Something You Need To Know About Rooted Device

Last Updated: 2021-12-17
Summary: Have you ever had a problem updating your device because of not enough space on your Android phone? Do you always want to remove those useless pre-installed applications, but are not allowed? The answer is you need to root on an Android phone. In this article, we will take you through more rooting and rooted devices.

Overview Rooting and Rooted Device

Rooting is the process of allowing Android users to gain privileged control over Android’s subsystems by allowing root access to various Android file systems. Simply put, after you root your device you get maximum permissions, and you can take full control of your device by installing or uninstalling any application on it.

Basically, everything that is locked to the device root file system will not normally be seen or edited by the average Android user. But with a rooted device, users will have access to the ability to change information in the Android root file. You can completely customize the device, remove pre-installed apps from the device manufacturer, block ads in apps and web browsers, and even allow backup apps to save an entire copy of the device for later restoration if anything happens on the current phone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting

Advantages of Rooting:

  1. Save more space on your phone by deleting programs from your carrier and handset manufacturer that you no longer need.  
  2. For some applications, you need root permission to get some functionality or to use it properly.  
  3. Stop popping notifications and ads for certain malware.  
  4. You can upgrade to the latest version of Android faster without waiting for your carrier or handset manufacturer.  
  5. You can back up and restore data better than using the cloud.  
  6. You are free to take full advantage of the applications on your device.  

Disadvantages of Rooting:

  1. Your device may be more susceptible to virus infection, which will pose a threat to your Android phone.  
  2. Due to rooting, you may not enjoy the after-sales service.  Rooting has always been a good excuse for some manufacturers and carriers not providing service.  
  3. You may experience a system error.  Rooting means you have access to all files on your phone.  Some important system files may be deleted from your device, which will cause a system error.  

Attention to Rooting Process

  1. Make sure the device to be rooted is fully charged.No one can guarantee the time it takes to take root.  If your device runs out of power while taking root, it may turn into bricks.  Therefore, fully charge the device to ensure that it does not run out of power while rooting.  
  2. Become familiar with the rooting process.  Before you start rooting, you can watch some videos or read some articles.  Only when you are familiar with the rooting process can you decide whether to root an Android device and how to root it.  
  3. Download the correct rooted device.  I’m sure most of you are not technical professionals, so what you need to do is find a reliable and easy-handling rooting tool to help you. 
  4. Back up your device.  It is best to back up before starting root in case any data loss occurs during rooting.  In terms of data recovery, an effective and powerful software can meet your requirements: Bitwar Android Data Recovery.


Rooting your Android phone really offers a lot of advantages, but it also seems to be a matter of caution. In addition to choosing a reliable rooted device, back up your data and find the best data recovery software you can use in case you need it. I hope that Android users who want to root their devices read this article carefully before rooting.

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