[SOLVED] Solutions To Decrypt An Encrypted SD Card

Last Updated: 2021-02-25

概要: The article below will help users to decrypt an encrypted SD card and recover all important files from the SD card with the help of Bitwar 檔案救援軟體!

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SD Card Issue: Encryption and Decryption

Every user will store important data in an external storage device such as an SD card as a backup. Besides, some users may try to encrypt their SD cards to protect the data from stealing by other users. However, few people understand what is decryption and this can cause you a problem in the future in case you need to access or transfer some data from the SD card, as we will show you an example faced by a user:

“I always use a memory card to transfer and backup my data, therefore I will encrypt the device to make sure no one can access the data except me but one day I had purchased a new SD card to replace the old memory card but I had forgotten the encryption code. Is there anywhere I can recover my data back from the encrypted memory card?”

So we will introduce you briefly show you how what is decryption first, where you can decrypt the device just like how you encrypt the device at first. We recommend you decrypt the SD card first with your old password by following some of our useful solutions below!

Effective Solutions to Decrypt an Encrypted SD Card

Suppose that you use a third-party encryption tool like an Android device to encrypt the device in the past, then you can decrypt it easily by using your Android phone with the password.

Solution 1: Decrypt SD Card with Password on Android

步驟1: Insert the SD card into a Samsung phone devicerestart the phone.

第2步: Go to the phone settings 並點擊 Lock screen and security.

第3步Scrow down and choose the Decrypt SD card option.

第4步: Enter your password and wait patiently for the decryption process to complete.

Sometimes, the process could take longer because it will take a longer time for a larger data file.

注意事項: You may ask is there another phone device that can help you decrypt the SD card besides using a Samsung phone, but unfortunately the answer is no because other different phones have different encryption algorithms so the decryption process will be different too. Therefore, we suggest you use the same third-party device you used to encrypt the SD card to decrypt the SD card again.

Solution 2: Decrypt SD Card without Password

In case you had forgotten your encryption password, then the other solution is to recover the encryption password by using another third-party app or performing diskpart clean all command.

Method 1: Third-party App

We highly recommend using FExplorer to do the job because it is efficient and easy to use. You can download the app from App Store and follow the guided steps below to decrypt your SD card.

步驟1: Insert the SD card into your phone and connect the phone device to the PC through the USB cable.

第2步: Download FExplorerrun the app on your phone.

第3步: Go to the Internal Storagelocate the folder name: mmcstore.

第4步Rename the folder to mcstore.txt copy the file to your PC

第5步: Open the file with Notepad and you can check the password of the encrypted SD card.

Step 6: Finally you can follow back to solution 1 above to decrypt the SD card with the password.

Method 2: Diskpart Clean All Command

Suppose that you don’t have any important files on the SD card and all you need is to decrypt the device then you can follow the guideline below to perform the DiskPart clean all command.

步驟1: Insert the SD Card through the SD card reader to your PC.

第2步: Press Windows + S to open the search menu and type in 命令.

第3步: 在裡面 Command Prompt type diskpart and hit enter.

第4步: Type list disk > select disk * (replace * with the affected device) > clean all > create partition primary > format fs=fat32.

Please wait for the process to complete and connect the SD card to other devices to check whether or not it is decrypted.

Bonus Tip: Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Encrypted SD Card

In case you couldn’t decrypt the SD card after following all the solutions above, then the only way to rescue your data is to recover them by using 數據恢復軟件.

The best software to do the job is Bitwar 檔案救援 Software. It provides efficient scan to allow users to restore all kinds of files from any external or internal storage devices which includes SD card, flash card, external hard drive, memory card, and others.

步驟1: 去 Bitwarsoft 下載中心 and download the data recovery software on your PC.

第2步: 選擇 encrypted SD card from the list of partitions and devices and click 下一個.

main interface

第3步: 選擇 Scan mode and click on the 下一個按鈕。

scan mode

第4步: 選擇 文件類型 you need to restore and click 下一個.

file types

第5步Preview the scan results and click the Recover 按鈕開始恢復。


Kind Advice: Remember DO NOT store the file back to the same SD card to prevent any PERMANENT DATA LOSS!

Decrypt SD Card!

An encrypted SD card is always the best precaution to protect our data from stolen by other users, but it can be a problem if we forget the encryption password. Therefore, follow the solutions given above to fix it and in case you need to rescue your important data back, remember to use Bitwar 檔案救援軟體 to retrieve the lost data on the SD card easily!



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