•   Recycle Bin Recovery

    總結:雖然清空回收站後文件無法訪問,但刪除的文件仍然可以恢復。 通過使用 Bitwar Data Recovery,您只需單擊幾下即可輕鬆檢索已刪除的文件。 請閱讀以下步驟以了解如何操作。 [su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMDqjP18gCk"] 如何在清空回收站後恢復文件第 1 步:根據您的計算機系統從軟件官方下載頁面下載 Bitwar Data Recovery 並安裝它。 第二步:啟動程序,在主界面勾選回收站,然後點擊下一步。 第 3 步:現在,選擇所需的文件類型,然後單擊“掃描”。 第四步:Bitwar Data Recovery成功掃描到想要的文件後,嘗試分別雙擊想要的文件,在大窗口中預覽,然後點擊恢復。 注意:不要將恢復的文件保存到它們被刪除的分區。 加速提示 請注意,通過選擇 Bitwar Data Recovery 上的回收站啟動掃描是一種掃描計算機上所有回收站文件夾的方法。 但是,如果我們只是丟失了來自...的文件,則無需掃描所有回收站文件夾。


  •   Scan Interface

    Summary: In this article, we will walk you through getting familiar with the scanning interface of Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows. Select All Types After you have selected the scanning mode, you will be redirected to the stage three: Select All Types, where offers different data types to be selected. Please note that if you have selected Deep Scan mode, here in this page has a Range Setting that allows for selecting the different range of the drive volume to be scanned. Note: Select the specific date types can help shorten the scanning time. For example, if you lost images only, simply select Images/Photos. About Pop-ups After clicking on the Scan button, and if it's the first time of running the Bitwar Data Recovery to the scanning interface stage, there are instructions presented on brief and animated pop-ups. For Quick Scan: For Deep Scan: No matter the Quick Scan or Deep Scan interface, they contain two panels. However, there are some differences between them; Here, for better understanding, we name them the left panel and the right panel. The Left Panel Quick Scan On this panel, there are three ways to filter the scan result: Type, Path, and Time. Ticking...


  •   Convert from PDF
    從 PDF 轉換

    總結:下面的用戶指南將允許用戶學習使用 Bitwar PDF Converter 中的 Convert from PDF 工具將 PDF 轉換為其他格式的教程。 從 PDF 轉換 從 PDF 轉換工具支持多種類型的文件格式,例如: 從 PDF 轉換的步驟 由於可以從 PDF 轉換許多文件格式,因此我們將展示從 PDF 轉換為 Word 的步驟作為示例,因為其他文件格式的步驟都是相同的。 1. 啟動 Bitwar PDF Converter 並從 Convert from PDF 菜單中選擇 PDF to Word。 2. 拖拽PDF或者點擊添加PDF文件將PDF文件添加到軟件中。 3. 選擇轉換格式並單擊轉換開始轉換。 4. 轉換完成後,點擊打開文件預覽新文檔。 5.打開並預覽新文檔以檢查轉換結果! 從PDF批量轉換的步驟在主界面從從PDF轉換中選擇PDF到Word,然後將所有PDF文件拖入或添加到軟件中。 然後,選擇轉換格式並單擊轉換以開始批量轉換。 點擊...


  •   Get Started
    Get Started the Bitwar Android Data Recovery

    Summary: This article will expound on details about the Installation and the interface of Bitwar Android Data Recovery. Download Software Go to the Software Official Download Page and download Bitwar Android Data Recovery for Win Version. Software Installation 1. Double-click on the Bitwar Setup and start the installation. 2. Choose a Default Language and click OK. 3. Next > Choose a destination to store the program > Install > Finish Now that you have successfully installed the Bitwar Android Data Recovery for Windows, let’s take a look at the main interface. Processes of Android Data Recovery Step 1: Bitwar Android Data Recovery requires the Android phone to be connected with the computer using the USB cable, and enables the USB debugging feature. Note: Unable to connect your device to the computer? Click on the link to learn how: How to Connect Your Android Device to Your Computer? Step 2: Once the Android device is successfully connected to the computer, the program will automatically identify the Android phone whether root or not, you should follow below two articles to learn how to root the Android Phone: How to Root an Android Phone (With PC) How to Root an Android Phone (Without PC) Step 3:...


  •   Sample Tool

    摘要:下面的用戶指南將展示如何使用 Bitwar Video Repair 中的示例工具! WIN VERSION Sample 這是一個視頻修復工具,用戶可以參考Bitwar Video Repair上的樣本視頻質量來修復損壞的視頻。 1. 轉到軟件並單擊示例圖標。 2. 從PC中選擇樣例文件,點擊打開添加樣例。 3. 添加示例視頻後,點擊修復按鈕,根據示例視頻修復您的視頻文件。 有關首選項的下一個用戶指南,請單擊鏈接:首選項