Achat, activation et mise à jour du logiciel

Last Updated: 2022-04-13

Sommaire: Le guide de l'utilisateur ci-dessous permettra aux utilisateurs d'apprendre les étapes pourAcheter,Activer, etMettre à jourdansConvertisseur Bitwar PDF.

Licence d'achat

Les utilisateurs peuvent acheter leConvertisseur PDF software license through the boutique en ligne officielleou achat dans le logiciel.

Noter: In-software purchase doesn’t require the license code, the license will be activated right after your payment.

Achat dans le logiciel

1.Connexion to your account and click the Licence d'achat icon in the software. Suppose that you don’t have an account yet, create one before you purchase the software.

2. Sélectionnez leAnnuelouPermanent Use package according to your need by clicking Acheter maintenantpour continuer le paiement.

In software Price

3. Choose the payment type: Paypalou Credit Cardet cliquezAcheter.

Payment Type

Boutique en ligne officielle

If you prefer to use the activation code to activate the software, go to the Boutique en ligne officielle to purchase the license. After buying the license, users will receive le code in the email address.

Online Store

Indication chaleureuse

Please take note to save the order number after your purchase, just in case you had forgotten the account login method, password, or license code; you can retrieve your account or account license by contacting the customer service for Récupération de compte et de licenceen utilisant le numéro de commande de l'achat!

Activer le logiciel

Right after you had purchased the software license from the official store, check the Boîte de réceptionou Junk/Spam folder in your email address for the code. Then, follow with the steps below to activate the software license with the activation code.

1. LancerConvertisseur Bitwar PDF software and connexion to your account. Go to Plus de menuset choisissezActiver.


2.Copieetpâte the activation code into the space. Then, click Activerpour activer le logiciel.

Activate Code

3. The activation code has been bound to your VIP account now and all you need to do is log in to this VIP account on your computer in the future.

How to Check License Validity Time

Right after you had successfully activated the software license, your VIP license will be activated automatically. You can check the license validity time through the Centre d'utilisateursdans le logiciel.

VIP License

Mettre à jour le logiciel

Suppose that there are new versions or updates, users can update the software manually in the software.

1. Open Convertisseur Bitwar PDFet cliquezMettre à jourduPlus de menus.

Update Software

2. Follow the update instruction and if there is no new update, the message “No updates found” will appear.

No Updates

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