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Last Updated: 2020-11-10
Summary: The system software is a program that provides a platform for other software. Look here to get more information about system software.


The system software is a program that manages and controls the operations of computer hardware. It helps the application execute correctly.

The system software is designed to control the operation of a computer system and extend its processing capabilities. System software makes computer operation faster, more efficient, and more secure.

System software includes operating systems, computational science software, industrial automation, game engines, and software as a service application.


There are some vital types of system software.

Operating System

The operating system is a system software core between computer hardware and the end-user. Operating system software helps users make effective use of all hardware and software components of the computer system.

Programming Language Translators

It transforms instructions written by developers in a programming language into forms that can be interpreted or compiled and executed by the computer system.

Device Drivers

Drive software brings computer equipment and peripherals to life. The driver enables all connected components and external attachments to perform the routine tasks described by the operating system. The operating system won’t assign any responsibilities without the driver.

Communication Software

Communication software enables users to transfer data and programs from one computer system to another.


Firmware directly controls and manages all activities of any hardware. It is embedded in flash, ROM, or EPROM memory chips and recognized by the operating system.

Utility Programs

Utility programs help users perform system maintenance tasks perform routine nature tasks.


  • Fast in speed
  • Often written in a low-level language
  • Difficult to manipulate
  • Less interactive
  • Smaller in size
  • Closer to the system
  • Difficult to understand and design

System Software VS Application Software

  1. The system software is a general-purpose or universal software, but the Application software is a specific purpose software.
  2. The system software is designed to manage and control resources such as memory, security, process management, etc.while Application software is designed to meet user requirements for performing specific tasks.
  3. System Software can run independently while Application software cannot.
  4. The system software is independent of application software, but application software requires system software to run.
  5. The system software is a low-level language, such as a machine or assembly language. However, application software is written in a high-level language used to write application software.
  6. The system software begins running as the system is powered on until the system shuts down, but the application software begins when the user starts and ends as the user stops it.

Youve Known It!

System Software plays an indispensable part in a computer. You will have a better understanding of it if you go through this article.


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