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  •   How-To-Compress-Videos-For-Email
    How To Compress Videos For Email?

    Summary: What should I do if my attached video file is too big? In this article, we will teach you three practical methods to compress videos for email quickly and easily, and will also recommend a professional video editing tool to fix the issue video is too big to email. WIN VERSION Generally, the file size attached to the email is limited. If you want to share a greater video file than the email server allows with friends via email, you will receive an error message indicating that the attachment cannot be sent. At this point, we need to shrink the video file and send it as an email attachment. Methods to Compress Video for Email Method 1: Video Editing Tool Bitwar Video Converter is a professional video conversion tool that supports video conversion and compression in MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV and other formats. You can modify some settings according to your needs, such as the size, the output format and resolution of the video, etc. Now follow the steps below to compress the video file you want to email. Download the video converter from Bitwarsoft Download Center and install it on your computer. Launch the software and click Choose...


    Convert HEIC To WEBP In Windows/Mac

    Summary: WEBP and HEIC are new photo formats emerging in recent years, but they are used in different fields. Sometimes users need to convert HEIC to WEBP. So in this article, we will recommend you the method to convert HEIC to WEBP in Windows/Mac. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Overview WEBP and HEIC Format High-Efficiency Image Container (HEIC) is an image format created by the Moving Image Expert Group (MPEG) in 2015. Since iOS11, HEIC has become the new standard format for storing images in iPhone devices. This file format takes up 50 percent less space than JPEG (JPG) without compromising image quality. But, HEIC is incompatible with many operating system versions, and no web browser supports HEIC natively. WEBP (Web Picture Format), a file format developed by Google in 2010 that can store both lossy and lossless compressed images, is gaining popularity. WEBP images are 30% smaller than JPG and PNG files while maintaining image quality. Using this image format, webmasters and Web developers can create smaller, richer images that make the web run faster. WEBP also can be used on GIMP and Microsoft Paint. Besides Chrome, all other web browsers support the WEBP format. So when you need to...


    How To Convert PDF To PPT In Mac?

    Summary: If you need to give a PowerPoint product presentation or a speech at a meeting in Mac, this Online PDF Converter will help you to convert PDF to PPT! Overview PPT and PDF PPT is powerful presentation software, which can produce a presentation that integrates multimedia elements such as text, graphics, images, sound and video clips. At the same time, PPT is an important part of people's work and life and plays a pivotal role in work reports, enterprise publicity, product promotion and other fields. PDF is better suited for sharing with other users because it can save the document's content, image, or layout. As a result, PDF has been becoming one of the most popular file formats in the workplace. But the content in PDF is not editable or changeable, which can prevent material damage or quality changes. So when your colleagues send you files in PDF format, you need to convert them to PPT for the presentation. At this point, our Bitwar Online PDF Converter will help you. Best Online PDF Converter in Mac Bitwar Online PDF Converter is accurate, fast, and has a high conversion success rate. With the Bitwar Online PDF conversion tool, you don't...


    Convert Docx To PDF In Mac Using Bitwar Online PDF Converter

    Summary: In this article, we will show users how to convert Docx to PDF in Mac with the help of Bitwar Online PDF Converter! Difference Between Word and PDF Microsoft Word is a word processing document that can be used as documentation in various types of text forms such as text, images, pages, letters, tables, and more. PDF format is a widely used file format users used to send or transfer documents.  While the content in PDF is not editable or changeable, which can prevent material damage or quality changes. As a result, PDF is better suited for sharing with other users because it can save the document's content, image, or layout. Therefore, there are many users that are looking for a reliable tool to perform file conversion between Word and PDF. Overview Bitwar Online PDF Converter Microsoft Word has the feature to save a Docx file as PDF, but what if users don't have Microsoft Word in their Macs. Don't worry! You can choose another alternative tool: Bitwar Online PDF Converter. You don't need to download and install this conversion tool on your computer, which can save a lot of computer space. In addition, this tool has a High...


    Convert DWG To PDF Using Online PDF Converter in Windows 10

    Summary: If you are an engineer and work with CAD, you might need to convert DWG to PDF one day. Besides CAD or a similar program, you have another option to convert DWG to PDF. In this article, we will recommend you convert DWG to PDF using our Online PDF Converter in Windows 10. How to Convert DWG to PDF? DWG stands for drawing file, and this file format is a common format for Computer Aided Design (CAD),  which is used for storing 2D and 3D drawings. DWG is supported by several CAD software packages like AutoCAD, IntelliCAD or Caddie. Now, if you want to share some DWG files with another person without CAD, you will need to convert them to a common and user-friendly format like PDF. So in addition to CAD, you need to find a converter to help you. To help you out, we will teach you to use our Online PDF Converter to complete the conversion. Steps to Convert DWG to PDF Open Bitwar Online PDF Converter website and select CAD to PDF in the Online PDF Tools menu. Add the DWG file need to convert by dragging and dropping or clicking the Choose Files button. Uploaded files are...