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BitwarOCR is a fast and reliable OCR recognition software capable of extracting the texts from images, screenshots, PDF documents, scanned paper documents, E-books instantly and can convert images to editable Excel files. Get rid of boring typing now!

릴리즈 노트

OCR 소프트웨어로 손을 자유롭게

이미지 인식 지원

Support extracting texts from various Image Files such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP

이미지를 Excel로

Easily turn an image to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet document (.xls)

쉬운 인식

Add images or take a screenshot on the desired area > OCR > Jobs Done

언어 지원

Multiple language support including English, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, French, Italy, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean.

비교 및 교정

You can compare the image with the extracted texts, and revise the missing/incorrect letters when necessary

외부 스캐너 지원

Connect the external scanner/digital camera, access the scanned image/photo and convert to editable texts

전문 OCR 소프트웨어

데스크탑 OCR 소프트웨어

Secure OCR your business documents or other essential files without uploading to online websites.

일괄 OCR

Drag and drop all of your images to Bitwar Text Scanner and batch convert them to texts.

OCR 시나리오

Best OCR Software for business workers, teachers, students, trainees, governors, housewives, etc.

온라인 지원

You are free to contact us online or dispatch an email to us whenever you need support.

원하는 대로 Bitwar 텍스트 스캐너 사용


Bitwar Text Scanner is able to capture texts from business documents, scanned contracts, and business cards, faxes, financial datasheets, payroll reports, bank statements, balance sheets and tax reporting documents.


It doesn’t matter you are a teacher, student or school superintendent. With BitwarOCR, you can easily convert E-books, teaching materials/lesson plans, theses, degree certificates, passports, identity cards and examination papers to editable text.


You are able to convert cookbooks, credit card bills, electricity bills, tax receipts, bank account statements, shopping bills to texts using Bitwar Text Scanner.

Users Love Bitwar Text Scanner, and You Will, Too

놀라운 OCR 소프트웨어

I have lots of contracts need to be converted to texts, and thanks to BitwarOCR, it does exactly what I need.

스냅샷에 좋은 OCR

I'm trying to learn English from YouTube videos, and some of the words on the subtitles are really hard for me to understand, but BitwarOCR supports extracting text from screenshots, which is great!

강력한 BitwarOCR

BitwarOCR looks simple, but I was surprised by the fast recognition speed. I would like to recommend you to use it, the price is affordable and it definitely saves your time.

Accurate OCR Recognition

I read E-books a lot and there are some good words and sentences that I want to take down. This OCR software can recognize them quickly and then I can paste them into my notes.

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