3 Effective Solutions to Fix ‘Invalid B-tree Node Size’ Error on Mac

Last Updated: 2022-01-28

Sommaire: The text below will show Mac users the effective solutions to fix the Invalid B-tree Node Size error on Mac and recover any lost data with Logiciel de récupération de données Bitwarpour Mac!


Understanding Invalid B-tree Node Size Error

There are many Mac users that don’t really understand the error and what it can impact on your Mac device. So first of all, whenever a Mac user saves a document, the Mac operating systems will create a unique entry for this particular folder by using the B-tree format. When the user is accessing the file in the future, B-tree will help Mac to navigate the specific file.

Therefore, when the B-tree is corrupted, the Mac device will not be able to find the file in the file system. We will show you an example of the error faced by one of our Mac users below:

“After I connect my 1TB WD to my Mac, I received an error on my Mac device. This is very unusual because my external hard drive is in a good condition and I had been using it for a few years. So I tried to very my hard drive and I ran the Disk Utility on my Mac, next I received the ‘Invalid B-tree Node Size’ error… What is it and how can I solve this error?”

After understanding the invalid B-tree node size error, you will need to learn the common factors for the error to occur on your Mac device!

Facteurs communs

We had collected multiple pieces of information from many resources and we came up with a list of the common factors such as:

  1. The B-tree structure is broken.
  2. File system corrupted.
  3. The file catalog node is damaged.
  4. Inappropriate shutdown.
  5. File corrupted.
  6. Operating system malfunction.
  7. Attaque de virus ou de logiciels malveillants.

3 Effective Solutions to Fix Invalid B-tree Node Size Error On Mac

When you are faced with the error, your Mac will crash or the file is inaccessible for some time. So follow the solutions below to fix the invalid B-tree node size error now!

Solution 1: Disk Utility

Utilitaire de disque is the best built-in tool in macOS to fix any unnecessary problems which include hard drive problems too.

Étape 1. From the Pomme menu, click on Redémarrage.

Étape 2.TapezUtilitaire de disquedans lechercher menu and tap on the Entrerkey.

Étape 3. Find the Disk with the error and choose Premiers secours.

first aid

Étape 4.Enfin, cliquez surCourirpour démarrer l'opération.

After executing the first aid, macOS will look deep into the hard drive and start fixing the error as soon as possible. But if you encounter the Disk Utility failed to repair disk error, you can click the link of the article to look for methods: Les meilleures solutions pour réparer l'utilitaire de disque n'ont pas réussi à réparer cette erreur de disque sur Mac.

Solution 2: FSCK Command

File System Consistency Check (FSCK) is a command utility tool in macOS to check any file system error on any Apple device.

Étape 1.Login to the Single-user mode with your user account password.

Étape 2.Choose to Redémarrer the device and on the restarting screen, hold theCommanderetSclés ensemble.

Étape 3.Tapez la commande :/sbin/fsck–fy in the command box and Entrercontinuer.

Étape 4.TapezRedémarreret cliquez sur leEntrer key again.

Suppose that both the solutions above are not able to fix the invalid B-tree node size error on Mac, then the only last way is to reformat the Mac system but you will need to backup all your data in the hard drive first. This is because reformating Mac will end up cleaning all the data in the hard drive too so follow the data recovery step below to prevent any data loss.

Data Recovery: Récupération de données Mac Tool

The best tool to perform data recovery on Mac is BitwarLogiciel de récupération de donnéespour Mac. It is powerful and efficient to restore any type of data such as images, docs, videos, files from both internal or external devices such as SD cards, external hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards and others.

Follow the guided steps below to backup data from the hard drive on Mac:

Étape 1: Aller àCentre de téléchargement Bitwarsoft to download and install the Mac data recovery tool on Mac.

Étape 2:Relier the external hard drive to your device and lancementles logiciels.

Étape 3: Sélectionnez ledisque durdans la liste des partitions et cliquez surSuivant.

Select Partition

Étape 4: Please select Scan rapide if it isn’t able to scan any result, then try with Analyse approfondie.

Scan Mode

Étape 5 : Select your desired types de fichieret cliquezSuivantde nouveau.

File Type

Étape 6 : Aperçu the scan results and click these remettre button to recover the selected files.

Photo File

RAPPEL DOUX: Se souvenir deSAUVER TOUS the files in a different file location to prevent PERTE DE DONNÉES PERMANENTE!

Solution 3: Reformat Mac Device

Before we proceed to reformat your Mac device, please remember to backup all your data and files again by following the data recovery steps above to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Étape 1. CourirUtilitaire de disquesur Mac.

Étape 2.From the left sidebar choose the external drive icon and click erase.

erase disk

Étape 3.Passez à laVolume formatet choisissezmacOS extended.

Étape 4. Type a new name and the Nom will be displayed on the screen.

Étape 5. Finally, tap on the erasebouton.

Learn Solutions Now!

After learning all the effective solutions from above, all Mac users will be able to fix the invalid B-tree node size error and just in case you forget to back up the data before reformating the device, remember to use the Mac data recovery tool mentioned above to retrieve any lost file back!

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