Frequently Asked Questions

Why I Didn’t Get the License Code After the Payment?

Hi, Bitwar offers two kinds of license purchases: In-Software purchase and online store purchase, if you have purchased the license directly on the software following this way: Click on the cart icon > Purchase the license, then the license comes to be activated automatically right after your payment, there’s no need the license code to be used to activate the software again.

In-software purchase: You just need to sign in to your account and enter the password, and you will see a VIP flag shows up next to your account name.

Online Store Purchase: Create an account and then enter the license code you have received.

To check your license validity time, just follow this way, click on your account name > My Account/User Center.

If you do still not know what to do next, please refer to each product’s Software Purchase, Activation, and Update tutorial in this Page.

What About Your 7 Days Review Period Policy?

Regarding the 7 days review period policy in Taiwan, we don’t support it as our service is indeed not provided in tangible medium and its the online services that are completed as soon as they are provided to the customers, for more detailed rules, please see this link (See condition 5 of the “Criteria for Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Dismiss Communication Transactions”, effective January 1, 105.), we thank you for your fully understanding.

Can I Change the Account If I Don’t Use the Registered Email Address Anymore or Entered the Wrong Email Address?

Hi, it’s very important for you to offer the previous email address and the order number to the sales team mailbox: [email protected], and then the team will review your profiles and contact you with this issue.

I Have Two Facebook/Twitter/Google Accounts but Every Time I Try to Log Into the Software It Uses My Old Account, how Do I Switch?

Hi, you can try to remove the Bitwarsoft App from Facebook/Twitter/Google personal backend to revoke the Bitwarsoft Sign In permission and you should be all set to see the sign-in window shows up again for you.

For Facebook:

You can log in to your Facebook account > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Apps and Websites page and click the Remove button.

For Twitter

Sign in to your Twitter account > More > Settings and privacy > Security and account access > Apps and sessions >
Connected apps > Bitwarsoft > Revoke App permissions

For Google

Sign in to your Google account > Click on the Profile icon > Manage Your Google Account > Data & Privacy > Data from apps and services you use > Third-party apps with account access > Signing in with Google > Bitwarsoft > Remove access

I Have Forgotten My VIP Account, How Do I Retrieve the Account?

Hi, if you forgot the VIP account you have used no matter using the email address, or whether you may sign in on the software with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, please don’t be worried, just send your order number to the sales team mailbox: [email protected] and the team will contact you for further support.

I Can’t Retrieve the Account Password!

Hi, to retrieve your account password, you can follow this way: Click on Login > Sign In > Forgot the Password, you can then enter your email address to reset your password, if you can’t do it, please contact the sales team for further support, don’t forget to attach your registered account and the order number.

Will You Charge Again the Payment After the Expiry Date?

Hi, if you have purchased a license that contains a word in the title: Subscription/Annual, etc. or there’s a subscription condition showing on the checkout page,  that means you will be charged after the end of the current date, otherwise, the payment is a one-time fee.

How Can I Contact Your Technical Support Team If I Do Have Some Problems?

Hi, Bitwar offers three ways for you to contact us easily,

1. Click on the Service button on the software and talk to our Online Service in real-time.
2. Visit our homepage and find the living chat icon, click on the icon, and chat with us.
3. Send emails to [email protected] if the living chat service is not available. (We will reply to your emails within 24 hours, except during the holidays).

Will You Send the Spam or Promotion Emails to My Email Address?

Hi, please don’t be worried about this, we won’t sell your personal email address to any third parties and also we won’t send any spam or promotion emails to you, if someone pretends to be Bitwar and sends you some emails related to software account, password, order number or whatever you may receive, please don’t trust them.

The official email addresses we are using are [email protected] and [email protected].

Can I Delete My Account From Your Database If I Don’t Want to Use Any More?

Sure, you can send the email regarding this issue to the support team mailbox: [email protected], don’t forget to attach your email address/Account ID and the support team will contact you for further support.

How Can I Get the Promotional Sales/Discount Coupons From Your Company?

Hi, you can subscribe to our mail list to receive this kind of promotional information, where you can find the subscription section locates on the bottom of the homepage:, enter your email address and whenever we may have such kind of activities, we will send the email to you.