•   Repair .asd Files
    How to Open and Repair .asd Files

    Summary: Have you ever tried to open a file with an .asd extension? A lot of users are unfamiliar with this extension and if they tried to open it without the help of a specific application, in most cases, they would run into this error: Microsoft Word files with an .asd extension cannot be opened from this location. Please move this file to the original .asd location and try again.  If that's the problem facing you, you could refer to the following content of this article, which will explain how to recover and open asd files with the help of an effective and user-friendly recovery program, Bitwar Data Recovery. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION What is an .asd file? The .asd file uses a file format that is associated with Microsoft Word. As a part of the Microsoft Office software suite, Microsoft Word is a widely-used and feature-rich word processing program. On top of a stunning list of excellent features that help users ameliorate the content of a Word file, Microsoft Word does a good job of protecting files that are not safely or properly saved by users due to various reasons. One of its protective features is the AutoRcover option....


  •   Recover Lost Data
    如何使用 Bitwar Data Recovery 恢復丟失的數據

    總結:對於想要了解使用Bitwar Data Recovery恢復文件的一般方法的用戶,本文將為您提供很好的服務,除此之外,它還提供了數據類型預覽屏幕截圖,有助於更好地了解預覽功能。 有沒有遇到過文件被意外刪除的情況,或者你可能已經使用Shift+delete鍵永久刪除文件而不將它們發送到回收站? 的確,這些年我們看到了很多數據丟失的場景,但是,無論你是如何丟失數據,或者是什麼存儲設備,如果你在磁盤管理中仍然可以看到存儲設備,那麼Bitwar Data Recovery總是是您執行快速數據恢復的好選擇。 如何使用 Bitwar Data Recovery 恢復丟失的數據? 第 1 步:安裝 Bitwar Data Recovery 後。 請啟動 Bitwar 數據恢復。 步驟2:選擇恢復模式,例如,這裡我們選擇嚮導模式來舉例。 步驟 3:檢查刪除/格式化丟失文件的驅動器/分區。 單擊下一步。 第 4 步:勾選快速掃描。 單擊下一步。 有關掃描模式的更多信息,請參閱...


  •   Connect Android Device
    How to Connect Your Android Device to Your Computer?

    Summary: This article explains to users how to connect your android device to your computer to use Bitwar Android Data Recovery. Make Sure That Your Device Is Rooted The software will automatically detect whether your android device is rooted or not. If the device has not been rooted, click on the links to learn how to root your device: How to Root an Android Phone (With PC) How to Root an Android Phone (Without PC) Enable USB Debugging on Your Device After the device has enabled the USB debugging mode, the software will automatically detect it. And if it hasn't, the software will display the following image: And since different Android phones may have different Android versions, the ways to enable USB debugging vary. Click on the link to learn how to enable USB debugging: How to Enable USB Debugging on an Android Device By the way, users don't need to worry about the USB driver because after the software detects your device, it will automatically download the corresponding USB driver. With the phone rooted and the USB debugging mode enabled, users should be able to connect the device to the computer, and the software will display the main interface:


  •   Recovery Mode
    Get Familiar With the Two Recovery Modes

    Summary: After getting started with the installation of Bitwar Data Recovery, here in this article, we will discuss the first stage of the recovery process, as well as how to choose the right recovery mode and how to switch. Bitwar Data Recovery offers two recovery modes for data recovery purposes. Standard Mode works better for users who know why their files got lost, whereas it is advised to choose Wizard Mode if the users have no ideas how the files have been lost. Wizard Mode There are brief instructions present when you are launching the program for the very first time. In this stage, you will see three pop-ups that give straightforward explanations of Wizard Mode. While you are in the first stage of Wizard Mode, three arrows show the three stages of your recovery process. Ongoing and complete stages turn blue, whereas remaining ones stay gray. Stage One: Select Partition or Device Stage Two: Select the Scan Mode Stage Three: Select the File Type At the center, this tool displays all the storage drives you have. When you right-click on any of them, there will be three options. More info: Contains two aspects about the disk: basic information and...


  •   Video Watermark Remover
    Video Watermark Remover

    Summary: The user guide below will introduce the Photo Watermark Remover tool and tutorial on how to remove the watermark from photo with Bitwar Watermark Expert. Video Tutorial [su_youtube_advanced url="https://youtu.be/-wDJFXEv_Bc" width="800" height="600" modestbranding="yes" title="Video Watermark Remover"] Video Watermark Remover This watermark tool provides the watermark remover tool for users to remove the watermark from video easily. Most of all, it supports batch watermark removal from videos. Video Watermark Remover Interface Buttons Steps to Remove Watermark from Video 1. Launch Bitwar Watermark Expert and select Video Watermark Remover from the main interface. 2. Drag video or click Add Video icon to add video into the software. Then, click Segment Trim and select the Watermark in the video to continue followed by clicking Apply. 3. After the conversion is completed, click Open Path to view the new video in the file directory folder. 4. Preview and check out the new video without the watermark! Steps to Batch Remove Watermark from Videos Launch the software and choose Video Watermark Remover from the main interface. Drag or Add all the videos into the software and add Segment Trim for all the videos, then continue by clicking Batch Process. Lastly, select Open Path and Preview all...