Bitwar Android Data Recovery

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Effortlessly Get Your Lost Android Data Back

Ease-to-use data recovery software for Android to retrieve call history, contacts, messages, photos, videos, audios, voice memos, and other essential data.

Release Notes

Recoverable Data Types

Call History

Mistakenly deleted dial logs


Wrongly deleted contacts


Disappeared Short Messages


Accidentally deleted images/photos


Lost Videos or Audios

Voice Memos

Deleted Voice Memos

Support Multiple Branded Android Devices

Retrieve Android Data From Various Scenarios

Deleted Data by Accident

Virus & Trojan Attack

Wrong Operations

SD Card Issues

OS Crashes

Screen Cracks

3 Steps to Get Your Android Data Back

1. Connect Your Android Device

2. Select the Data Types

3. Preview Before Recovery

Users Love Bitwar Android Data Recovery, and You Will, Too

Amazing Data Recovery Software

By Richard

With Bitwar, it's never been tough for me to recover messages from my Samsung Galaxy.

Thanks to Bitwar

By May

I have to thank Bitwar for helping me in getting back the lost photos from the SD card, it's really helpful when I don't know what to do next.

You Shouldn't Walk Away

By Ashley

Lost my voice memos and can't remember today's task, luckily, Bitwar Android Data Recovery saves my time to help get back the almost all of my memos.

It's Not A Nightmare Any More!

By Susan

I was scared and helplessly that all of my contacts wiped out for no reason, a friend of mine told me to use Bitwar. Yeah! I am feeling like an expert right now.

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