•   Raw Partition Recovery

    簡介: 本文告訴用戶如何檢索存儲在原始分區中的無法訪問的文件。 當計算機無法識別存儲分區數據的應用格式時,就會發生原始分區。 因此,用戶無權訪問該分區,也無法操作其上的數據。 症狀 下面列出的圖像顯示瞭如果存在原始分區問題,Windows 用戶可能會遇到的三種情況。 情況 1:當您嘗試打開驅動器/分區時。 它顯示:您需要格式化驅動器E:中的磁盤才能使用它。 情況 2:驅動器屬性在已用空間和可用空間部分均顯示 0 字節,並且未指示文件系統類型。 情況 3:磁盤管理中的分區狀態為 RAW 或沒有文件系統類型。 注意:不同系統的情況有所不同。 上面發布的示例是幫助用戶識別問題的一般案例。 如何恢復原始分區中無法訪問的文件 正如我們所見,原始分區是不允許進入的,那麼如何恢復文件呢? 最簡單的方法就是使用強大的數據恢復軟件——Bitwar Data Recovery,它能夠...


  •   vip account login method

    以下的使用者指南將顯示如何在付款後登入 Bitwar 資料復原軟體或 Bitwarsoft 的任何其他產品的 VIP 帳戶的步驟。 如果您還沒有VIP帳號,請參考另一篇文章,詳細介紹如何取得VIP帳號: 軟體購買、啟動與更新 付款成功郵件 如果您點擊軟體頂部選單的橘色購物車圖標,在軟體內完成購買後,您的許可證已立即綁定到您目前的軟體帳戶。 付款後,您的收件匣中將收到一封電子郵件,告訴您如何登入 VIP 帳戶。 如果您使用不同的登入方式,則方法會有所不同。 但是,所有這些登入方式都是: VIP登入方式:電子郵件VIP登入方式:Google(無密碼驗證) VIP登入方式:Twitter(無密碼驗證) VIP登入方式:Facebook(無密碼驗證) 注意:如果您忘記了付款的帳戶為此,您只需返回收件匣即可找到從 Mycommerce 或 Bitwar 發送的所有電子郵件。 您應該會收到一封電子郵件,其中清楚說明如何登入您的 VIP 帳戶。 然而,...


  •   Bad Sectors
    How To Recover Lost Files From a Hard Drive Affected By Bad Sectors

    Summary: In this article, we will explain how to recover lost files from a hard drive affected by bad sectors, one of the trickiest issues familiar computer users may well run into. With the help of Bitwar Data Recovery, you can easily retrieve lost files from this faulty drive. Besides, this article will also cover some basic but helpful information you need to know about bad sectors. What Are Bad Sectors? Bad sectors on a hard drive go inaccessible or corrupted, resulting from various causes. Those tiny faulty clusters of storage space can't respond to any requests from users, neither read nor write. What Are the Causes Of Bad Sectors? There are mainly two types of bad sectors, namely logical and physical. Refer to the following information to learn about each kind and its common causes. Common causes of bad logical sectors: System crashes, virus infection, software conflicts, sudden shutdown, reboot Of computer, sudden power outage, etc. Common causes of bad physical sectors: Overheat, dust, impact, wearing out, faulty blocks, overclocked PCI bus speeds, etc. How to Repair Bad Sectors CHKDSK Scan Windows has a built-in tool called chkdsk, which can help you scan your hard drives for bad sectors,...


  •   Purchase and Activate

    總結:下面的用戶指南將展示如何在 Bitwar 數據恢復軟件中購買、激活和更新的步驟。 購買許可證 用戶可以通過官方網上商店或軟件內購買購買數據恢復軟件許可證。 注意:軟件內購買不需要許可證代碼,因為許可證已在您付款後立即激活。 [su_youtube url=""] 軟件內購買 1. 首先在軟件中登錄您的帳戶,然後單擊購買許可證圖標。 如果您沒有帳戶,您可以創建一個。 2. 根據您的要求選擇年度或終身套餐,然後單擊立即購買繼續付款。 3. 選擇付款方式並完成交易。 官方網店 [su_youtube url=""] 如果您更喜歡軟件激活的激活碼,您可以從官方網店購買授權碼; 用戶在購買軟件後將在電子郵件地址中收到代碼。 注意:請檢查垃圾郵件/垃圾郵件或收件箱以獲取 Bitwar 支持團隊的激活碼。 拿到激活碼後,我們就可以進入下一步,用這個碼激活軟件了。 激活 Bitwar Data Recovery 的步驟 步驟 1:運行 Bitwar Data Recovery 軟件並...


  •   Advance Settings

    Summary: This article tells you the advanced settings Bitwar Data Recovery offers and how to configure them. At the upper-right corner of the primary interface lies a More icon, which has several options. Advanced Settings is what we need for configuration.18 After clicking on it, you will see a setting window appear. It shows three setting parts, Scanning, Interface, and Other. Scanning There are six options on the Scanning part. Enabling it will allow this tool to scan all files. Users unable to find hidden files can check off this option. Recovered files will get their original names before deletion. (Only supports Recycle Bin Recovery) Recovered files of certain types (such as .txt and .doc) will be renamed with their headings. (Only supports Deep Scan) This option will attach image resolutions to images’ file names. You can see it after scanning. (Only supports Deen Scan) Enabling it will scan extra files of uncommon types, which may slow down scanning, finding out more files that in most cases are useless. Enabling it allows users to find files with more precise sizes. But the number of them will decrease. If your disks support DSC scanning, you can enable it. This may prompt second...