4 Useful Methods To Prevent macOS Catalina Disk From Corruption Issue

Last Updated: 2022-03-08

Summary: The article below will show four useful methods to prevent macOS Catalina disk from corruption issue and recover data with Bitwar Data Recovery Software for Mac!


macOS issue: Prevent macOS Catalina Disk from Corruption

When you are facing the macOS Catalina disk corruption, it can be a very headache issue because any corrupted storage drive on the macOS Catalina will cause permanent data loss; therefore, all Mac users must prevent this issue from happening on their device. 

Common Symptoms of Corrupt MacOS Hard Drive

After understanding the effect of a corrupted disk, you need to know the symptoms of a corrupt macOS drive to prevent any further damage.

  • Applications unexpected quit
  • Input stop responding
  • Some files not responding
  • Unable to transfer file to new folder
  • Mac refuse to start occasionally

So if you had figured out the symptoms and you are one of the victims that are facing the disk corruption issue, it is best to take action now to fix it by following the solutions given below!

4 Useful Methods to Prevent macOS Catalina Disk from Corruption Issue

So let’s refer to all the methods below to prevent disk corruption from happening.

Method 1: Shut Down Mac Device Safely

Make sure you always turn off your Mac device properly through the Apple menu and avoid any force shut down because it can cause damage your disk after a long time.

Therefore, it is important to follow the correct operation to shut down your Mac or any other electronic devices to prevent file system corruption from happening. It can extend the longevity of your Mac device.

Method 2: Avoid External Damages

Besides making sure you safely shut down your Mac regularly, you also need always to keep your Mac device away from heat, dust, power outage, power surge, heat, liquid, or other elements that can damage the internal hard drive.

Method 3: Regularly Monitor Storage Device on Mac

It is essential for you always to make a system check or monitor your Mac storage from time to time. This is because it can help you observe any irregular situation on your Mac internal hard drive or file system, and you can react quickly to fix the issue immediately before it causes drive corruption, bad sectors, logical errors, or others.

In case there is an issue with your storage drive and disk, you can use First Aid from the disk utility because it is an in-built tool developed by Apple to check and fix any types of errors related to storage devices and disk.

Method 4. Backup Storage Device

Sometimes, it is also essential to back up your data because you can still get back your important data in case of any data loss. So the best recommendation is to use Time Machine to back up your, and you can restore data during the startup disk.

Unfortunately, if your data has already been lost, don’t panic as we will show you the next only thing you can do, which is recovering your data by using the best reliable mac data recovery tool!

Recovery Tips: Recover Data from Mac

Whenever you face the macOS Catalina disk is corrupted issue, you cannot access the data in the disk as you will have lost all the data stored in the disk. So the best solution is to recover the data with the best Mac data recovery tool.

We recommend using Bitwar Data Recovery Software for Mac. It is a professional recovery tool that can restore any data from the internal or external storage devices on Mac.

Follow the guided steps below to retrieve data from macOS Catalina:

Step 1: From Bitwarsoft Download Center, go download and install the Mac recovery tool on your macOS Catalina.

Step 2: Launch the data recovery tool, select the corrupted hard drive and click on the Next button.

Select Partition

Step 3: Choose the scan mode and click the next button.

Scan Mode

Step 4: Select the File type and hit the next button.

File Type

Step 5: Preview and Choose the file that you need. Then click on the Recover button to start the recovery operation.

Photo File

SAFE ADVICE: DO NOT SAVE all the data back to the same disk on Mac to prevent PERMANENT DATA LOSS!

Prevent the Issue!

Follow all the methods mentioned above to prevent the macOS Catalina disk from happening again from corruption. Then, keep a good habit of backing up your data with Time Machine on Mac to prevent any data loss. If there is any data loss on your Mac,  remember to use Bitwar Data Recovery Software for Mac to easily restore the lost data!

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