Best Solutions To Fix Memory Card Not Formatted Error On Windows

Last Updated: 2022-03-24

Summary: В статье ниже показано, как исправить карта памяти не отформатирована ошибка в Windows и восстановить потерянные данные с помощью Bitwar Data Recovery Software!


Ошибка не форматирования карты памяти

There are many users that are facing the memory card issues but the most common issue is the external storage device is not formatted issue. It can be very troublesome as you are not able access or edit any files that are stored on the device.

Here we will show you an example of the situation on other users:

“Yesterday when I’m on my way to transferring data from my memory card to Windows 10 PC, I can’t open or access the storage device at all and I keep getting the error message: you need to format the disk or the disk not formatted, it usually means that your memory card is corrupted. Please help me I need professional advices on how to this is error immediately because all the documents are important for me!”

If you are one of the victims above, don’t worry as we will show you the best solutions to fix this error. Besides this format error can also happen to other removable devices such as SD cards, USB flash drives, external hard drives, or others. So before we get to the solutions, it is best you understand what’s the main factors for the error to happen at the first place!

Reasons for Format Error

Существует множество причин возникновения ошибки, поэтому мы покажем вам список факторов, как показано ниже:

  1. На карте памяти есть битые сектора.
  2. Проблема с защитой от записи.
  3. Атаки вирусов или вредоносных программ.
  4. Неправильная установка.
  5. Сбой питания при редактировании или передаче данных.

After understanding these factors, it is time to fix the memory card error and just in case you are scared of losing your important data after fixing the issue, it is best to backup the files first with the help of the best data recovery tool.

Data Recovery: Backup Important File from Format

Some users might experience terrible data loss when facing  the memory card not formatted error on Windows, so you can always get to backup or restore your lost files by using data recovery software and Восстановление данных BitWar is a reliable software that allows users to recover all types of important files from internal or external storage devices easily.

Besides it supports both Windows and Mac operating system compatibly. So follow the steps below to retrieve any lost documents from memory card with data recovery tool:

Step 1: Install and Download инструмент восстановления карты памяти из Bitwarsoft Download Center.

Step 2: Select the отформатированная карта памяти из списка разделов и устройств и нажмите Next.

main interface

Step 3: Choose the Scan mode и нажмите на Next button.

scan mode

Step 4: Select the file type вы хотите восстановить и нажмите Next.

file types

Step 5: Preview the scan results and click the Recover button.


IMPORTANT ADVICE: НЕ СОХРАНЯЙТЕ ВСЕ восстановленные данные обратно на ту же карту памяти, чтобы DATA OVERWRITTEN on SD card!

Лучшие решения для исправления ошибки неформатирования карты памяти в Windows

Решение 1. Проводник Windows

Step 1: Перейти к вашей File Explorer on ПК.

Step 2: Right-click карту памяти и выберите формат.

Step 3: Установитьправильная метка тома, file system, and allocation unit size.

format memory card

Step 4: Click Start и терпеливо дождитесь завершения процесса.

Решение 2: Diskpart

Diskpart is the best built-in tool to format any external device on the Windows operating system. Before you format the memory card, make sure you backup your data first or you can recover the data with the help of data recovery software after fixing the issue.

Step 1: Press Окна + R and type cmd in the Run window.

Step 2: Type Diskpart > list disk > select disk * (Заменять * с номером вашего диска)> создать первичный раздел > format fs=ntfs быстро.

diskpart format

Step 3: Press Enter и терпеливо дождитесь завершения процесса.

Решение 3: Управление дисками

Предположим, что инструмент Diskpart не может решить проблему, выполните следующие действия, чтобы использовать Управление дисками для исправления ошибки неформатирования карты памяти.

Step 1: Press Окна + X and choose Disk Management.

Step 2: Choose the карта памяти из правой панели.

Step 3: Right-click устройство и выберите Формат.

Step 4: Изменить Метка тома, file system, and allocation unit size. Затем нажмите OK для завершения быстрого форматирования.

disk management format memory card

ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: If you had not backed up your data after formatting your memory card, you may lose your data after executing the solutions above, but don’t worry you can recover the formatted data back by using memory card data recovery mentioned above!

Fix-it Now!

Whenever the memory card not formatted error occurs on your Windows, it can be very troublesome since you cannot access or open the data that is stored in the device. So it is best for you to repair the issue as soon as possible and recover any lost data when facing the format issue by using Bitwar Data Recovery Software!

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