videos on Windows or Mac OS X without iTunes/QuickTime player, your M4V video files are not protected by DRM. Therefore, you will need to change the file extension from .m4v to .mp4 to play the videos on another operating system without DRM protection. Common Reason For Corrupt M4V files Although M4V has the protection of DRM, there are still many reasons that can cause corrupt M4V files. The common reasons for this corruption may include below: The media player is faulty or does not support M4V videos. Virus infection or malware attacks the video storage location. The M4V file is incomplete and corrupt because of various causes like...


  •   How-To-Repair-Corrupt-FLV-Video
    How To Repair Corrupt FLV Video?

    Summary: FLV is a very famous and common web video file, and just like any other media file, FLV files can be corrupted. In this article, we will introduce the methods to repair corrupt FLV videos, including using Bitwar Video Repair. WIN VERSION What's FLV? FLV, short for Flash Video, is an emerging Video format developed with the release of Flash MX. FLV, the standard video format used by most Internet streaming services, is the fastest growing and most widespread video transmission format. Some well-known websites like Facebook, YouTube and Hulu also use this format to publish different videos. FLV video format is small in size, which is one-third of the size of ordinary video files. FLV is fast to load, which can be easily imported into Flash, protect copyright, and play videos without using the local player. Why does FLV Video File Get Corrupted? But it's not always smooth sailing when it comes to dealing with such video formats. You may suddenly realize that you can't play FLV videos from YouTube. Different reasons may lead to the FLV videos getting corrupted: Sudden interruption while recording, watching, downloading, transferring or editing FLV video Incompatible format with media player Virus or...


    How To Fix Video Codec Not Supported In Windows 10

    Summary: When users are going to play a video downloaded from the Internet, an error may pop up: Missing codec. An item was encoded in a format that’s not supported. In this article, we will provide several methods to fix video codec not supported in Windows 10. WIN VERSION What's Video Codec? A Video Codec is a program or device that can compress or decompress digital Video. When video files take up too much space to stream over the Internet, developers will use codecs to compress files into compatible transferable source files. With the video codecs, you are able to compress your videos to formats like MOV, MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. Each video player has the ability to play (install) some codec. When the video users want to watch is encoded by a particular codec, then the video will not play if that particular codec does not exist or is not properly installed on the user's computer. Why Did I Get An “Video Codec Not Supported” Error? Unsupported Codex As we have mentioned, each video player has the ability to play (install) some codecs, not everyone. So the main reason for this error is that the codec of your video...