What Is Pen Drive?

Last Updated: 2022-01-10
Summary: In this article, we will talk about Pen drive in detail, including its definition、advantages and disadvantages, and routine maintenance.

Overview of External Device: Pendrive

Pen drives, also known as “memory sticks”, “USB memory sticks” or “flash drives”, are small data storage devices for moving and storing information from a computer.  As long as a computer has a USB port and a pen drive is compatible with the operating system, it’s easy to move data from the drive to another device in a matter of minutes. 

The drive gets its name because it has a retractable port connector like a ballpoint pen, which is compact in design. And it’s small enough to fit in a pocket.  

What Is USB?

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is used to connect a computer to computer peripherals, such as cameras and keyboards.  The USB protocol governs everything from the USB ports on most computers to the USB cables that connect computers to computer peripherals. USB refers to the technology used in these connections, which can transmit data and charge peripherals.  

What Is the Difference Between USB and Pen Drive?

Although the terms “USB” and “pen drive” are often used interchangeably, they are actually different computer technologies.  USB refers to the data transfer and peripheral connection system used to move data from a computer’s hard drive to different devices, while the pen drive is the memory stick itself used to store information from the computer.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pen Drive

Part 1: Pen Drive Advantages  

  1. Pendrive has huge data storage capacities ranging from 64 MB to 128 Gb.  
  2. It is compact and portable.  
  3. It has a faster data transfer rate than other computer devices.  
  4. It won’t be damaged by scratches like CDs and DVDs.  
  5. It can hold data with almost permanent memory and is also called secondary storage device.

Part 2: Pen Drive Disadvantages  

  1. Pen drive is very small and easy to lose, shatter, or break.  
  2. It is the main source of spreading viruses between computers.  
  3. Like any other storage device, it can suffer data corruption at any point in time.

Best Maintenance Ways for Pen Drive

Method 1: Proper Scan

Sometimes a logical error occurs due to misoperation, and files on the pen drive may not be opened or deleted.  At this time, you can use the system’s disk scan program to scan the pen drive, but the necessary scans should only be performed only when there is a logical error. After all, the scan operation on the pen drive is also a certain loss.  

Method 2: Sort Harmful Fragments

Pen drive holds data information in a special way that doesn’t create file fragments.  Using regular defragmenter tools will only affect its lifespan.  Frequent formatting and changing partition formats can also affect performance. 

If the pen drive fails to store files, you can temporarily copy useful files to a hard disk and completely format the pen drive to remove fragments.  

Method 3: Preservation

Do not expose the pen drive port to the air for a long time. Otherwise, the metal on the surface may be oxidized or dust may enter the port, which can reduce the sensitivity of the port and result in poor contact.  If the pen drive accidentally falls into the water, do not rush to dry. It is best to wash it with anhydrous alcohol to ensure that there is no sewage left in the pen drive.  

Frequent insertion and removal will also make the metal wear, resulting in poor contact.  In order to protect the pen drive port, prevent deformation and reduce friction, you can use a USB extension cable.

Method 4: Pen Drive Data Recovery

Data is directly deleted from the pen drive without going through the recycle bin. Therefore, data is easily lost due to accidental deletion.  After important files are deleted, the most important is do not to write data to the pen drive and use data recovery software to restore the files immediately. At this point, you can use our data recovery software: Bitwar Data Recovery Software.


Above is today’s detailed knowledge about pen drives. Hope today’s article can let you further understand pen drives.

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