Fixed: Excel Can not Open the File

Last Updated: 2021-12-02

Summary: Excel is a very powerful and widely used tool that helps its users manage their data, reports, and some calculations. Despite being widely used, many users face a common problem when opening files with Excel, “Excel cannot open the file. After reading this post, you will learn how to fix the issue of Excel can not open the file and know the reasons that caused excel can not open the file. 


Excel can not open the File

We all know that got a vital file is important for us, but sometimes we will encounter trouble that the excel can not open the file, if you do face this common issue, do not worry about it, all your file is not lost, you still can find them according to the guidance below. Before fixing this issue, we need to know the reason that caused the excel can not open the file.

Why does Excel can not Open the File?

Sometimes an Excel file has important data that can be vital for us in business, working, and some transactions,  Even the excel data is not for business purposes, we will save it in the case that the file will be used. Below list are the main reasons why Excel cannot open the file:

  1. One of the main reasons for this issue happens is that the file is corrupted during the transfer.
  2. The file is not compatible with the Excel version.
  3. Files may be damaged due to virus infection, or files being locked at the same time.
  4. Do not close the Excel application when shutting down the system.
  5. Bad sectors on computer hard drive.
  6. Sudden power outage.

So how to fix the issue of Excel can not open the file, take one minute to look at the below solutions.

Solution 1. General ways to Fix Excel Can not Open File

1. Re-enter the extension: We all know that the extension of the Excel file is basically [.xls] [.xlsx]. So you can rename the file and change the extension to [.xls] or [.xlsx] to check if it can be opened.

2. Re-associate the application with the file: If there is a strange association between the Excel file and the application and the file cannot be opened, please follow the steps below. Right-click the file, click “Open with”, click “Choose another program”, select the program that will open the Excel file in the pop-up window, and then “Always use this application.xls/. Check before opening xlsx” File”, and then click the “OK” button. ← The association between the application selected here and the file has been re-established.

Solution 2. Office Repair Option to Fix Excel Can not Open File

If you can’t open the Excel file after using the above ways, there may be a problem with the office software itself. Follow the guidance below to fix excel can not open the file.

” Start Menu “> ” Control Panel ” from the menu > ” Programs and Features “> Right-click ” Microsoft Office ” from the program list> Select ” Change “> ” Repair ” to execute> Restart your computer after repair.

Solution 3. Remove the protected view of the office

How to delete the protected view of the office:
Launch the software> “File”> “Options”> “Security Center”> “Security Center”> “Security Center Settings”> “Protected View”> uncheck the three displayed checkboxes.

Recover Files with Files Recovery Software

If you find the excel files are lost or missed after using the above mention ways to open the excel file, you still can get your files recovered by using third-party software, here we highly recommend Bitwar Excel Files Recovery Software, which is an efficient and easy-to-use excel files recovery software. Take one minute to look at the below process to get started with this powerful and useful Bitwar Excel Files Recovery Software.

Before beginning, go to the Bitwarsoft download center, download it and launch it with 3 simple steps.

1. Select a Recovery Mode

Select the device where you wish to recover.

scan mode

2. Scan Your Storage Device

Now choose the drive from which you want to restore permanently deleted excel files. After selecting the recovery drive, click on “Scan”.

file types

3. Preview and Recover Lost Files

Once the scan completes, all recoverable files will display on the software interface. Click on any file to preview it. Select the files you wish to recover and click on the “Recover” button.


Hope this above mention solution can help you in solving the issue of the excel file can not open, and to avoid any unintended data loss, it is a smart option to save all your files and backup them. By the way, if you do encounter the problem in data lost, try Bitwar File Recovery Software.

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